short Ghost Story

★ Anatomist

You will feel bored after doing any job for a long time. Most people are struggling in jobs that they don’t love or are not interested in. They are unhappy, but they are forced to make a living, so this is likely to happen. When looking at others with very envious eyes, it is very likely that the person being observed feels exhausted.

But there are always a few people who are very passionate about their profession, even to the point of being crazy. He or she often disdains worldly eyes and engages in work that is unimaginable or disgusting to ordinary people. Just like a female forensic doctor named Wei Jia whom Ji Yan introduced to me.

Forensic medicine was called Yi Zuo in ancient times. At that time, most people who engaged in this profession were shunned by others. It is no wonder that people who deal with dead people all year round always make people feel disgusting or ominous. This concern still exists today. And female forensic doctors are probably an alternative among alternatives.

To be honest, this girl is quite beautiful. You can't imagine that her slender, beautiful and white fingers will control a bright knife to cut and scratch on a piece of dead flesh. Some people say that women are more ruthless than men, and women studying medicine are the most ruthless among women. I don’t know if Wei Jia is ruthless or not, but the blame is definitely there.

She has had several boyfriends, and such a young and beautiful girl naturally has no shortage of suitors, but every time they seem to end up in vain. The first one was said to be an athlete with a strong body. Every time Wei Jia saw him, he would sweep his eyes around, and his resentful eyes gave him chills for a long time. Finally, Wei Jia said slowly, you have a good frame. The later ones disappeared like the plague as soon as they learned about her profession.

I couldn't help but laugh when Ji Yan told me about this. Maybe it was a professional reaction. Girls who study medicine are always considered different by others. I also had a classmate in medical school before. She came to my dormitory to look for me. It was summer, and there was a classmate inside who was only wearing underwear. When a girl came in, he immediately looked for pants to wear. As a result, my classmate immediately said: "Tsk, it's not like I haven't seen this before. It was soaked in formalin in the specimen room, and it swelled like a radish." As a result, everyone in the dormitory stopped talking, so I had to take her out immediately.

But Wei Jia is a girl after all. No matter what career she pursues, she will be like most women in the future. Taking on two careers – wife and mother. But she seems to be in trouble recently. It started with a phone call she made to me.

I was quite surprised when I received the call, because after all, I had only seen her a few times with disgusting pictures of dead rats . If anything happened, she should have called Ji Yan. I'm not confident enough to be able to seduce a beautiful woman through just a few meetings.

"Do you have time? I want to talk to you alone." Wei Jia's tone was very calm, but there was a hint of command. I looked at the time and saw that there was still half an hour before submission.

"In one hour, okay?" I decided to go see her after finishing the final version. Wei Jia agreed.

An hour later I saw her in front of the bookstore we had arranged for. Today she was wearing a beige windbreaker with her long hair hanging behind her. I saw many men passing by her and couldn't help but look back. It is true that her appearance and height are enough to attract many people. Of course, if they knew Wei Jia's profession, it would be a big deal.

"You're on time." Wei Jia smiled, like a split tomato, her white face turned red.

"Aren't you careful to block the wind? Don't girls pay attention to skin care?" I joked.

"It doesn't matter, who should I show it to for maintenance?"

"What's the matter?" I asked her. Wei Jia seemed a little embarrassed to speak.

"Let's find a place to sit and chat first."

We came to the reception seats inside the bookstore. Then Wei Jia began to describe slowly. At first I thought it was just a girl who wanted to talk to me about some troubles, but after listening to it, I felt that was not the case anymore.

"I don't know where to start talking about the disgusting pictures of dead mice . It's like a disease, and it's getting worse." She inserted her left hand into her black hair, and her slender fingers were in the hair. , I suddenly felt that it looked like bones that had been dug up from the cemetery.

"Actually, when I applied for medical school, I knew that I had no interest in treating diseases and saving lives. I was even afraid that I would kill my patients during surgery. So I signed up for the forensic medicine major. At least I would be able to face the problems in the future All are dead.

I was twelve years old when I first realized I was different from others. That time I went to school with breakfast. My home was in the center of the city. Every time I went to school, I would pass through a busy intersection. The equipment there was very rudimentary but the traffic volume was huge. My parents were busy and rarely had time to pick up and drop off. I always tell you to be careful when walking there because people are often killed at that intersection.

But I saw it that day.

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