The Finale, Chapter 30, Isolated And Helpless

It was the cold stream that woke me up. When I woke up. Already lying between two rocks full of water lilies. Behind it is a small cliff. A stream formed by rainwater flows down the cliff. Straight into my face.

The stream was very cold, and my hands and feet were almost numb. It was not the first time for me to wake up in this state. I knew everything would get better in a few minutes, but I couldn't do nothing. I tried hard to move my arms and legs. My body slowly responded, and then I tried to move a few times, and finally stood up.

It was already dawn, and there was a mist all around. This is where?

I got up and rubbed my body hard to increase blood circulation. Slowly I warmed up. My thinking became clearer, and I immediately noticed something was wrong around me – the quilt here was completely different from what it looked like before I was knocked unconscious.

Damn it, that bastard yesterday, I don’t seem to have the strength to shout out the resentment in my heart.

"Unfortunately, you are not as important as you think. On the way to the underworld, guess who I am!" I almost immediately remembered his last words and thought to myself, what does this mean?

If he was someone I didn't know at all, he wouldn't have said that. Do I still know him?

A tough ghost on the road_A tough ghost on the road_A tough ghost with a golden body

My mind was in turmoil. I suddenly realized that I should have torn off his mask as soon as possible. I should have been able to cut it off with a knife.

I remembered who told me that using a human skin mask to disguise yourself as another person is not a panacea. First of all, the person you want to disguise must be somewhat similar to you. Sanshu Lu Zhonghugui , or Jie Lianlian, and I are related by blood and have basically similar facial shapes, so it is possible to disguise ourselves very similarly. otherwise. It is impossible to disguise yourself as someone with the exact same face shape.

I couldn't figure out who he was, and the pain and coldness all over my body prevented me from thinking deeply. Judging from that man's skill, he was not a particularly strong person. But his skills are at least much better than mine.

I looked around. What I was in must be a mountain stream that had dried up for a long time, and the ground was covered with pebbles the size of a fist. Weeds grew among the pebbles. Because of the humid climate in the mountains, all the stones are covered with a thick layer of tartar. A small stream of water flowing down from the cliff seeped under the pebbles. The sound of water flow could be heard, but the water could not be seen.

I looked at the trees around me – the trunks were also covered with moss, a thick layer. The humidity in this place is completely different from where I was knocked unconscious.

A tough ghost on the road_A tough ghost with a golden body_A tough ghost novel

Have I been taken far away?

I still have bouts of headaches and dizziness, but my health is indeed much better than before, thanks to the various blows I suffered during this period. Attack this thing, as long as it doesn't knock people down and kill them. It's always helpful to people. I found a relatively large stone to sit down on, and touched my face a little worriedly:

Actually, I didn’t want to touch my face, I wanted to touch my mask. I knew that the man was a killer , but because the fat man was nearby, the guy couldn’t make much noise, otherwise I I can't wake up now. But even if I didn't die, those injuries on my face must be something I couldn't deal with.

The emotion in my heart is very strange. I don't know whether I want this mask to break or the other way around. In short, there are two ideas. The only good thing about this mask is that it got me here with a lot of people, but then. It seemed to cause me nothing but trouble.

When I touched it with my hand, I realized how severe it was. When I touched the area where I was hit, I felt extreme pain. My face must have been completely bruised inside. But the surface of the mask was not damaged at all.

A tough ghost with a golden body_A tough ghost on the road_A tough ghost novel

It seems that it is not that easy to escape from such a life. This mask should take every possible factor into consideration.

The mask covered my face, so I couldn't treat the wound, but it didn't seem too serious to the touch. There was no stream and I couldn't look in the mirror, so I had to give up and figure out where this place was.

I walked along the cliff, and slowly the cliff became shorter. I found a place where I could use my strength to climb up, and found that there was a very steep slope above. The weird thing is. There are almost no trees on the slope, only some small shrubs. This is a mudslide. It should have been caused by a mudslide accident in recent years.

I should have rolled down this slope. I moved my hands and feet, and was surprised that my body didn't fall apart after rolling down like this. But I discovered it after a while. I had very uncomfortable pain all over my body.

Unlike a normal bruise, I know this is the pain of a bone injury. It's just that my body has not fully recovered and is still cold. After a while, all kinds of injuries will appear. Maybe I can't even walk.

_The Fierce Ghost on the Road

I leaned against the tree and looked at the surrounding environment. I could probably imagine what the scene was like last night. The place where I stayed yesterday must be above this slope. After I was knocked unconscious by that bastard, he must have pushed me down directly and rolled me to the bottom of a small cliff.I can't tell whether he is

Do you want to kill me?But obviously he doesn't want Fatty to find me again

There was no such steep slope next to the place where Fatty and I interrogated him yesterday. It seemed that he still dragged me for a while. My chances of finding Fatty when I go back are probably very low.

I raised my legs and started to walk up the slope, stopping and walking. After walking for more than an hour, I found that the plants started to look familiar. It seemed that there was still a long distance to the top of the slope. I couldn't walk anymore. I looked down. , in fact, it didn’t go very far. The slope is really too steep and it's really hard to walk.

The last section was a steep slope of nearly 90 degrees. I almost had to use my hands and feet to climb up it. Fortunately, this section was only a few meters long. After I climbed up, I found that there was a gentle slope at the top, and the trees suddenly grew taller and were surrounded by vines. Tangled with shrubs, there was almost no room to walk.

_The Fierce Ghost on the Road

The sun was getting stronger and stronger. I leaned under a tree and was illuminated by the sun. I felt that all the pain was infinitely magnified. Some places hurt beyond words and after walking for so long, I didn’t have much strength left in my body.

Don’t break any bones, I prayed in my heart. A broken bone in such a place would mean death. It would be better if only a few ribs were broken.

Thinking about it. I suddenly wanted to laugh. Thinking back to various experiences in the past few years, this is not the first time I have encountered such an embarrassing scene. Now that he has behaved this way again, his calmness is far greater than his panic. I felt like a fly that had been beaten countless times without dying. At the end of the day, I suddenly realized that my problem was not why I didn't die, but why I still stayed here after being beaten like this. Below this beat.

But at least I don’t want to be beaten to death here. I said to myself, God has crippled me so many times, and he definitely didn’t want me to end up here.

After taking a short nap, I gritted my teeth and stood up again. I almost knelt on the ground to look for the small traces left by the friction that caused the shrubs to break. I searched bit by bit in the shrubs until I found the sunset in the evening. It seemed that he had asked about the place where he and the fat man interrogated the boy before.

We came at night, and there was nothing special about the place that I could remember. Now I have no impression at all, and of course I didn’t notice the fat man.

I didn't stop and continued to recall, trying to find the place where the foreigners' team camped; there were bonfires and domestic garbage there. If I find those things, I can determine the location of other places.

However, I don't know which link is the problem. This time, no matter how carefully I look for it based on my memory, and no matter how carefully I look for traces of broken bushes, I find nothing.

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