Princess Pingyang Dies Golden Jade Butterfly

It is said that during the Wanli period of the Dai Dynasty, a new magistrate named Jia Lin was appointed in southern Shaanxi. flock to.

The southern part of Shaanxi is not considered a rich place. When Jia Lin came, he was caught up in the earthquake, and there were countless victims, and the people were in dire straits. However, this did not affect the luxurious life of officials and wealthy businessmen in less affected areas.

A few days after Jia Lin took office, the threshold was about to be broken. There were a lot of people who gave gifts and greetings. They gave gold and jewelry with clearly marked prices for a purpose. Some wanted to buy an official, some wanted to clear the way, and some wanted to Reduce the punishment, anyway, there is no free money in the world.

Jia Lin came from a wealthy family and came from Beijing. What rare jewels have you never seen? So not much interest in these bribes. He summoned all the officials and gentry and said: "I don't lack anything, but my wife has always liked rare and exotic animals. Recently, she saw a golden butterfly, as big as a palm and full of strange fragrance. She has never forgotten it. Well, this month The nineteenth is Jiannei's birthday, if there is a golden butterfly as a gift, she must be very happy…"

All the officials and gentry understood: Whoever can bring the golden butterfly can win the favor of Jia Zhifu and achieve their own goals. However, it is autumn at this time, and the flowers are about to bloom. Where are the butterflies? Even in summer, you can't find the kind of butterflies he mentioned that are covered in gold, as big as a palm, and have a scent.

A rich gentry named Wang Gu was very smart. He guessed: Jia Zhifu wanted to accept bribes, but he was afraid of ruining his reputation, so he used this method to toss. What he wanted was not the death of Butterfly Princess Pingyang , but gold. Wang Gu made a butterfly out of gold and presented it. Jia Lin frowned when he saw it, "I'm talking about live butterflies. Who wants these vulgar things?"

Wang Gu was at a loss, where to get the golden butterfly alive? He had never seen that kind of butterfly in his life. Not only him, but other people in southern Shaanxi who wanted to curry favor with Jia Lin were also looking for golden butterflies everywhere. One day, the servant came excitedly to tell Wang Gu that he heard someone on the street say: at the foot of Mount Hua, more than 200 miles away, there is a hot spring. , Butterflies are endless all year round, and there are people selling golden butterflies there.

Is the tomb of Princess Pingyang Zhao unearthed_Princess Pingyang died_Princess Pingyang Zhao

Why don't you go now? Wang Gu knew that since the news was heard on the street, other people must know it too, and they had to act quickly, as Mrs. Jia's birthday was only ten days away. He rode a fast horse overnight and galloped to Huashan Hot Spring. It really looks like spring there, with beautiful flowers, many birds flying, and butterflies flying in groups. There are many rare and rare butterfly species in Huashan Hot Spring, but there are no golden butterflies as big as palms.

Wang Gu asked passers-by, but he didn't hear that there were golden butterflies nearby. A passer-by said, "There is a jade-colored butterfly the size of a palm, but it's not golden." Wang Gu thought: If you can't find the golden butterfly, find some other beautiful butterflies, Mrs. Jia must be happy too.

Wang Gulai came here on a fast horse, so he brought only one servant with him. They bought fishing nets from farmers and made them into fluttering nets to catch butterflies. Wang Gu's master and servant were in a hurry, and someone among the flowers laughed loudly: "You must be looking for 'gold and jade mantang', so all the butterflies that you pounce on are low-quality butterflies."

What is "full of gold and jade"? The man was about forty, and although he was dressed as a farmer, he had a bit of fairy air. Wang Gu hurriedly stopped to inquire, and the middle-aged farmer said: "Recently, many people are looking for 'Jin Man Tang', which is a rare species of butterfly. There are two colors of 'Jin Man Tang' and 'Yu Man Tang', but Jin Man Tang has already Extinct. The 'Yumantang' is probably not much."

