Strange Things On Campus: The Ghost In The White Dress

The teacher is already ready on the podium, and the students are all arriving in the classroom one after another. Qi Ke and her roommate were sitting in the third row of the middle seat. Just as the school bell rang, a girl in a white skirt walked in. Qi Ke looked at the girl passing in front of him and praised her repeatedly.

"Oh, it's already autumn, but you can still wear a skirt so casually. I really admire you!"

"What are you talking about!" Xu Nan, who was sitting next to him, heard Qi Ke's muttering and asked.

"Look, it's that girl." Qi Ke touched Xu Nan with his elbow, but looked at the first row of seats to her left.

"The back is quite beautiful, but I don't know if it's just the back killer."

"I just saw it. She's pretty. She's a beauty. She looks very fragile. Why is it that it's autumn and she's still wearing a skirt? It's still white. I really thought that was…"

"What…what! Xiaoke, what are you talking about!"

Hearing the shock in Xu Nan's tone, Qi Ke turned her head and explained to Xu Nan. She pointed her index finger at the first row and said,

"What's wrong with her? Who do you think I'm talking about?"

"…Xiao Ke, you! You lied again! Xiaoyu! Lingzi!" Xu Nan called to the other two roommates who were sitting next to him and asked, "Are there any girls in white skirts in this classroom!"

After listening to Xu Nan's words, the roommates named Xiaoyu and Lingzi looked around and shook their heads. One of them asked,

"What's wrong? Xiaonan."

"It's Xiaoke! She's playing her tricks again. She scared me so badly last time, and now she's still playing! She did it on purpose!" Xu Nan complained to her roommate dissatisfiedly and didn't notice at all. After listening to what she said Qi Ke's expression changed immediately.

The teacher had already started talking on the podium, the girls in the back seat were still chattering about their gossip, but Xu Nan seemed to be really angry and stopped talking to Qi Ke. Seeing that Xu Nan was angry, Qi Ke quickly hugged her arm and said with a flattering smile,

"Hey, Xiao Nan, I was joking, don't be angry."

Seeing that the person being coaxed was still expressionless, Xiaoke once again said good things over and over again in a good temper, and finally withdrew his arm and made an oath.

"Xiao Nan, I swear. I will never talk nonsense again!"

"Are you sure you are talking nonsense?" At some point, the girl in the white skirt came to her side.


A loud sound of panic came from Qi Ke's mouth, and the surroundings began to become silent. All eyes turned to Qi Ke. The teacher paused for a few seconds and resumed the original lesson. However, Xu Nan, who had not responded, faced Qi Ke and said,

"What did you do again? Forget it, I'll forgive you for now. It's class time now and it's broad daylight. Stop scaring people!"

"You know it's broad daylight -" Qi Ke deliberately ignored the girl in a white dress standing next to her and looking at her. She was trying to make herself forget the existence of this "person".

"But, you have to know. How scared you were last time." Xu Nan was still a little scared when she thought of what happened that night, although Qi Ke later told her that it was just a joke she played on herself. However, Xu Nan always remembered what Qi Ke said that day. She didn't want to admit that the "joke" was Qi Ke's excuse to give her what she wanted.

Xu Nan and her boyfriend Liu Chenzhong started getting together in the first semester of their second year of high school. After the college entrance examination, her boyfriend went to college elsewhere, while Xu Nan stayed in the province. Liu Chen, her boyfriend of one year who had just entered college, never took the initiative to visit Xu Nan at school. With only a mobile phone, the couple started to break up and get back together. They didn't get married until the first semester of their sophomore year. It was at this time last year that Xu Nan officially broke up with her boyfriend. On the night of the breakup, Xu Nan didn't tell anyone that she skipped the elective class and went out to get drunk. Although Xu Nan initiated the breakup by herself, Xu Nan unanimously believed that the initiator was her boyfriend Liu Chen. When the two places began to separate, Xu Nan hinted Liu Chen to come to school to see her. After all, college is not like high school where two people can meet at any time. In college, Xu Nan watched the boys come to see her every month regardless of rain or shine. There is never a moment when the school looks at their girlfriends without envy.

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"Don't believe in long-distance relationships!" Xu Nan kept muttering this sentence while drinking at the stall.

