Yunnan Insect Valley

My left ankle was caught by several hands, and I immediately felt a sharp cold pain. The MIAI submachine gun fell to the ground, and I was pulled into the darkness involuntarily. I hurriedly used my other right leg, which was about to step out of the incense burner , hooking the thick furnace mouth, the muscles and bones of the thigh were stretched to the point that they were about to be torn apart.

In the chaos, only dozens of hands were seen. They were all strange hands like human hands. They were extremely dark, and when illuminated by the beam of the spotlight, they immediately turned into a strange white color. They all protruded from the corner of the dark tomb. Fatty and Shirley Yang was also grabbed by several white strange hands. Among them, Shirley Yang was in the most dangerous situation, half of his shoulder was dragged into the wall of the tomb, and the situation of the fat man was not much better, his neck was protruded from the wall Caught by his strange hand, he was desperately bowing his legs to hang on to the pill furnace, but he was barely supporting it.

The hands protruding from the wall were silent, so no one noticed. When they were caught and slowly pulled into the tomb wall, they had to use all their strength to resist, and they would be pulled into the tomb wall immediately if they relaxed a bit. Old Rouzhi's corpse, so at this time neither Fatty's nor Shirley Yang can speak. It is still difficult to protect themselves, let alone rescue each other. They can only hear the clucking of their teeth and even free their hands. There is no room for resistance with weapons.

Only my situation was a little better. Since I was standing far away from the censer, only my right leg was grabbed by a few hands protruding from the wall.

I know that I have to make a judgment immediately, whether to save myself or Shirley Yang first, maybe after I get out of it, it will be too late to save her, and of course I can catch her if I reach out, but it may not be able to pull her back. Moreover, my right leg was still being pulled, so that would create a dilemma. If he couldn't save her, he would also lose the chance to escape.

But at this time, there is no time to weigh the pros and cons. With years of experience in life and death, I can only reach out my left hand to the fat man's waist and pull out the mountaineering pick, and hand it to the man who is about to be completely removed from the mortal furnace. Shirley Yang, who was dragged away, hooked a safety lock in her waist, so that she would not be dragged into the tomb wall for the time being.

I hooked Shirley Yang with a climbing pick in one hand. At the same time, I immediately took out the Zippo lighter with the other hand and rubbed it on my right leg. Enduring the pain of stretching my tendons, I leaned over and used fire to catch him. The hands holding my right leg, and the hands protruding from the wall of the tomb, all retracted as soon as they were burned by the flames.

I had to take off my leg, so I quickly retracted my right leg. Once my body was free, my hand didn’t stop at all. My left hand still firmly held the climbing pick, and I threw the Zippo lighter to the fat man who was facing up. His back, neck, The left arm was grasped by those hands. His legs were hooked to the alchemy furnace, his right hand was still in the air, and he was anxious. When he saw Zippo throwing it, he immediately caught it with his hands, and ignited the flames to burn those "human hands" that grabbed his neck.

I saw that the fat man could get away in a short while, and Shirley Yang was left in danger, so I grabbed her belt with one hand and leaned out to use a climbing pick to slash at the hands in the corner of the wall. Those arms seemed to be long In the wall, I can't see the body, there is only one arm next to the other, and as soon as it touches anything, I immediately grab it and don't let it go. I just pull it into the wall before I finish. The wall seems to be a bottomless chaos. The abyss is full of struggling and howling hungry ghosts. With a climbing pick, he cut off a strange hand, and immediately stretched out another one.

Concubine Yang turns into a rat after death_How long does it take for a person to turn into a bone after death? How long does it take to turn bones after death_Whose noble concubine Yang Taizhen

Shirley Yang received my support and finally got rid of her arms and body. Just as I was about to pull her back into the alchemy furnace, Yang Guifei turned into a mouse after death . She suddenly exclaimed, and her body quickly fell back. Shirley Yang tied her long hair into a ponytail and tied it behind her head for the convenience of movement, but she was caught unexpectedly. The pain of being pulled backwards caused her waist and legs to hurt. Can't use any strength.

I hurriedly hugged her by the waist, but I couldn't get away from it, to deal with the strange hand that grabbed her hair, and the fat man hadn't completely got rid of it, even if I hugged Shirley Yang, a stalemate formed In such a situation, when the fat man comes to support, even if Shirley Yang is not pulled into the wall, her scalp will be torn off.

