A Night Of Terror For A Kuomintang Soldier

The national army’s front line is already vulnerable and retreating steadily, while the People’s Liberation Army is fighting more and more courageously, and getting closer and closer. This military vehicle belonged to our battalion. In the afternoon, it pulled soldiers from the fifth company and a platoon to the front line. It was blown up by Communist artillery shells, and all the soldiers in the vehicle died? In this way, Lao Li drove into the position of the People’s Liberation Army in a daze, and became a prisoner of the People’s Liberation Army. It was a time of war, fighting every day, killing people every day, and the spirits of the living were extremely exhausted. After listening to what I said, Lao Li thought about it and said: “If this is the case, and humans stay away from wars, I won’t see these strange things, and there won’t be such a frightening night. … Continue readingA Night Of Terror For A Kuomintang Soldier