Qi Ke, who was taking the same course as Xu Nan, saw that Xu Nan had not arrived, so he immediately sent a message to his other roommates. However, the roommate's reply told Qi Ke that Xu Nan had been gone for a long time, so he had arrived in the classroom early. When Qi Ke saw his roommate's reply, he knew that Xu Nan might have quarreled with Liu Chen again. She then sent a text message to Liu Chen. In fact, I have never met Liu Chen. The reason why I have Liu Chen's mobile phone number is because I and Xu Nan are best friends in college. One time I accidentally saw Xu Nan crying and comforted her. Later I learned about her. In a long-distance relationship, Qi Ke, no matter who it was, directly used Xu Nan's mobile phone to dial Liu Chen's number and cursed. Later, because Xu Nan and Liu Chen were noisy as usual, Qi Ke wrote down Liu Chen's number.

Qi Ke sneaked out of the classroom to find Xu Nan after reading the message Liu Chen replied.

"She and I officially broke up, tonight. An hour ago."

Holding the phone tightly, Qi Ke anxiously looked for Xu Nan on campus. In the past, Xu Nan would burst into tears when there was a fight, but now that it's a real breakup, I really don't know what she will do.

Finally, Qi Ke found Xu Nan on the school playground. Xu Nan was already drunk at the time. Qi Ke hugged her gently with some distress.

"If anything happens, we'll talk to you in the dormitory. Don't cry and make noise outside for people to laugh at."

Qi Ke helped her back to the dormitory , but this time Xu Nan didn't do any extreme behavior, he didn't even cry, he was just drunk. Fortunately, there were no classes on Saturday the next day so she could have a good sleep.

The next day, Xu Nan's first words when she woke up were to yell,

"I want to find someone better than him!"

At this time, Qi Ke came over and said with a smile,

"Is he that handsome guy yesterday——"

"What handsome guy?" Xu Nan stared at Qi Ke in surprise.

"You're still pretending! I saw it all."

"What did you say you saw?"

"When I found you last night, I saw a boy sitting next to you. But he walked away as soon as he saw me approaching. Tell me! Who is he -"

"…Although I was drunk, my mind was still very clear. From the time I walked into the playground to the time you helped me out, it was just the two of us. There was no such handsome guy as you said…"

"I can't be wrong."

"It's just that you got it wrong!" Xu Nan insisted that Qi Ke got it wrong, but Qi Ke seemed to have thought of something and stopped refuting. Seeing that Qi Ke didn't speak, Xu Nan thought she was acquiescing that she was wrong and stopped discussing it.

It wasn't until Xu Nan was eating dinner alone in the second cafeteria that she suddenly remembered that there seemed to be a familiar voice speaking in her ear while she was lying on the playground. Thinking of this, Xu Nan started to break into a cold sweat. She thought it might be because she drank too much last night and felt something was wrong, but at this moment Xu Nan realized that someone was by her side that night, but she couldn't see him… …

Qi Ke found a familiar figure in the cafeteria. She came to Xu Nan, took her hand and ran away. Xu Nan was a little angry.

"Qi Ke, what are you doing!"

"Xiao Nan, I saw him just now. I will take you there now. He said he wants to see you if he has something to do."

Xu Nan did not struggle. She followed Qi Ke to the place where Qi Ke saw the man – the teaching building of the South Campus under construction. There are four buildings in the south courtyard that have just been built. The school is afraid of accidents and strictly prohibits students from playing downstairs in the south courtyard. There are only construction workers during the day, and at night the unfinished teaching building is like an abandoned haunted house riddled with holes and no one appears at all.

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Xu Nan looked at the teaching building that looked like a haunted house in front of her and remembered what happened last night. She threw away Qi Ke's hand unhappily.

"Where are the people! Didn't you say you saw that boy!"

When Qi Ke heard what Xu Nan said, he turned around and stared at her in horror and asked,

"…Don't you see him? He is right in front of you!"

Xu Nan stared at the scene reflected in her pupils – the unfinished building. She suppressed the trembling all over her body, turned her head and asked Qi Ke,

"Tell me, what are his characteristics?"

"…There is a scar at the corner of his left eye and a mole on the artery in his neck."

"…" Just after listening to Qi Ke's description, Xu Nan took a few steps back. He accidentally fell and hit his head on the stone next to him, and fainted.

"Xiao Nan!" Qi Ke shouted when she saw Xu Nan fainted on the ground. She squatted down and picked up Xu Nan's head and then looked behind her, but there was no figure behind her!

Before Xu Nan fainted, she remembered that the familiar voice that had spoken in her ear turned out to be – Liu Chen!