Shirley Yang is also extremely adaptable, with a severe head pain, and her sanity is still intact. Before the rest of the strange hands in the tomb wall touched her, she had already held the paratrooper knife in her hand, gripped the handle of the knife, and swung it back violently. Cutting off half of her hair, I immediately dragged her out of danger.

At this time, the fat man had also escaped, and the countless arms in the wall of the tomb were just within the distance of the pill furnace. The three of them did not dare to stay in the furnace any longer, and immediately jumped to the middle of the tomb.

The surrounding sewage is flowing, and it has been dissolved into a bad shape. The entire tomb is gradually softening. The corner where we were just now is the first to change. Countless human bodies and arms are wriggling in it. In other places, the limbs of dead bodies are gradually revealed from the wall. , but is not active yet.

We were shocked to see this, and the fat man hurriedly said: "Commander Hu, there is a huge disparity between the enemy and our forces, and the struggle situation is too bad. It seems that we are going to retreat to the mountain to fight guerrillas. If we don't leave, we will make dumplings at the king's tomb."

At this time, I made up my mind. If I want to win in defeat, I have to have the guts to break the boat. It is impossible not to fight at the critical moment, so I said to Fatty and Shirley Yang: "If you open the bow, there is no turning back. I am very determined today." You can't take Xian Wang out, you'll lose a big scar on your head, and at worst, your legs will slump if you kick."

The current situation seems to be at the end of the mountain, but in fact there is still a chance. How could we have thought that the coffin of King Xian was the dead body of a ten thousand-year-old Rouzhi, and it was far more than that simple. Digging out Tai Sui from the ground was normal, There are exhibits in exhibition halls in some places for people to visit. The so-called "Tai Sui" is just a single-celled meat fungus, which can grow by itself after a piece of meat is cut off. It is a kind of meat mushroom. It can be used as medicine and has the miraculous effect of lightening body and strengthening bones. Its shapes and colors are different, most of which are shaped like beef heart or human liver, and the colors are white, purple, yellow, gray, brown, etc. The only common feature is "eyes". Taisui has a black hole like eye mask, which is also its core part, and it is used to study the art of Fengshui. It is necessary to investigate the theory of "Tai Sui", which is considered too fierce in "Qingzhu Dimai Lun". The age is 渕 (ie Jupiter). It is the flesh body left in the world after the death of the ancient fierce god. There are many sayings about this eye. There are bright eyes and dark eyes. Only this kind can be used as medicine, and the dark eye means that the eyes are hidden inside and closed. Unknown.

Of course, what we are encountering now should not be "Tai Sui". Tai Sui is just a kind of "Rat Zhi". The novel of "Flowers in the Mirror". It records that the protagonist swims around to an island in the sea and sees a one-inch-high villain galloping on horseback. Of course, this story is based on a novel, but the villain on horseback eaten by the protagonist is a form of "meat cheese".

Yang Guifei turns into a mouse after death_How long does it take for a person to turn bones after death_Whose noble concubine Yang Taizhen

Also, during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, a monster appeared in the mountains of Yunnan. Inhaled into the body, it is like a bottomless hole, which disturbs all people for a while, but when it is hit with a weapon, no hair is damaged, even naturalists (well-informed people) cannot name it.

The officials came forward and offered a reward to anyone who could destroy this big meat cabinet. Someone who was good at Feng Shui came out and said that this thing was meat mushroom, which was transformed by the stagnation of the earth's energy. He sent dozens of brave and agile people to pick it up with a long pole. After picking up the filthy things, lead them to the place where "the pen is green and the dragon is on the screen, and the horse is walking on the screen (a term used to describe the terrain in Feng Shui)". The big meat cabinet will immediately dry up and harden, making people move firewood to burn it, and the stench will spread throughout Hundreds of miles away, people who smell this smell will inevitably have diarrhea and vomit for three days. There have been many versions of this incident from the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China.

The fragmented volume "Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Fengshui Secret Art" in my hand, in which the word "earth" elaborates in detail on the growth and underground "meat mushroom", where the feng shui is strong and the turbidity is out of balance, it will There are meat mushrooms, but according to their different shapes, good and bad are different. The one with one eye is the most common, which is "Tai Sui", the two eyes are "Qinghu", the five sense organs are "Aconitum", and the three eyes are both the front official and the back. The ghost land is "wasteless", and the one with eyes all over the body is called "heavenly slough".

Xian Wang's "Rouzhi coffin" has at least two eyes, one eye is the gap sealed by his wife, and the other eye is the place where Xian Wang's coffin sinks, that is to say, this is either "Qinghu" or "Wu Qinghu". In ancient times, there was another name, called "Niu Xun", which was the name of the ancient gods, so copper bull heads were used to make its long-life candles. The shape should be a fleshy human head with sarcoma.

