Ghost Story: Counterfeit Fifty Dollar Bill

Warning: This story is purely fictitious, do not read it if you are timid, otherwise you will be responsible for all the consequences.

It was night, nearly eleven o'clock, and everything was surprisingly quiet. It was so quiet that the taxi driver Xiao Wang could only hear his own heartbeat. The car parked under an old banyan tree at the three-way intersection. He huddled in the car, maybe because he was too sleepy, and his upper and lower eyelids couldn't help but fight.

However, how could he sleep in such a place and at such a time? What was even more terrible was that he had received a counterfeit fifty yuan bill a quarter of an hour ago, which made him quite annoyed.

He neatly took out a cigarette from the cigarette case in front of the steering wheel, lit it, and took a deep breath. Cigarettes are really a good thing, they can relieve difficulties and relieve worries.

Of course, as the wife at home said, he is most efficient only when smoking cigarettes. It’s better to finish the last order and spend these damn counterfeit coins! Thinking of this, Xiao Wang turned on all the car lights. The night became confusing in the interweaving of lights from far and near. From time to time, a few dead leaves flew up in the distance, and a few birds chirped feebly. The night was simply suffocating.

At this time, there was the sound of high heels clicking. Just when Xiao Wang was imagining what kind of romantic encounter he would have tonight, the sound of high heels suddenly disappeared.

The night was eerily quiet. Xiao Wang already felt that something was wrong with the question, the nerves on his face began to tremble, and a slight cold sweat broke out on his forehead. Master, go to the Second City Hospital. A very cold voice sounded behind Xiao Wang's head. That voice, she, was sitting in the back seat at some point. Xiao Wang answered without hesitation, "Fifty yuan without counteroffer or clock." The woman in the back seat of the car didn't say anything, but took out an old man's head and handed it to the front.

Xiao Wang took the banknote, his hands began to shake, and he unconsciously handed the counterfeit banknote to the woman's hand. The night is so beautiful that it makes people drool. The car arrived at the Second City Hospital twenty minutes later. The woman opened the door and got out of the car. Just as she turned around, Xiao Wang's head began to grow bigger, cold sweat ran down his back, his hands and feet began to tremble violently, he yelled, subconsciously stepped on the accelerator, and the car started to fly as if on stimulants.

What did he see? The author doesn't know either, because dead people cannot speak. It was already twelve o'clock when Xiao Wang got home. Wang's wife felt terribly distressed when she saw him like that. She quickly poured the food that had been cold for a long time back into the pot and brought a towel to wipe her husband's sweat, because Xiao Wang looked like he had just finished taking a sauna.

After a long time, Xiao Wang's first words after returning home emerged from the cracks in Xiao Wang's mouth, "Honey, I've hit a ghost." Xiao Yi, the young wife of the silent wealthy family, is dead , silent as death. Then Xiao Wang told his wife what he saw and heard, and Wang's wife's expression was bizarrely exaggerated in the story.

After the story was told, the two couldn't help but hold each other's hands and cry, wondering why what was shown on TV happened to them! But crying can't solve the problem. As a woman, Wang's wife became unusually calm. She shook her almond-shaped eyes and said to her husband, "I heard from my grandma that people who hit ghosts put on their slippers upside down and looked in the mirror at twelve o'clock in the middle of the night. They know how to see Go and try what you will look like after death! Xiao Wang behaved very obediently at this time, because he is a human being, and everyone is afraid of ghosts. Twelve o'clock arrived soon. Xiao Wang got ready according to his wife's instructions, singing "Uneasy" in his heart and went to the mirror.

Fortunately, he was still so handsome and handsome in the mirror, but looked slightly tired. Wife, I'm fine! Xiao Wang was so happy that he turned around and hugged his wife. He was as excited as if he had won the first prize of a double color ball. Wang's wife also slowly breathed a sigh of relief, comforting her husband for worrying too much. Not long after the young couple left the frame, a person suddenly appeared on the mirror. No, to be precise, it should be a dead man named Xiao Yi, the young wife of a wealthy family . A dead man with burst eyes and blood all over his body.

This life can be saved, but I always feel that something is wrong. In the end, after discussion, the young couple decided to go to the Second City Hospital to have a look. The car drove to the "City No. 2 Hospital", but the old janitor told them that this place had already been converted into a morgue. The little king's head started to explode with a "buzz" sound. He grabbed the old man and asked, did a woman come in last night? The old man was very happy and said, I am the only living person here, how can any woman come? Xiao Wang briefly described the woman to the old man. The old man hesitated for a moment and replied, are you talking about the female doctor who had her head stabbed with a steel bar last week? Oh, what a tragic death. She used to work at the No. 2 Hospital in the city. Because her eldest brother ran away due to gambling debts, the creditor vented his hatred on this girl. What a good girl! After saying this, the old man couldn't help but burst into tears. Hearing that the young couple was unhappy, they panicked and claimed that it was the girl's relatives who wanted to identify the body. Seeing that the two of them looked kind, the old man let them in.

The morgue is indeed not a place for living people. Although these corpses are taken care of meticulously by the old man, probably because some corpses have been left for too long, a disgusting stench wafts out from under the white cloth from time to time. The king's wife held on to her husband's waist tightly. She wouldn't have come to a place like this if she wasn't worried about her husband! When they turned to the last room, they finally saw the woman. Her eyes are tightly closed, her eyebrows are drawn very carefully, she has an oval face, and her skin is very fair and tender. No matter how high-end cosmetics are used, it’s probably impossible to achieve such skin. That little cherry mouth is really beautiful! Naturally, you can't see anything below the head because it's covered tightly with white cloth. Any man would like such a woman, and Xiao Wang is also a man, so he also likes her.

Wang's wife obviously felt the heat in her husband's eyes and pinched him. Xiao Wang screamed "Ah"! Wang's wife thought she was pinching her husband and was about to pinch him again. At this time, a strange feeling arose in her heart. She followed her husband's eyes and saw a scene that she would never forget in her life. I saw that the woman's eyes widened at some point, holding a blue note in her hand, and blood was dripping from the back of her head. Squeak… The female corpse was sitting up with difficulty, and the blood flowing from the back of her head began to flow faster and faster. Slowly, slowly, it moved, moved, closer to Xiao Wang and his wife… This young couple seemed to be under a restraining spell. , motionless there.

Then they both fainted… When they woke up, the old man was next to them. The old man asked strangely, why did you all faint? Xiao Wang couldn't answer, he just said, I only remember one sentence, give me my money back, and give you your fake fifty! Then I didn’t know anything… After leaving the morgue, Xiao Wang drove his wife speeding down the road, his heart beating wildly.

At this time, Wang's wife was congratulating herself and her husband on surviving the accident. Xiao Wang rear-ended a large truck full of steel bars, and a steel bar penetrated directly into the back of his head… A week later, late at night, a man in his thirties was killed. The woman supported a man who seemed to be drunk, stopped a taxi, and said quietly, go to the Second City Hospital.

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