Taoist Tai Chi Yin Yang Fist 074 Yinmenxu

The yellow spots on the body are cadaveric spots, which appear only after death. However, the old lama has passed away for more than 20 years. Because the Kunlun sacred tree protects his body, it will not rot. Now that the sacred tree has been opened, this change has occurred. I saw Mao Zi tremblingly putting his hand into the coffin, and the astonishment in his eyes suddenly calmed down. He gently stroked the old lama's body in the coffin, then turned around and said to Tieguai Li: "Come here, I have something to say to you."

The face of the old lama in the coffin was completely covered by corpse spots and began to turn brown. His golden cassock gradually turned into pieces of cloth. Mao Zi looked at us, with a trace of peace in his eyes, and said: "I don't have much time left. I must tell you something…"

"Master…" Tieguai Li just spoke, and the old lama waved his hand to interrupt him, and continued: "I can stand here and talk to you. I think you have also noticed some misunderstandings. In fact, I have already died. ”

"Master, aren't you standing here properly?" Tieguai Li said.

The old lama shook his head repeatedly and said: "I have been occupying the benefactor's body for almost half an hour. When the fire dragon's white beard spiritual power recedes, I will dissipate…"

The old lama said that he was able to possess Maozi because of chance. Maozi sucked the fire dragon Baibeard, and the whitebeard and the old lama's body depended on the Kunlun sacred tree, which already preserved the old lama's memory. As for this memory, the old lama continued to elaborate. He said that these fire dragons and white beards were brought back from the Western Regions by Yuan Tiangang thousands of years ago. After his death, he chose a piece of pure land for himself, which is where we are staying now. Before Yuan Tiangang died, he calculated that someone would sneak into his tomb in a thousand years and try to steal the imperial seal, so he set up the Three Evil Formation of the Yinmen inside, which is also known as the Kunlun Demon. Trees, Buddhist temples, stone ants. In order to prevent the secret of the Imperial Seal from disappearing forever, Yuan Tiangang planted dragon fruit in his Kunlun sacred wood coffin so that future generations could discover the secret of the Imperial Seal from his only remaining memory.

Fire Dragon White Beard has the spiritual power to identify evil things. Like the corpse vine on the Kunlun Demon Tree, he can store people's thoughts. It's just that Fire Dragon White Beard is slightly better. It can store all the memories, but the only flaw is that it won't last too long. From what the old lama said, Yuan Tiangang should be buried in the coffin. How could it be the old lama? It turns out that there is another legendary story in it.

Thirty years ago, the Lama Temple ushered in the wonderful scene of Kunlun where "Tai Chi returned to ruins". Taiji Guixu is the Yinmenxu mentioned in the Yin-Yang theory, which is the entrance to the underworld. The old lama, who was about sixty years old at that time, also witnessed this spectacle with his own eyes. They saw many ghosts appearing in Yin Yang Ruins, and they kept showing their teeth and claws, but they couldn't escape. At this moment, a red thing suddenly emerged from the ghost shadow. This thing looked like a monkey.

The monks in the Lama Temple suddenly panicked when they saw the ghost in Yinmen Ruins. However, the red monkey seemed to be caught by a ghost at the entrance of Yinmen Market, and it made bursts of chirping calls for help. The old lama had a compassionate heart, so he grabbed the red monkey. At the moment when the monkey was pulled out of the Yinmen Ruins, Tai Chi Guixu and the ghosts suddenly disappeared, and the red monkey also turned into a phantom and disappeared in the vast snow at that moment.

The old lama suddenly shuddered and found that he was sitting in the Zen room at this moment. It turned out that he just had a fresh dream. Deep in his heart, he vaguely felt that something big was going to happen in the Lama Temple. That night, the old lama was meditating and chanting sutras in the Zen room as usual. Suddenly he felt a shaking. He thought it was an earthquake or something. After a while, after the earthquake subsided, a stone tablet appeared in the sky in the temple, with the words "Tiangang's righteousness and pure wind will spread forever".

With the stone tablet appearing in the sky and the Yinmen Ruins during the day, the Lama Temple suddenly fell into a panic, and some monks who were greedy for life and feared death left the Lama Temple at that moment. The old lama felt extremely lost. However, when he was alone in the Zen room, a group of red things suddenly appeared. The old lama was shocked, isn't this the monkey in the Yinmen Ruins? Why are you here?

The monkey was not afraid of him, but kept jumping around him. This monkey is very smart and very spiritual. When the old lama fell ill, the monkey brought back a fiery red fruit from nowhere, and he motioned for the old lama to eat the fruit. At that time, the old lama didn't know it was dragon fruit, so he ate it in a daze. At that time, he felt a burning sensation in his stomach, and then lost consciousness. When he woke up again, it was already seven days later.

The old lama suddenly became energetic. He was very curious about where the monkey brought the fruit. The monkey seemed to have a tact with him. Before the old lama could speak, he went straight under the altar of the lama temple. There is a damaged area under the Buddhist altar. The old lama had planned to repair the damaged area before, but because the temple did not have enough money for incense, he put it aside.

The old lama was very happy. This Buddhist altar had always stood in the middle of the temple and had never been moved. The monkey got into the damaged gap and never came out. Out of curiosity, the old lama took a hoe and started digging. He suddenly discovered a black hole under the Buddhist altar. At this moment, the monkey appeared in front of him again. The old lama was overjoyed and followed the monkey to the tomb. When he first came in, he was shocked by everything in front of him. The monkey signaled him to open the coffin. How could the old lama do such an immoral thing out of compassion, so he flatly refused the monkey.

However, at this moment, the monkey suddenly slammed his head against the coffin. The old lama was shocked, thinking that the monkey wanted to commit suicide, so he stepped forward to stop it. Unexpectedly, by chance, a wisp of white beard from the fire dragon in the coffin got into the old lama's breath. The old lama was in the same situation as Mao Zi, and some inexplicable scenes began to appear in his memory. From that moment on, the old lama completely gave up and became Yuan Tiangang through and through. With Yuan Tiangang's ability to discern the secrets of heaven, the old lama kept the secret of the national seal and stayed in the lamasery.

Another year passed, and the empty temple welcomed the first batch of herbal merchants from other places. They say they are businessmen, but in fact they are just thieves under the pretext of gathering medicinal herbs. There is no unventilated wall in the world. Those thieves may have heard about the wonders of Yinmen Ruins here, so they wanted to come and make a fortune. Anyone who knows a little bit about the theory of Yin and Yang knows that the Yinmen Ruins are the place where Yin and Yang overthrow. They are known as the "Yinmen" and must contain treasures.

The old lama had long expected that such a disaster would happen, but the group of thieves were too arrogant and tied up the old lama grandly. Finally, they began to excavate the entire temple, and finally they reached the entrance to the tomb. More than ten of them all went in, but in the end no one came out alive.

When the old lama said this, he couldn't help but look at the blackened skeleton under the jade pillar and said: "They were all confused by the treasure burial pit on the surface of the tomb, so they were poisoned one after another."

Hearing this, I couldn't help but tremble in my heart. Fortunately, Maozi and I were not careful enough to strike the gold, otherwise we would have been poisoned and died by now. The old lama continued: "I thought the matter would be settled, but who knew that half a month later, another group of people came…"

When the old lama said this, his eyes fell on Tieguai Li. Tieguai Li was surprised: "That group of people are…us?"

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