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There was a man named Xue Duan, a poor scholar. His family is poor, but he likes to make friends, but he has nothing to entertain his friends, and he often feels distressed by this. Therefore, I wrote a few lines of words on the wall at home, something like this: The friendship between gentlemen is light and alcohol-free, and you have to share my poverty; late-night conversations are only entertained by tea, and I also know your hardship. It doesn't matter if you come with a full stomach or leave with an empty stomach; there is only a bowl of wheat rice and a cup of green onion soup at home, so how can I contribute to it.

It was words like this that made people laugh when they came to his house and read what he wrote on the wall.

However, Xue Duan was an extremely elegant, generous and outgoing person, and the local Jin gentry people were happy to associate with him. Therefore, people visited his home from time to time, and he was not left out because of poverty.

One day, Xue Duan was walking in the suburbs. The heavy snow had just stopped and the weather was very cold. He saw something in the withered grass, with yellow fur, lying there motionless.

Xue Duan walked over and saw that it was a fox that had been shot by a hunter. It was bleeding all over and dyed its body red. It was curled up in the grass and was dying, almost dead.

Xue Duan suddenly thought in his heart: "I heard that foxes can make people rich and can satisfy people's needs. Why not take it back? If you can let it survive and let it help me, why don't you worry about the lack of wine in the wine glass?"

Then he stepped forward, wrapped the fox in his robe, and said with blessing: "I don't want to eat you, skin you, or take your advantage. Don't be afraid."

So he carried it home. When people saw Xue Duan holding something, they asked him what he was holding. He just smiled at them and did not answer them.

At that time, Xue Duan's wife had died, and there was no other person in the room. He put the fox on the couch, stroked it, and immediately covered it with a quilt because it was still warm.

Xue Duan's neighbor happened to have a medical practitioner, so he lied and claimed that he accidentally sprained his foot while walking in the snow. He went to ask for a small amount of blood-activating ointment from him, took it back, crushed it, and put it on the fox's wound.

The fox turned slightly and seemed to be alive.

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Xue Duan felt happy, lit the lamp, and sat next to it to watch to see if there were any changes.

At almost midnight, Xue Duan's spirit was a little exhausted. As soon as he closed his eyes, the fox suddenly turned into a beautiful woman, with a smile on her fair face, neatly dressed, and was about to get off.

Xue Duan was not surprised, and then he heard the fox girl smile and say: "I am the girl next door, why did you bring me here? Don't you want to do those sneaky things?"

Xue Duancai said in horror: "Although I am unkind, I have always saved you from danger. Why do you slander me so much?"

The fox girl smiled again and said: "My name is Ayu, and I am also from here, but you don't recognize me. I occasionally go out to play, and I accidentally got hit by someone else's arrow. I ran away for more than ten miles before I escaped without being taken. Go and eat it. However, if I don’t have Taoist power, I can’t escape. Now I am saved by you. Xue Duandao said: "I heard that foxes bewitch people and they will die. What you are doing is not like the mountain wolf, repaying kindness with enmity, trying to kill me." Eat it? "

Ayu's cheeks turned red and she said: "Does the fox not distinguish between grudges and grudges, and must do harm to others for personal gain? Besides, if you still have something you want me to help you with, please tell me!"

Xue Duan said happily: "I love making friends most in my life. However, because I am poor and cannot prepare food and drinks, I often talk for a day and let the guests go back with an empty stomach. I feel very guilty. Can you eliminate this regret for me? If you can, this will be enough to repay my kindness to you. "

Ayu laughed and said, "That's right. I'm responsible for the cooking in this house. I'm just worried that the neighbors will be confused and frightened. I have to act like I'm getting married before I can be husband and wife with you." In this way, you can prepare food and drinks at home to meet your needs. As for sleeping together, the power is in your hands. "

Xue Duan was even more happy after hearing this, and discussed with Ayu how to get married publicly so that the neighbors could know.

