The Immortal Child Soul Of Zhang's Tale

"Wow wow wow" Whenever the clear cry of a baby breaks the silence of the nursery room, it means that a fresh life is born in this world. Life is always fragile when it comes, so someone needs to take care of it.

From birth to death, it is about 70 or 80 years. Some of them left early, and the rest left this world safely. People are still in their infancy when they are just born, and they grow up little by little as time goes by. It is really a miraculous thing to say.

Kuang Tong is already the mother of a six-year-old child. Her husband Zhang Ji's income is enough for the family's expenses, so she stays at home as a housewife. Kuang Tong has always maintained a perfect figure at home, and she is still pretty at this age. But now her energy is still on her child, taking her to and from school every day, she also thinks that if there is nothing in this world, she should leave her child, now Wei Wei is everything to her.

On the way home from school, "Mom, do you love me?" Wei Wei asked her mother's hand, flicking it.

"Huh? Silly child, of course mom loves you, my silly baby, don't ask me like that in the future, because mom has always loved you forever." Kuang Tong felt a little embarrassed when faced with such an immature question suddenly asked But he answered seriously.

The school is not very far from their home, and with the sunset on the horizon, they arrived at home in a short while. At this time, Kuang Tong had already cooked the meal, and the rest was Zhang Ji, but he would usually come home after work. When it was very late, Kuang Tong and Wei Wei usually didn't wait for him, and after she and the child finished their meal early, she had to help Wei Wei with homework.

"It's true now, even elementary school students have so much homework, hey" Looking at Wei Wei's densely packed homework, Kuang Tong felt a little dizzy, and sighed helplessly. He felt sorry for his girl, but the education is the same now For a cat with a yin and yang face , helplessness is the only way to vent.

"Mom, I'm done." Rubbing his eyes slightly, it seems that the little guy is really a little tired.

"Yeah, baby, go wash up and get ready to rest," Kuang Tong said distressedly.

In the living room of their home, the watch on the wall kept ticking, and the sound echoed in the quiet room. It didn't know how long it had been ringing, and it was already late at night. The doors and windows of the house were tightly closed, fearing that the wind would blow in at night. At this time, it didn't work as imagined, because when Zhang Ji came home, he always opened the window consciously, the purpose was to volatilize the alcohol on his body and let him breathe.

Speaking of which, Zhang Ji and Kuang Tong met when they were in college, and they were called the golden boy and jade girl at the time, but they envied many of their friends, and finally the two of them finally got together, which was a happy thing. Now that Zhang Ji is the boss of a company, he naturally socializes a lot and goes home late. Kuang Tong understands this.

Yin Yang face cat_Huanglongyu Pixiu Yin Yang face Yin Yang feet expensive_Yin Yang face cat

Today seems to be that business is a bit unsatisfactory, he is in a bad mood and he drank a little too much, he knelt and crawled at the door of their bedroom, Kuang Tong, who woke up from his sleep, saw it and quickly helped him up, she took a cup and went to give it to him. Zhang Ji went to fetch the hot water.

"Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi"

When Kuang Tong received the water again, he vaguely heard a sound coming from Wei Wei's house. The voice was not loud enough to be heard.


Kuang Tong put down the water glass, and walked quietly towards the door of Weiwei’s house. The door was ajar, and through the crack of the door, she saw a black shadow dangling in front of the desk! The night was too dark, and Kuang Tong couldn’t see it very well. Clearly, but she was sure that the voice came from the shadow!

Who was it? At this time, Kuang Tong didn't care so much, she bravely pushed the door open, pressed the switch beside the door, and the light came on with a "snap".

"Ah! Wei Wei, I said what are you doing!?" Under the bright light, the black shadow in front of the desk revealed its original shape. Hiding back, for fear of being seen by her.

Kuang Tong rushed over and snatched the thing behind her! It turned out to be a bag of French fries! She looked at the ground again, and all the bits and pieces were messy food packaging bags.

"You bastard! What kind of snacks did you eat at night? Didn't you say that you are not allowed to eat them?" Kuang Tong was already in a state of despair as she spoke. She just raised her hand to hit Wei Wei who still had something in her mouth, but With her hands in the air she stopped again.

Kuang Tong's own tears stayed for some time, Wei Wei watched intently, she didn't speak, she put away the snacks in her hand, grabbed Kuang Tong's face with both hands, and looked at each other eye-to-eye she!


Yin Yang face cat_Yin Yang face cat_Huanglong Yu Pixiu Yin Yang face Yin Yang feet expensive

She smiled slightly, and she didn't care about her mother who was crying in a mess at this time, she just smiled, showing her incisors that were not fully opened yet.

"Mom, you look so ugly when you cry!" Kuang Tong was a little surprised when Wei Wei spoke suddenly.

Kuang Tong wiped away her tears, looked at the child in front of her, and said bluntly: "Wei Wei, is it something wrong with mother?" She said with red eyes: "My child, mother is doing it for your own good, you obediently listen to what mother says , okay? Otherwise, mom will be really sad."

"Really?" Wei Wei's eyes showed a trace of suspicion and said, "Are you going to be sad?"

"Yes, it will be really sad," Kuang Tong said without thinking.

"Ao" nodded thoughtfully. She hugged her mother and obediently lay down on the bed and went to sleep.

"This is my precious baby." She covered Wei Wei with a quilt in comfort, and brought water to Zhang Ji.

Zhang Ji was still in a deep sleep, she shook him up. Zhang Ji said impatiently: "What are you doing!"

"Get up!" Kuang Tong said unhappily, "Get up, drink water!"

"Don't drink, sleep, sleepy." Zhang Ji was still lying down.