Later, Xu Nan stayed in the hospital for a long time. In fact, she recovered quickly, but her mental state was not very good. The school took this accident very seriously, but Xu Nan always claimed that he accidentally fell downstairs and said that he would not cause any trouble to the school. Qi Ke, as a "witness", did not say anything else, and in the end it was left to nothing. .

When Xu Nan stayed in the hospital for the second week, Qi Ke visited her. Qi Ke said after seeing Xu Nan's dazed and pale face.

"Xiao Nan, I was joking that night. Don't take it to heart."

Xu Nan looked at Qi Ke and smiled for the first time.

"I've been waiting for this from you."

Three weeks later, Xu Nan was discharged from the hospital safely. They continued their college life as if nothing had happened. Even though they both knew it had always existed.

Qi Ke had never met Liu Chen, but he could clearly describe his features that night. Xu Nan knew that night was not a joke on her; but Qi Ke did not know that the biggest reason for Xu Nan's mental trance It was on her third day in the hospital that she received a call from her high school monitor.

"Xiao Nan, Liu Chen is dead. They said he was electrocuted four nights ago when he went to the classroom to continue the physics experiment after answering a phone call…"

The night four days ago was the night when I broke up with Liu Chen…

"I have been waiting for you for twenty years." The girl in the white skirt sat directly in front of Qi Ke, facing her. After hearing this, Qi Ke no longer ignored the girl. She gave up her conversation with Xu Nan, sat upright, and said to the void in front of her,

"If anything happens, we'll talk about it tonight."

"…" Xu Nan saw that Qi Ke's expression was wrong and did not answer.

Qi Ke looked at the girl in front of her who could see no one but her and said with tears,

"Thank you."

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After saying that, the girl disappeared. Qi Ke lowered his head and looked at the textbook he placed on the desk and fell into deep thought.

Probably since he was six years old, Qi Ke discovered that he could see certain things that others could not. That day was in September. When she broke up with her playmates and agreed to see her again at the door tomorrow, she heard wailing inside the house.

"Hey, Xiaoke, your grandma passed away."

Grandma has been ill since a year ago and has a brain tumor. She remained in bed for more than a year before passing away in circumstances that her family never expected. Unexpectedly, Qi Ke pointed to the place where people gathered and knelt in the middle of the lobby and replied childishly to his neighbor,

"Isn't my grandma there?"

The neighbor who heard her words looked towards where she was pointing and touched Qi Ke's head.

"…It's just a corpse." After saying that, he left.

Qi Ke stared at her grandma who was standing next to her father and looking at her, and whispered,

"Grandma, how can you get out of bed?" She walked into her father. I stretched out my hand to hold grandma's hand, but I only missed it! Qi Ke looked at her grandma who was smiling at her.


The father heard his daughter's muttering and pulled Qi Ke to his knees on the ground. Only then did Qi Ke realize that grandma was lying quietly on the mat on the ground. When Qi Ke came back to his senses and looked at his father, there was no trace of grandma…

Twelve years passed quietly like this. Nothing like this happened again in these twelve years, which made Qi Ke think that he was wrong. And when it comes to the incident about Xu Nan in freshman year and the person she meets now…

Qi Ke rang in the bathroom for a long time. Why did something like this happen after so long? Why did that girl say she had been waiting for her for twenty years? What on earth does she want to do!

"Xiao Ke? Are you okay?" The shout outside the door brought Qi Ke back to reality.

"No, it's okay."

"You scared me to death! Why are you so slow today! You've been in for forty minutes. I thought you fainted in there…"

"Oh, I got it. It's almost over!"

Qi Ke speeded up her washing. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Xu Nan who was waiting anxiously outside and the girl in a white dress standing behind her!

"Ah!" Qi Ke screamed in fright when he saw the girl smiling at her behind Xu Nan.

"What's your name! Don't be so surprised!"

"No, it's nothing. It's just that you suddenly appeared outside the door and scared me."

"What's so sudden? I've been waiting at the door for a long time."

"Okay, okay, you go and wash up." Qi Ke pushed Xu Nan into the bathroom and closed the door. He said to Xu Nan who had already entered the bathroom, "Xiao Nan, I went out in advance. Don't go out to look for me." I."

"Qi Ke, where are you going?" Xu Nan opened the door and asked outside, but unexpectedly Qi Ke had already ran out.