Ayu said: "You went to the crowd and threatened that you had married a daughter from a certain village, and asked for a car and servants, and went to greet me in person. When you get there, I will have my own home waiting there. As long as I see a red lantern hanging on the That's it. The injury on my back has not healed yet. I have to go back and recuperate quickly. I can't stay here. If you don't let me live up to your great kindness, I hope you can prepare as soon as possible." After that, he suddenly said. Gone.

Xue Duan believed her words and did as Ayu said. He said to his close friends, "I have already made an appointment to get married, but I haven't gotten married yet because of financial constraints. Can you guys help me?"

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When everyone heard about it, they all sighed in their hearts, thinking that someone's daughter would have to suffer a bitter life again. Then, they smiled and agreed to the short ghost story and joke , saying that they were willing to help him.

On that day, Xue Duan rode a horse and a cart to meet the bride. The people who followed him were all servants of wealthy families. They eagerly wanted to follow Xue Duan and see him. What kind of family is the Yue family?

Xue Duan remembered what Ayu said about the red lanterns, so he waited until the sun turned west before leaving the city.

The servants of the rich man's family thought that his in-law's family was very close, so they arrived so late. However, after walking for more than ten miles in a zigzag way, they arrived at the village at midnight. They all said in surprise: "The city." The door is closed, how can we go back at night? Can the few huts here accommodate so many of us?" Xue Duan just kept silent and ignored them, looking for Ayu. s home.

Then, they saw a tall mansion with several pairs of huge lanterns hanging in front of the door. It was bright both inside and outside, and it looked like a wealthy man.

After a while, the servants came out to welcome, and relatives and friends also came out to welcome the servants of the wealthy family. They took a peek at the residence, the houses and pavilions, one after another, they were very magnificent, and they did not dare to have the same contemptuous attitude as before.

Ayu's family held a banquet in the courtyard, and those who followed were treated generously. Since the city gate was closed, they were allowed to stay and drink happily.

At the fifth watch of the day, someone sent Ayu to the car. Xue Duan took everyone back and walked to the city gate. It was just dawn and the city gate had opened, so he rushed home directly.

When he got home, people who came to congratulate him had already gathered at his home.

Ayu got off the car, walked directly into the inner room, took out the money from his sleeve and said to Xue Duan: "Take it to reward those who followed. As for the guests who arrived, I will reward them properly another day."

Xue Duan happily took it out and distributed it to the servants. The servants got the money and left happily.

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Xue Duan thanked the guests again: "You lent me your carriages, horses, and servants. I'm just ashamed that I can't prepare a banquet for you. When the bride is familiar with housework and can cook meals, I should repay you well. I don't know which day it will be." , I’ll invite you when the time comes.”

The guests also laughed, thinking that we had no hope of this meal, so they dispersed one after another.

Xue Duan went in to meet Ayu and saw that her face was even more charming. However, she was wearing coarse linen clothes and a white skirt. Her attire was very simple, like a poor girl.

Xue Duan then asked: "Looking at where you live, it seems that you are a poor and indifferent family. Is there any illusion in it?"

Ayu smiled and said: "You are such a smart man! We live in rocks, how can we live in a wheel-like pavilion like a human being? Just to remove the doubts in everyone's minds, I deliberately used this cunning method ”

Xue Duan asked again: "However, why should you change your clothes?"

Ayu replied: "Living in your house, naturally I should be frugal and show it to others. How can I let me do whatever I want?"

Then he asked Xue Duan: "When you face me today, you really don't want to be a couple. Do you just ask me to buy wine and food for you and prepare meals?"

Xue Duan laughed unconsciously and said, "I'm not sure, but I want to have both."

Ayu also clapped her hands and said, "I knew you were hypocritical."

So they put down the wine glasses and chatted happily.

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At night, Ayu said to Xue Duan: "The clothes and accessories can be simple, but the bedding must be rich. Don't let people laugh at the poor couple who can only sleep on the straw mat to have fun." So he went outside and brought a few clothes to the house. When the supplies came in, they were all made of brocade silk, and the layout was brand new and very gorgeous. Then she and Xue Duan took off their clothes and slept together. When they got along, Ayu seemed very reluctant, and Xue Duan felt very sorry for her.

