"The Taboo Of Tattoos" True Supernatural Stories Read Online

1. From a numerological point of view, people with a strong body in their horoscope can get tattoos. No matter male or female, a person with a prosperous body means that he is stronger. A strong person can withstand pressure, which means that he can withstand the pressure that the pattern on the tattoo will put on you. At least, he will not be hurt by the tattoo. You bring disaster. Accordingly, people with weak bodies must not get tattoos, especially large areas of tattoos on their bodies. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive and bring stress, trouble, or even disaster to themselves.

2. In terms of body shape, tall and healthy people can get tattoos. If you are tall and healthy and have a strong endurance, generally tattoos will not bring disaster to you. People who are thin and short should try not to get tattoos because their bodies are not strong. You will not be able to bear the pressure that tattoos bring to you, especially large-area tattoos, which are taboo and can easily lead to hardship. You must be careful. The pattern and color of the tattoo should be based on the five elements of numerology. There are "Shen Monkey" and "Si Snake" in the five elements of numerology. It doesn't matter if you have a Year Pillar, Moon Pillar, Sun Pillar, or Hour Pillar ghost Rakshasa tattoo. , it is best not to have these tigers tattooed anywhere on your body; lions , ghosts, Rakshasa tattoos , leopards, these are all tiger series, because according to the zodiac, "the tiger sees the snake and moves like a knife, and the tiger and monkey want to fight." These are likely to be bad for your health and more likely to harm your luck.

Also, if your horoscope contains "Rabbit" and "Dog", whether it is the Year Pillar, the Month Pillar, the Sun Pillar or the Hour Pillar, it is best not to get tattoos of dragons and eagles, because in terms of zodiac signs, when dragons are seen Rabbits don't last long.

The Dragon and the Dog meet each other constantly, the Rabbit and the Chicken meet as enemies, and the Dog and the Chicken do not get along with each other, etc., etc., we have to be careful, there are also tattoos such as Guan Yu’s broadsword, God of Wealth, Eagle, Buddha, Phoenix, etc. Many patterns, etc., have their own particularities, so it is not convenient to go into details here.

Taboos on the Five Elements of Tattoos Everyone has their own Taboos on the Five Elements. If the Five Elements are in conflict with each other, it will lead to hardships, so be careful.

1. If you are afraid of gold in numerology, it is best not to get tattoos of monkeys; do not get tattoos of eagles, swords, or knives on your body, otherwise there will be disaster.

2. If you are afraid of wood in numerology, don’t get tattoos of tigers, lions, or leopards, or tattoos of tigers on your body, because tigers are wood and can easily overwhelm yourself and bring pressure to yourself.

3. People whose numerology is afraid of water or earth should not get dragon tattoos on their bodies, let alone wolf tattoos.

4. People who are afraid of fire in their numerology should not get tattoos of horses or snakes on their bodies, because snakes and horses are the five elements of fire and will harm themselves.

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