Since it is the old meat with two eyes, it will take at least tens of thousands of years to form. If it is completely dug out without leaving a trace, then no new meat will grow. What we see is It is a corpse shell that has been dug out of its flesh, and the many human hands and limbs that suddenly emerged from it should be that someone planned to make this ten-thousand-year-old meat mushroom grow new flesh, and put a large number of living people with enough blood and blood into them with white wax. Pour layer upon layer on the husks of the lucidum, allowing them to live with the lucidum for a while, hoping to re-grow the lucidum, which can prolong life after taking it.

But it seems that King Xian died before he succeeded. I once heard Shirley Yang say that in Paris, France, in the deepest part of the underground cave of corpses, (the heroine in Notre Dame de Paris was thrown in the cave of corpses after death. The upper floor) Below that, the Pope of Fendigang sealed a "corpse cave" that could swallow everything, saying that it was due to too many dead people that corroded the world into a "gap", where life and death were located. , positive and negative, the "gap" between black and white, there are countless human hands in the corpse cave, and the things caught by these hands will be pulled into the "corpse cave" and then become a part of the "corpse cave" , if it is allowed to expand endlessly, resulting in the most terrifying "corpse hole effect", the consequences will be disastrous.

This matter in France is a secret of the Pope's Chamber, and outsiders can only know the general idea. As for the reason for the formation of the corpse cave, there has never been an official and public conclusion. Even the fact that the corpse cave exists has always been covered up.

We ancients faced the last coffin in the tomb of King Xian in Yunnan, and were almost pulled into the wall by countless hands. It should be a kind of "corpse hole" that was corroded by a large number of victims and attached to the dried shell of old meat mushrooms. Well, the root cause is probably that the natural Feng Shui pattern in the vicinity has been changed too much, forming a chaotic zone where yin and yang are indistinguishable from clear and turbid. Before its "corpse hole effect" has fully occurred, there should be a glimmer of chance. I found the king's coffin that fell deep into the eye socket, and regardless of Shirley Yang's stop, I just pulled a rope and jumped down alone, and a tall human-shaped coffin was poked obliquely in front of me.

I wiped the spotlight on the helmet that was covered by the sewage, and tried to make the beam of light from the lamp mouth clearer, and I could see the surrounding environment clearly through the eye socket of the "aconite meat coffin".

Concubine Yang turns into a rat after death_How long does it take for a person to turn into a bone after death? How long does it take to turn bones after death_Whose noble concubine Yang Taizhen

This place is like a narrow and short shaft, the shape and depth of which are completely different from the eye frame at the entrance. It is about four meters deep and as wide as a person. It is surrounded by black sticky matter, which seems to be formed by rotten eyeballs. The "Aconite Meat Coffin" is rotting and dissolving, so the eye socket is slowly getting bigger, and the coffin of Xianwang just fell in and leaned in it. The coffin is not small, and I also jumped into the eye socket. The space seemed very cramped, and it was inconvenient to stretch.

There was a flash of light overhead, and Shirley Yang leaned over it, and said anxiously to me: "Old Hu, come up quickly, the effect of the corpse hole is expanding, and we won't be able to get out any later. Forget it, I can’t cause you all to die here because of me.”

While wiping off the slime on King Xian's coffin, I said to Shirley Yang: "It's easy to go now, but I won't regret my intestines when I go back. This coffin has been old for too long. So quickly to form a corpse cave, give me three minutes… two and a half minutes is enough, you quickly ask Commander Wang to throw the guy who opened the coffin down for me."

I originally wanted Fatty and Shirley Yang to retreat outside and wait for me, but I knew it was useless to say such things. If I stayed here, they would definitely not agree to retreat first, so I had to let them assist me on the top and finish the big things as soon as possible. , run together.

In a short while, I found out the inner coffin of King Xian. It was a half-human "Jade Top Hairpin Golden Lintoe Coffin", with the shape of a human head and two shoulders on it. Yuku gold box. At the sealing place are four golden "lin toes" interlaced and closed, because King Xian intends to ascend to immortality after dissecting the body, so the coffin lid has not been wedged firmly. When the "Jade Top Hairpin Golden Lintoe Coffin" fell into the eye socket earlier, it seemed that a gap had opened. In fact, it was because the outer shell of the body was eroded and melted by the air. Exposing rubbing a bright red than the blood of the top of the jade.