It was just what happened in Weiwei's room. It was difficult for Kuang Tong to fall asleep at this moment. Sitting on the bed, she always felt that something was wrong with Weiwei. Normally, when she saw her mother crying, she would take the initiative to wipe away her mother's tears. Just be obedient, so Kuang Tong has always used this method to deal with the disobedient Wei Wei, and it has been tried and tested, but today Wei Wei is smiling, and the smile is a little scary. After thinking about it, she still insists on killing the sleeping Zhang Ji Shake.

Yin Yang face cat_Yin Yang face cat_Huanglong Yu Pixiu Yin Yang face Yin Yang feet expensive

"Hey, let me tell you something, don't sleep yet"

"Oh! What are you doing!" Zhang Ji didn't move at all, but his tone was clearly unhappy and he said, "I'll talk about it tomorrow."

"No, let me tell you now, I feel slightly wrong!" Kuang Tong was still shaking.

"What's wrong with Wei Wei, it's fine." Zhang Ji turned around, but his eyes were still closed.

"I saw her secretly eating snacks alone in her room!"

"What's the matter, eat a snack, what's the fuss, I don't think it's strange when I see her pee standing up, you really are a cat with a yin and yang face ." Zhang Ji seemed to be really woken up by the torment. He took a sip of the water brought by Kuang Tong and said: "I came back late a few days ago, and when I went to the bathroom, I saw Wei Wei peeing standing up. For the sake of my daughter, I didn't tell the truth. Now that the baby is big, I have to give her face." "

Hearing what Zhang Ji said was straightforward, Kuang Tong said: "No wonder her trousers were full of urine that day! This child may have really grown up and started to change."

At dawn the next day, the mother and daughter were already on their way to school. Kuang Tong held Wei Wei's hand. Although she didn't say anything, there were a thousand and ten thousand words in her heart that she wanted to say to Wei Wei. .

After watching the child enter the campus, she still has to tidy up the house when she returns home. Although the house is not too messy, she still cleans the house very seriously every day. When she was cleaning Wei Wei's house, a word "Death!" was written deep on an inconspicuous copybook.

Kwong Tong was so frightened that she was a little panicked. She picked up the copybook and read it several times. The handwriting obviously didn't look like Wei Wei's. If it wasn't her, who the hell was it? At this time, Kwong Tong had more and more questions. , she put the copybooks as they were, and waited for her daughter to come home to communicate well.

Today is August 11th, as usual, Wei Wei went to wash her face after finishing the questions, while Kuang Tong sat on the sofa and thought carefully about how to communicate with her daughter.

She didn't know that behind her at this time, a small figure was quietly approaching her with a sharp screwdriver in his hand…

"What are you doing!?" Kuang Tong opened her eyes wide, and through the reflection of her pupils, she saw that Wei Wei stabbed her leg with a sharp screwdriver! Wei Wei fell down! Her blood flowed slowly along the screwdriver's mouth He came out, smiled slightly, and said blankly: "Do you feel distressed?"

Kuang Tong flew over, hugged Wei Wei who was on the ground, stopped her wound with his hands, and called Zhang Ji who was at work. As a mother, when she saw her child abusing herself, her heart often hurt the most , now she hoped that the wound would be on her body, and not let the slight blood flow, and the child's complexion would gradually turn yellow.

But Wei Wei still hugged Kuang Tong tightly, grinning and asking: "Mom, do you love me?"

This expression is no longer Wei Wei's original cute look, but a distorted, hideous grimace!

She smiled, showing her missing front teeth, and still repeated: "Do you love me?" She tore at the corner of Kuang Tong's clothes, as if she was going to eat her!

For some reason, Kuang Tong's stomach began to slowly ooze blood, and suddenly a ghost hand pierced through her stomach, bleeding everywhere, slightly looking at Kuang Tong who was still twitching on the ground, and looked at her strangely. crawling in the stomach.

"Kuang!" The door was kicked open! It was Zhang Ji who rushed in, and he said in a panic, "Wei Wei? Wei Wei?"

Before he could finish speaking, the scene in front of him almost scared his heart out!

On the ground, there was a big puddle of blood! A fresh corpse was soaked in the bloody water. She opened her mouth wide and her eyes were wide open. Her stomach was torn apart by some sharp weapon, or rather, by some force. Open a long hole, Wei Wei is trying to get in!

Maybe she heard someone coming, so she backed out, her face was blurred by blood, only a pair of eyes blinked.

"Are you here?" With a slightly hoarse voice, her voice was more like a boy's, she smiled, it was so weird!

"You…you…" Zhang Ji was speechless, and he was dumbfounded at this moment, and he couldn't say anything.

"I'm your child, Dad." She touched the blood on her face and said in front of Zhang Ji, "You don't know me? Take a closer look."

Suddenly she patted herself on the forehead and said: "That's right! You must not know me, hahaha, because you killed me before I was born!"

She was terrified at this moment, and rushed towards Zhang Ji who was on the ground, pinching his neck, the power in this small hand at this time suddenly became very large for some reason!

Zhang Ji stuck out his tongue and panted with difficulty.

"You are all murderers! You are all! I will kill you! Hahaha…"

Zhang Ji died with a little wild laughter!

nine years ago.

When they were in college, Kuang Tong and Zhang Ji rented a house together and started their cohabitation life. The rush of young people is inevitable. Yes, Kuang Tong is pregnant, and the child belongs to Zhang Ji!

After an examination in the hospital, they thought that the child must be aborted, and it is still in school. If others know, it will not be good for them.

Finally, on the afternoon of August 11th, he took her out of the hospital and started a new life as if nothing had happened, but the doctor in the hospital said in puzzlement: "Now people don't want girls and boys. It’s really strange to abort the one who was pregnant with a boy.” He paused and said, “Could it be that they are still students?”

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