Xue Duan stroked Ayu's back. The scars on his back were still there, and he smiled and said, "If it weren't for me, I'm afraid you would have been on someone else's case."

Ayu also smiled and said: "If it weren't for me, I'm afraid you would still be thirsty. After three days, he rewarded the guests who came to congratulate him. Ayu cooked wine and food, and set up a dozen tables in total. They were all very rich, and people suspected Xue Duan married into a wealthy family.

However, there is a lack of people to move around and serve food and tea, and the servants of the rich families still have to do it for them. The inner room is covered with a cloth curtain, and there is a table outside. The servants go there to serve the dishes. Various dishes have already been placed there. When they are taken out, they will be replenished. There is never any need. It felt strange to stand there and wait.

From then on, Ayu helped Xue Duan with cooking, cooking and housework. When a guest comes, he must stay to drink, drink, and eat. He will no longer come to his house without wine or food as before.

All the wine and food were prepared immediately. Even Xue Duan didn't know where Ayu got it from. He just enjoyed it and felt very happy. He would never feel ashamed like before when he had nothing to entertain guests. .

It’s just that Ayu was worried that others would be suspicious, so every morning, she would bother her neighbors to help her buy some fish from the market, and bring other delicious food from the house. It can also make them go away with food and wine.

One night, Xue Duan was drinking with his guests and suddenly wanted to eat fish, so he went in to discuss with Ayu. Ayu said with a smile: "At this time, where can I get it? Fortunately, I have prepared it and put it in the well. You only need to remove it yourself." , That’s it.” Then he handed Xue Duan a very short fishing rod with a ten-foot-long fishhook hanging on it.

Xue Duan smiled at her and looked at the fishing rod. He really didn't believe it and reluctantly lowered the hook into the well. As soon as I put it down, I felt a little heavy. When I lifted it up with force, I saw a red carp on the fishing rod, moving left and right. It was three feet long. It had a big mouth and thin scales. Looking at the shape, it looked like a Songjiang bass with two eyes. It was still shining, so he took it in, handed it to Ayu, and told her to cook it immediately.

After a while, Ayu shouted: "The fish is ready."

Xue Duan went to take it out and paid it to the guests. They all praised the delicious taste. Xue Duan also marveled that this was really magical.

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After a long time like this, Xue Duan liked to make friends with guests again. For a while, local celebrities liked to associate with him. Therefore, more guests came to his home, and Xue Duan's reputation became more prominent. Even Xue Duan's studies were completed in a day. Progress was getting better day by day, and it didn’t take long before he passed the imperial examination, and then passed the Jinshi examination. It was because Ayu was good at taking care of the housework!

Xue Duan had no other family members, so he took Ayu to the capital to prepare to accept the appointment of the imperial court.

But Ayu suddenly said goodbye to him and said: "I have repaid your kindness, and my affairs are over. Please let me go back to the mountains and practice my Tao power. Otherwise, I will fall into this world of mortals. As time goes by, I will rot like a tree, and how can I achieve anything?"

When Xue Duan heard that she was leaving, he was shocked and tried to persuade her to stay, saying, "It's because of you that I am what I am today. Just when I wanted to repay my shame, Ayu still refused to stay. Xue Duan also kept saying no. Let her go.

Ayu suddenly said that he was sick again, and in the evening, he died quietly, with the same appearance as a stranger.

Xue Duan felt very regretful. It would have been better if he had let her leave. So, I prepared clothes and prepared to bury Ayu.

At night, Ayu's body suddenly disappeared, and the family was horrified. Only Xue Duan knew the reason, thinking that Ayu had already left, and that she was deliberately pretending to be dead to allow him to let her go. Then he prepared a coffin, put Ayu's shoes and clothes inside, and buried her with an ordinary funeral.

His friends, hearing that it was an empty coffin, came to inquire.

Xue Duancai came and told them what happened.

Everyone was amazed.

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