Wang Gu was very disappointed. He said, "Since you know the name Jinyu Mantang, you must also be a master of butterflies, right? May I ask what other rare species you have?"

The middle-aged man rolled his eyes: "I am a beekeeper here, and I also love to raise rare flowers and plants at home, attracting many rare butterflies in the world, but one thing, if you want it, you have to pay…"

Princess Pingyang_Is the tomb of Princess Pingyang unearthed_Princess Pingyang died

Isn't it just money? Wang Gu was not short of money, but he didn't bring too much silver taels when he came, so he took a jade pendant worth a thousand taels of silver as collateral. The middle-aged man led them and turned a few mountain roads, only to see the flowers in the shade of the willows, the flowers in front of them were filled like an ocean, and groups of bees and butterflies were flying around the flowers. The butterflies were very beautiful and rare, and one of them was Butterfly, with its wings stretched out about three or four inches, and its whole body is light white. Wang Gu has never seen such a big butterfly in his life.

Wang Gu took out his fluttering net and was about to jump, but the butterfly had big wings and leaped as nimbly as a bird, and it went elsewhere in the blink of an eye. The middle-aged man said with a smile: "If such a precious butterfly can be caught easily, I don't have to play tricks on it. This is the 'Yu Man Tang' in the Jin Yu Man Tang, which is specially raised by me at home."

No wonder it is so beautiful, it is almost the same as the golden butterfly that Jia Lin asked for, only the color is different. Wang Gu saw that the middle-aged man looked half-smiling, and thought: He must have something weird, he must have known the wish of Jia Zhifu, and hid such high prices as "Golden Mantang". He took out all the valuable things on his body and asked the middle-aged man to sell him "gold mantang".

The middle-aged man said: "It is rare to have 'Yu Man Tang'. 'Jin Man Tang' has a scent on it, which has long been extinct. I saw it once three years ago. Where can I find it? However, since 'Yu Man Tang' It is similar to 'Jin Man Tang', you can add its color and fragrance the day after tomorrow."

The words of the middle-aged man awakened Wang Gu. If you spray gold, platinum and incense powder on "Yu Man Tang", wouldn't it be a real golden butterfly? He immediately asked the middle-aged man to give him fifty "Yu Man Tang".

The middle-aged man said: "Your things are only worth twenty butterflies , and I will only give you twenty."


Wang Gu thought: Calculated in this way, this butterfly is really a golden butterfly. I don't have to worry about spending money. As long as I can win the favor of Jia Zhifu, I can do anything.

The middle-aged man stretched out his arms and whistled loudly. Those butterflies seemed to understand the words, and actually flew towards him in groups, and landed on his shoulders, hands, and head. The two were stunned, the butterflies here are amazing, and the butterfly breeder is even more amazing.

The middle-aged man chose 20 "Yumantangs" and put them in Wang Gu's bamboo basket, saying: "'Yumantangs' are very precious and should not be owned by anyone who is destined to have them. You have spent so much money, so hurry up and give them to those who want to give them away." people."

Wang Gu carefully covered the bamboo basket with the bamboo lid, and every "Yumantang" is his money and future. He hurried back home and raised the butterfly day and night defensively. To prevent the butterfly from starving to death, he put nectar and pollen in the cage.

On the nineteenth day of the same month, Wang Gu borrowed the words of a middle-aged man, "Since Yumantang and Jinmantang are similar, you can add its color and fragrance the day after tomorrow." He covered it with a mosquito net to prevent butterflies from flying out, and put the twenty "Yu Mantang" was sprayed with gold, platinum and incense powder, which was not far from the golden butterfly that Jia Zhifu asked for. Thinking of the gold and silver treasures he was about to get and the official career, he was extremely proud.

Early in the morning, Wang Guti dressed in twenty "Yu Man Tang" disguised as "Jin Man Tang", and excitedly visited Jia Lin. Unexpectedly, more than a dozen gift-giving and birthday presenters had already arrived at Jia Lin's mansion. They all carried bamboo baskets in their hands, as if they were carrying the same thing. Extinct "Gold Mantang"?


