Paper Mache Car Ghost Story Debt Repayment Dog

fifty taels of silver

During the Qianlong period, there was a man named Fan Sanpi in Fanjiayuan. He was engaged in the fur business. He purchased dog skins, cow skins and donkey skins from the countryside, then sent them to the county town to sell them. Within a few years, he became rich. On this day, Fan Sanpi was pushing a wheelbarrow home with fur goods purchased from other places. At this time, a child in the village named Duanduan came over with a black dog and said carelessly: "Uncle Sanpi, you When will you pay back the fifty taels of silver you owe my family?"

Fan Sanpi was stunned, looked at the child, and said, "Duan Duan, when did I owe your family fifty taels of silver?"

Duanduan was just ten years old this year and could not reason. He only said: "My father said that you borrowed fifty taels of silver from my family five years ago and never paid it back, and my father did not ask for it from you. Now something happened to my family. My father is about to die and he doesn’t even have the money to buy a coffin. Please return the fifty taels of silver to me!"

Speaking of Dad Duanduan, he was a well-known good man in the village. He cultivated two acres of land and built a green tile firewood kiln. He was considered a wealthy family in the village. He would lend money to any villagers who had difficulties. People, you don’t even need to write an IOU. Unexpectedly, his green-tiled firewood kiln collapsed last month, injuring several workers. Dad Duanduan spent a lot of money to treat those who were injured and compensated those who were disabled. A large amount of money was spent, and as a result, Duanduan's family was completely ruined. Due to this incident, Duanduan's father fell ill and was on his deathbed.

Fan Sanpi rolled his eyes and said, "Duan Duan, I can't remember when I borrowed money from your father. Since your father told you, does he have an IOU?"

Duanduan shook his head and said, "My father lends money to others and never asks for an IOU. If you really didn't borrow it, why don't you come to my house to confront my father?"

Fan Sanpi stopped the car, fiddled with the leather goods in the car, and said angrily: "You piece of shit, why don't you believe your uncle so much? Your father must be sick and dying, so he is confused…"

As he was saying this, the black female dog Duan Duan was holding suddenly stared at Fan Sanpi and barked "woof". Fan Sanpi became even more angry and said to Duan Duan: "You asked my house for money and you brought the dog with you? I really didn’t borrow your family’s money. If I lied to you, I would be the son of this bitch. You should believe it this time, right?”

Duanduan saw that Fan Sanpi had made a vow to him and was unwilling to go to his house to confront his father, so he planned to go home and ask his father again. Unexpectedly, when he came home, he saw that his father had already held his breath and was sitting on a chair wearing a shroud, waiting for money to buy a coffin for burial. Duanduan stood next to his father's body and cried: "Dad, you are dead, and Uncle Sanpi has defaulted again…"

Duan Duan was crying when Fan Sanpi came. Seeing that Duan Duan's father was dead, he knelt down on his knees, hugged one of Duan Duan's father's legs, and cried loudly: "Brother, you sent Duan Duan to my house to beg for help." The Ghost Story of a Paper Car , When did I lend you fifty taels of silver? I was busy during the day, so I wanted to come to your house in the evening and explain this matter to you clearly, but I didn’t expect that you can’t speak now. I’ve spoken…”

Duanduan blinked and watched Fan Sanpi cry. Just when he couldn't understand, suddenly, his father's body suddenly stood up.

Fan Sanpi, who was kneeling on the ground, thought that a corpse had been exploded. He was so frightened that he pissed himself. He quickly got up from the ground and prepared to escape. Seeing that Fan Sanpi was about to run away, Duanduan hurriedly stepped forward and hugged one of his legs, saying, "Don't run away. If you don't lend me any money, confront my father!"

After hearing Fan Sanpi's words, Duanduan's father became angry again. He stood angrily and stared at Fan Sanpi for a moment. Suddenly his anger turned into a smile. He bent down and patted Duan Duan on the head and said: "Duan Duan, put down your uncle Sanpi quickly. He didn't lend us any money. Don't mention this again in the future."

Duanduan was stunned and let go of Fan Sanpi. Fan Sanpi was dripping with cold sweat. He got up and ran outside. However, he accidentally stepped on the belly of the black bitch squatting by the threshold and tripped to the ground. The black bitch was stepped on by Fan Sanpi and screamed. Jumped into the yard, and after a while, a little cub rolled out from behind its butt.

After Fan Sanpi fell down, he lay straight outside the door. Duanduan tried to help him, but he couldn't help him up. Duanduan's father hurried over to check. When the villagers heard the commotion, they all came over with lanterns. They were all shocked when they saw the deceased Duanduan father wearing a shroud and making a paper car . Among those who were busy pinching Fan Sanpi and saving Fan Sanpi, they were all shocked. .