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"Don't worry, I won't harm your friend." The girl assured Qi Ke, who followed her to the rooftop of the third floor of the classroom.

"Tell me, what do you need my help with?" Qi Ke leaned against the railing and looked at the girl warily.

"You are the person I have been waiting to see for the first time in this school for twenty years."


Before Qi Ke could reply, the girl seemed to have not spoken for a long time. She turned her back to Qi Ke and sighed quietly, then said, "My name is Wu Xuan. I was a student of this school twenty years ago. I come from a rural area. The college students came out. My family and the people in the village were very happy, and I came to this university with great expectations.”

"However, because of my family background, I have always only focused on studying. At that time, I thought that as long as I studied hard, I would always be discovered by others, and there would be a good future waiting for me. In my sophomore year, I met the then The president of the student union, he is very smart and nice, and I got together with him soon.”

"Because of my low self-esteem, I didn't feel like I was good enough for him and didn't let many people know. I guess only my best friend Hu Fei knew about it. I loved him and I got pregnant before I graduated."

"…" The girl paused as if something had been touched.

"What happened next?" Qi Ke couldn't help but ask.

"Later? Hahaha. So what! He was so good, but just when I was about to tell him that I was pregnant with his child, he told me that he was going to break up with me because he had found his true love."

"I agreed. On this rooftop, I asked him to go downstairs first. Just as he walked out of the building, I jumped down. I lay at his feet. He really deserves to be the 'student union president' 'The name! He left calmly and I kept staring at him."

After listening to the girl's narration, Qi Ke immediately broke away from the railing. She slowly looked downstairs, as if the scene was really happening.

"It's right here." The girl's words came out in Qi Ke's ears.

Before Qi Ke could reach Yuan Li's railing, a pair of hands seemed to push her out of the railing. She lost gravity and fell rapidly.

"Do you want to know who he is?"

The girl's last words were transmitted into Qi Ke's heart from the void.

"Ah!" A horrified cry came from the mouth of the girl on the hospital bed. The stimulation of the remaining images in her mind forced the girl to sit up straight. At this time, another girl who was in the ward immediately rushed out of the ward and found the doctor.

"Doctor, how is she?"

"It's okay. The fact that she wakes up now means that she has passed the critical period. The main thing now is to take good care of her body."

"Thank you, doctor."

"But to be honest, she was lucky that she didn't get any injuries after falling from the third floor." The doctor left after checking.

Looking at her good friend in a daze on the hospital bed, the girl who had been taking care of her friend couldn't help but have red eyes.

"Xuanxuan, don't be sad. The hospital will not tell the school about the child."

It seemed that after hearing something, the originally distracted eyes on the hospital bed had condensed together. She grabbed the girl who just spoke and asked,

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"Xuanxuan? Child?"

"What's wrong with you? Don't scare me! When you get better, we'll go find Qi Mo to settle the score together!"

"Qi Mo?" Such a familiar name! She let go of the girl's hand, closed her eyes, and gently touched her temples. How is this going? Why in the hospital? Who is this girl? Why isn't Xiao Nan here?

"Xiao Nan…" As if remembering something, the girl opened her eyes. correct! I was pushed down by "her"! He is not dead yet! He is——Qi Ke! She turned to the girl next to her and asked.

"You called me Xuanxuan?"

"What's wrong?"

"My name is…Wu Xuan?"

"Are you…I'm going to find a doctor!" His hand was held.

"No, just answer my questions!"


"Am I Wu Xuan?"


"Are you… Hu Fei?"

The other party nodded.

"Quick, help me to the bathroom!" Qi Ke, who was called Wu Xuan, immediately got off the hospital bed, and Hu Fei hurriedly supported him.

Qi Ke looked at himself in the mirror and smiled bitterly. She carefully touched her current cheek. This was clearly the girl she saw before! how so! She quickly calmed down.

"Do you want to know who he is?"

The last words the girl said suddenly came to mind, and Qi Ke asked, thinking of Hu Fei beside him.

"Do you have any photos of me and him?"

"It's in the bag, I'll get it."

After Qi Ke took the photo from Hu Fei, he pushed Hu Fei out of the bathroom and locked the door. Ignoring the calls from people outside, she held the photo in her hand under the light to identify it carefully.

"Wu Xuan's" shocked expression was clearly revealed in the mirror.

Qi Ke forgot her father’s name before he accidentally saw it on the household registration book.


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