The Immortal Child Soul Of Zhang's Tale

It was just what happened in Weiwei's room. It was difficult for Kuang Tong to fall asleep at this moment. Sitting on the bed, she always felt that something was wrong with Weiwei. Normally, when she saw her mother crying, she would take the initiative to wipe away her mother's tears. Just be obedient, so Kuang Tong has always used this method to deal with the disobedient Wei Wei, and it has been tried and tested, but today Wei Wei is smiling, and the smile is a little scary. After thinking about it, she still insists on killing the sleeping Zhang Ji Shake. Hearing what Zhang Ji said made sense, Kuang Tong said: "No wonder her pants were full of urine that day! … Continue readingThe Immortal Child Soul Of Zhang's Tale