The villagers struggled to carry Fan Sanpi home and put him on the bed. From then on, Fan Sanpi fell into a deep sleep. His family gathered around the bed and kept calling him. More than ten days passed, and it was of no use at all.This dog is so bad

Let’s talk about Duan Duan’s family. The black bitch only gave birth to a little pup in one litter. The milk was so abundant that it gushed out. The little pup was so chubby that Duan Duan didn’t like it and often played with it in her arms.

Half a year passed, and Fan Sanpi was still asleep. The little cub had grown into a half-sized dog, which was very clever. It would play with the black bitch for a while, and then run away and disappear.

On this day, the little black dog ran out early in the morning, and when it was time to have breakfast, he returned home with a silver coin in his mouth, placed it directly at Duanduan's father's feet, and then went out again. Duanduan's father picked up the silver and was shocked. After a while, the little black dog took back another ingot of silver, placed it at Dad Duanduan's feet, and turned around and walked out the door. Duanduan's father hurriedly asked his son to follow the little black dog to see where it picked up the silver.

Duanduan followed the little black dog through several village lanes and suddenly disappeared in a flash. Duanduan searched for a long time, but couldn't find the little black dog, so he turned around and walked home. As soon as he reached the door of the house, he saw the little black dog jumping into the house again with a bright white silver in his mouth. As soon as it entered the door, it was hit with a stick by Duanduan's father, flopped on the ground for a while, stretched out its limbs, and died. When Duanduan saw the little black dog beaten to death by his father, he was so sad that he cried "Wow".

Duanduan's father held the wooden stick in his hand, looked at the dead little black dog, and said to Duanduan: "This dog actually stole money from outside and went home. It's too bad. We can't keep such a dog in our family!"

At this time, the black female dog ran over, sniffed the little black dog lying on the ground, barked "woof" for a while, took the little black dog in her mouth, and dragged it out of the door…

After a while, a man carrying a bundle of firewood suddenly came to Duanduan's house. This man lowered his head and his pale face was covered by the firewood. As soon as he entered the door, he knelt down in front of Duanduan's father with a "bang" sound. Duanduan's father was startled. When he saw it, it was Fan Sanpi who had been lying on the bed for half a year!

Fan Sanpi choked with sobs and said, "Brother, Sanpi came to apologize for you. You are my savior!"

Duanduan's father hurriedly helped Fan Sanpi up and asked what was going on. Fan Sanpi said that for more than half a year, he had been lying in bed having a nightmare. In the dream, many people pointed at his nose and yelled at him, asking him to turn into a dog, saying that he had done something unintentional, and that he had done something unintentional. If you swear to become a dog, you must become a dog. Thanks to Duanduan's father hitting him on the head with a wooden stick just now, he woke up from the nightmare. When he woke up, he carried a bundle of firewood from home to apologize to Duanduan's father.

Fan Sanpi said guiltily: "Brother, five years ago, I borrowed fifty taels of silver from you."

Dad Duanduan smiled and said, "Have you ever borrowed money from my family? Why can't I remember it?"

"I did borrow it!" Fan Sanpi told Duan Duan's father that five years ago, he borrowed fifty taels of silver from Duan Duan's father to do business. Later, he made a fortune, but he has been delaying in paying it back. Last time something happened to Duanduan's father and he was about to die because of his illness, so he wanted to throw away the fifty taels. That night, when he heard that Duan Duan's father was dead, he pretended to come to Duan Duan's house to cry. In fact, he was crying for Duan Duan to see, but unexpectedly he made Duan Duan's father cry to death.Every penny is a lot

Duanduan's father looked at Fan Sanpi, sighed and said, "Sanpi, after I came back to life, I saw Duanduan hugging your leg and not letting go. I know you are being stubborn and don't want to return it, and I don't have an IOU. If this continues, it will only cause discord between the two families, but it will harm future generations, and the gains outweigh the losses. That’s why you said you didn’t borrow the money, but you didn’t really forget it.”

When Fan Sanpi heard this, he felt even more guilty. He immediately turned back, picked up a hoe from home, and led his son to his vegetable garden. Unexpectedly, I saw Duanduan's black female dog in the vegetable garden, pawing at the soil with her paws, burying the little black dog until only the dog's tail was exposed. Fan Sanpi shouted in panic: "I buried fifty taels of silver here. Why is this bitch burying a puppy here? Where is the silver I buried?"

At this time, Duanduan's father came over with Duanduan carrying a large bag of silver. Duanduan's father handed the silver to Fan Sanpi and told Fan Sanpi that the little black dog took a total of fifty taels of silver home. Fan Sanpi looked at the silver, which he had buried in the pit. He sighed and said, "It turns out that this little black dog is here to pay off my debt."

The two families worked together to build a grave for the little black dog and set up a monument next to it.

Later, if someone in Fanjiayuan encountered an emergency and needed money, someone with extra money would definitely lend it to him. There was no need to write an IOU. The borrower would pay it back on time, and there was never any failure to repay the debt.

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