Chapter 74 Tai Chi Earth Egg

After two days of breathing and healing, the meridians of Wu Daoming and Wuming Shitai have been completely opened, and their skills have returned to their original state. Zhu Biao had been crying for the past two days and was waiting carefully, hoping that they would find the child as soon as possible after they recovered from their injuries.

This morning, Wu Daoming sat cross-legged on the bed, feeling refreshed and bursting into laughter.

The master's wife got out of bed and asked sleepily: "Brother Tao, what are you laughing at?" They had already lived together since they came back from Linggu Cave two days ago.

Wu Daoming said: "Junior sister, I'm thinking, today we can go to Tai Chi Yin Hao." Since living together, Wu Daoming changed the name of his teacher to junior sister.

The master asked in surprise: "Didn't you promise Wu Chushan that you would not use Tai Chi Yin Hao privately, and the child has not been found yet."

Wu Daoming laughed and said: "Yes, Wu promised Wu Chushan not to use the Tai Chi Yin Hao privately, but he did not say not to take the Tai Chi earth eggs. That was a token of love given by Wu to his junior sister."

The teacher's wife "shushed", her face turned red, her expression seemed dissatisfied, but she was extremely happy in her heart.

After breakfast, Wu Daoming took a sack and a hoe and went up the mountain with Shitai.

"Where are you going? Do you want me to accompany you?" Zhu Biao asked in surprise.

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"No need, let's go to the mountains for a walk and dig some herbs to heal our wounds." Wu Daoming said.

Zhu Biao didn't dare to say anything. Seeing that they were far away, he followed quietly. Since two days ago, he had felt that something was wrong. He also said that living in the same room was easier for healing, but he heard something in the middle of the night. But it was not the sound that should be made for healing, but the sound of love between a man and a woman. Both he and Shen Caihua had made similar sounds before, so this could not fool him.

Zhu Biao stared at the back from a distance. He knew not to get too close. Fortunately, he was familiar with the terrain and could not lose his target even if he went around in circles. Otherwise, with the skills of Mr. Wu and Shitai, they would definitely be discovered.

Wu Daoming and his teacher happily walked through the bamboo forest, talking as they walked. Neither of them noticed Zhu Biao who was following them from a distance.

Zhu Biao watched their every move wholeheartedly, but also ignored what was behind him. There were two people following him looming in sight.

In front of Linggu Cave, Wu Daoming and Master Tai stopped and looked around. Finally, they made sure that no one was there, and then got into the bushes.

In the halo of Tai Chi, those golden-headed turtles are still there. The baby turtles are playing on the ground, crawling over and over. The mother turtle is lying next to it and watching quietly. Everything seems so leisurely and peaceful.

"Be careful! The golden-headed turtle's breath is very powerful. It's strange. I used the yin and yang cone to seal their blood vessels. After a few days, the cone automatically merged with the flesh and blood, permanently closing its meridians. Now it looks like they are It doesn't seem to be affected. Alas, it has to be re-shot. Unfortunately, only the vaginal cone is available." Wu Daoming said in surprise. He stretched out his hand to put his hand into the gear, reluctantly grabbed it, opened his palm and asked, "Can the Water Demon God have a divine dragon cover?" , only a few three or two hairs. It turns out that the vaginal cone has been basically used up, and there is not much left.

Capturing the thief first captured the king. Wu Daoming used his true energy to blow out a cone and shoot it at the golden-headed female turtle.

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The cone lost its usual sharp sound of breaking through the air, and its flying speed also slowed down a lot. It lost its accuracy and was crooked. A gust of autumn wind blew the cone away and disappeared…

Wu Daoming froze there in surprise and remained silent for a long time.

The unknown master smiled and said, "Brother Taoist, please step aside and look at my junior sister."

After saying that, the true energy was penetrated, and there was only the sound of wind, and the silver hair stood upright. The master shouted: "Hold on!" More than ten silver wires burst out, flashing like lightning, and had already hit the mother turtle and the baby turtle. neck.

The blood vessels in the female golden-headed turtle's neck were blocked, and her body could no longer move. Knowing that she had encountered a powerful enemy, she had no choice but to crawl out of the Tai Chi halo with her injured baby turtles in tears, and trudged out of the bush with difficulty. Slowly climbed into the Linggu Cave.

"Junior sister, good work!" Wu Daoming praised awkwardly.

In the bushes, Zhu Biao was holding a large leaf on his head, witnessing all this with his eyes wide open, and he did not dare to breathe.

Wu Daoming held a hoe and stood on the Tai Chi Yin Hao. He sighed and said: "Since ancient times, how many Feng Shui masters and Jianghu heroes have dreamed of Tai Chi Yin Hao. Now it is under the feet of Wu Daoming in Lingnan. God treats me Wu Daoming." It’s not thin.”

