Taste Of Ghosts Reviews Three Meats

This is to prevent mice from stealing his food and wine. Although Su Sanhao sold three pieces of meat less, she was very happy in her heart, and bought wine from Lao Hai to take home to drink. Lao Hai shouted to Xiao Lian who was on the counter: “Cook this piece of meat quickly, and then bring us some wine. Remember to get that jar of new wine! After a while, Xiao Lian brought the wine and cooked the meat. The two of us Just drink it. Lao Hai’s new wine is indeed very fragrant, and the two of them drank a little more without realizing it. Usually he doesn’t do anything serious, just wanders around all day, and is a playboy. Mr. Hu said flatly: “It’s just A little injury, I just gouged out three pieces of flesh on my leg with a knife. … Continue readingTaste Of Ghosts Reviews Three Meats