Mrs. Jia Lin came out happily. She has butterfly emerald hair, butterfly embroidery on her body, and butterflies on her golden lotus shoes. Mrs. Jia looks pretty good, she looks like a butterfly fairy at first glance.

Jia Lin and his wife led everyone to the garden of the mansion. It was already autumn and the flowers withered, but the chrysanthemums were in full bloom. Jia Lin asked everyone to release the butterflies for his wife to watch. Wang Gu thought: We are all butterflies alike, but he has to catch his wife's eyeballs first. He rushed forward and was the first to open the bamboo basket, and a butterfly worth as much as gold flew out.

Um? There was no movement in the bamboo basket, Wang Gu was suspicious, and there was no movement after shaking it twice. He probed in and looked inside, oh, there were no butterflies left in it, they were all dead.

Wang Gu's legs were so frightened that his legs went limp. It must have been the gold platinum and the powder that made the butterflies uncomfortable, so they all died. It's a pity for the jade pendant and the silver pendant. Mrs. Jia originally had a smile full of anticipation, but when she saw the butterfly died, she pulled her face down, and Zhifu Jia's face was also very unsightly, Wang Gu hurriedly retreated dizzy.

What about the others? Their butterflies were all dead, Wang Gu picked up a few and saw that they, like him, also sprayed the butterflies with powder and gold platinum to disguise the golden butterflies with fake butterflies.

Walking out of Jia's mansion in disgrace, I saw more than a hundred people outside carrying bamboo baskets. They must all be golden butterflies. Who knows if they are real golden butterflies or fake golden butterflies?

Wang Gu inquired about the people who failed to give presents, and found out that their butterflies came from farmers in Huashan Hot Spring. Take a look, where are the farmers? The mountain flowers are still in full bloom, and the butterflies are still dancing, but the peasants and "Yumantang" are gone.

In the valley where farmers attracted butterflies, a long piece of paper was left, "Gold and jade are not to be cherished, and there are many corrupt officials among the people. The people are in trouble, and the butterflies are also sad."

Wang Gu recalled the experience of the farmer he met, and the wonder that he could attract butterflies by whistling, and sighed: "We must have met a fairy."

A few days later, rice quilts, medicine and other items were sent to the earthquake-stricken area in southern Shaanxi. As early as ten days ago, Jia Zhifu and his wife went to the disaster area in person. Unfortunately, the treasury was insufficient, and corrupt officials intercepted corruption halfway. Let the government and businessmen pay for disaster relief, and they will definitely make such demands on Jia Lin. However, fortunately, "selling" the butterfly earned a lot of money, and the resettlement of refugees in the earthquake-stricken areas can relieve their temporary worries.

After pacifying the earthquake victims, Jia Zhifu and his wife went to the house to send a man. He is Mrs. Jia's elder brother. He is actually the farmer who attracts butterflies that Wang Gu met. I was an official for a few years, and then I resigned to spend time at home with wild cranes. I loved to raise flowers, bees, and butterflies. Over time, I became good at this. It turned out that the prefect of Jia asked the briber to collect golden butterflies to please his wife because he was concerned about the disaster area. Those wealthy businessmen and officials were reluctant to give a penny to disaster relief, but they were willing to spend a lot of money on bribery.

The Master Xianju said: "Those unscrupulous corrupt officials and evil businessmen don't know that my special pollen and nectar for butterfly food are carefully raised by me at home. Once they leave my pollen and nectar, they will die in three days. Fans have nothing to do with it, they have worked hard, and they have fallen into the trap of thinking hard."

Jia Lin wanted his brother-in-law to stay by his side, and the Master Xianju smiled and said, "Forget it, I shouldn't reveal my identity, besides, I have long hated officialdom. This time, it's a pity for the butterflies I raised. They can be regarded as dedicating their lives to the common people." Alright."

Master Xianju whistled, even though it was late autumn, there were dozens of little butterflies flying towards him, it really looked like a fairy.

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