The master smiled slightly and said, "Come out, aren't you tired of crawling in the grass?"

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Wu Daoming was startled and hurriedly followed the master's gaze and saw Zhu Biao slowly crawling out of the bushes.

Strange, why didn't I notice it? It wasn't like this before, Wu Daoming thought in frustration.

"What are you doing there?" Wu Daoming asked Zhu Biao sharply.

Zhu Biao hesitated with a red face: "I am following you, I just want to know the whereabouts of the child."

"Didn't I tell you that the child was kidnapped by Liu Jinmo? Don't you believe Wu?" Wu Daoming said angrily.

"I'm just worried about talent." Zhu Biao murmured, but thought in his heart, of course I don't believe it. It turns out that Mr. Wu and Shi Tai are looking for some kind of Tai Chi halo. It seems that there is some treasure down here. Otherwise, why would you bring a hoe? And the sack.

The master said softly: "Brother Tao, forget it, I think he is thinking about his son very much, it's human nature."

Wu Daoming nodded and said, "Since junior sister said so, forget it."

Master Tai then said: "Since he has seen it, let's ask him to help dig out the Tai Chi eggs."

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Wu Daoming handed the hoe to Zhu Biao and said, "Come and dig, there are some earthy eggs down here, dig them out, be careful not to break them."

Zhu Biao took the hoe, Tudandan, what is that? Since Mr. Wu values ​​it so much, it must be something valuable. He raised his hoe and dug up the soil.

After a while, the Tai Chi soil egg appeared. It was a black water egg, made of stone, and felt cold in the hand. Wu Daoming held it with both hands, he was so excited that his voice was already trembling: "Junior sister, look, this is the essence of the heaven, earth, sun and moon for hundreds of millions of years. There are also white, green, red and yellow Five Elements Tai Chi eggs below. Give them all to Junior sister."

While Wu Daoming and Master Tai were watching the water eggs and not paying attention to him, Zhu Biao secretly grabbed a yellow earth egg and put it into his arms. Maybe it was gold, he thought.

More than an hour later, the Tai Chi Yin Hao had been dug to a depth of more than two meters. There was nothing visible below, and the five-color soil had also been turned over in a mess. Wu Daoming saw that all the five-element soil eggs had been taken out, and he counted them , a total of twenty-seven Tai Chi soil eggs were dug up, including six white gold eggs, four cyan wood eggs, six black water eggs, six red fire eggs, and five yellow soil eggs.

Wu Daoming did not notice the yellow earth egg in Zhu Biao's arms.

Wu Daoming breathed a sigh of relief and put all twenty-seven Tai Chi eggs into the sack.

"Zhu Biao, backfill all the soil and make it smooth." Wu Daoming ordered.

After a while, all the soil in Tai Chi Yin Hao had been backfilled and leveled. Wu Daoming stood up and stepped on it, and then said with satisfaction: "It's done. Zhu Biao is carrying the sack on his back. Let's go back."

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A group of three people walked through the bamboo forest and walked towards Zhu Biao's house in the north of the village.

The two people stepped out from behind the tree, got into the bushes, and stood next to Tai Chi Yin Hao. They looked at the newly leveled land in confusion and looked at each other.

"What is this?" one of them said, grabbing a handful of five-color soil.

Another person looked at it and said, "Strange, why does this soil have so many colors?" He shook his head and said, "Let's go back and report to Director Meng first. Come, let's go back with two handfuls of soil. "

The man nodded and said, "Okay." Then he grabbed two handfuls of five-colored soil and put them into his coat pocket.

The two of them got out of the bushes and headed towards Nanshan Town.

In the office of the Nanshan Town Revolutionary Committee, Meng Zhuqi listened to the report of the two subordinates responsible for monitoring Wu Daoming. He silently looked at the two handfuls of five-color soil on the table, pondered for a moment, and told his subordinates that this matter was a state secret and must be kept secret. .

After the two people went out, Meng Zhuqi rolled up the five-color soil and said with a smile: "Well, you Wu Daoming, it turns out that you have found Tai Chi Yin Hao a long time ago, and you are still pretending to be mysterious and asking if the Water Demon God can have a dragon cover . You guys and That Zhu Biao hooked up, it seems that Shen Caihua's body was buried in Zhu Biao's house, and Xiaobing's injuries were also caused by you, Wu Daoming, a master of acupuncture. Humph, if you are unkind, don't blame me for being unjust, we'll see."

Meng Zhuqi took out the envelope, put the five-color soil in the envelope, put it in his pocket, and then got on the jeep to go to the county. He wanted to report privately to his brother-in-law that Tai Chi Yinxun had discovered it and the plan could be implemented.

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