Human-shaped coffins were rare in ancient China, and most of them were wooden coffins. But I didn't have time to distinguish these details. I only noticed a vortex engraved on the top of the coffin. The shape of this vortex almost covered the entire jade roof. The vortex was similar to an eyeball. When I looked closely, it turned out to be a curved phoenix, forming a vortex. The shape, the place where the pupils are is the head of the phoenix, this must be the mark of "Muchen Bead". As soon as he saw this mark, his blood surged up immediately, and he felt a little more hopeful. This bead like a mystery is probably in King Xian's inner coffin. The sky is so pitiful, he risked his life and forgot to die along the way, after all, he didn't lose his mind.

There is no room for the second person to come in the eye sockets. The fat man and Shirley Yang Kong are anxious, but they have no way to come down to help, so they have to hand down the tools to me. I didn’t plan to open it here before. I planned to use a rope to lock them all up , managed to drag the meat coffin away, opened it to a safe place, and searched carefully, but when I got down and looked, I found that part of the inner coffin had grown dead with the husk of the ten-thousand-year-old meat mushroom. It is also difficult to share, so we have to do it in this narrow space.

The time passed by second by second, I took a deep breath, and used the "probing claws" to pry open the toes one by one. I felt that both hands were not enough, and I wished I could use my feet too. , maybe because the movement is a few seconds slower, the opportunity to escape will be missed.

Although I try my best to comfort myself, I must be calm, and haste makes waste, but my heart is beating more and more violently. How can I calm down? I have already focused all my attention on this inner coffin. He turned a deaf ear to Shirley Yang and Fatty's constant urging and reminders from above.

Concubine Yang turns into a rat after death_How long does it take for a person to turn into a bone after death? How long does it take to turn bones after death_Whose noble concubine Yang Taizhen

I estimate that almost a minute has passed, and according to my estimate, if I get the "Shu Chenzhu" in three minutes, the eye hole at the exit of the aconitum meat coffin will not be covered by the gradually expanding corpse hole. The coffin lid was removed in a few minutes, and there was still enough time. Thinking of this, I felt a little calmer.

Shirley Yang saw that I was about to lift the lid of Xianwang's inner coffin, so he immediately threw down a cold fireworks: "Old Hu, this is the last one. Before it goes out, you have to come up no matter whether you can find it or not."

In the dark and slippery eye sockets, fireworks immediately rose, bright as day, I promised: "Don't worry, time is definitely enough, let's drag this old rice dumpling out with a rope…"

As he spoke, the jade cover was lifted vigorously, and a corpse was immediately exposed inside. The crown fell to his feet, and only the "folded upper scarf" inlaid with gold and jade was worn on his head, and he was wearing a black python-patterned jade armor. The robe is held back, and the purple gold belt is hung on the waist. If it is not a king, who is it?

But I immediately felt shuddering, King Xian's corpse had no face, maybe this is not an appropriate description, the space in the cave is narrow, and I was almost face to face with King Xian's corpse, and the facial features of the corpse had become blurred and distorted , leaving only a few traces, the mouth, nose, and eyes are almost indistinguishable, as if they have melted into the face, making the head appear smooth and weird, like wearing a mask of jade skin, reflected by the light of cold fireworks, it looks very grotesque .

I secretly wondered in my heart, did he play the tricks of the old thief again? Is this a dummy? Hastily grabbed the arm of King Xian's body, taped off the python-patterned robe, but saw five fingers clenched tightly, obviously holding a bright weapon in his hand, his complexion was sallow and seemed to be dripping water, as if something unusual was happening Variety.

Look at the skin on the corpse's hands, it's not a dummy. I pinched Xian Wang's corpse with my hands, and it was even a little elastic, and it was well preserved. I squeezed the corpse's face, but the tentacles were hard. It seems to have been completely jaded.

I have never seen what the real "Shenzhu" looks like. I only saw a fake one in the ruins in the sand sea. It is made of rare ancient jade, a few circles smaller than a human head, and has a shape and texture. They are all indistinguishable from human eyes, but I don't know the real size and geometry, whether they can be held in the hand like this.

But at this moment, there was no time to distinguish carefully, so he immediately took out the corpse rope, and put a trap around the neck of King Xian's corpse, trying to pull him out of the inner coffin, and let the fat man drag him up, but the "corpse rope" was fastened in his hand After pulling back twice, pulling twice, the corpse did not move at all.

I wondered in my heart, I don't know where there was something strange, so I raised my hand, slapped the corpse of the King Xian several times, and then pulled it out, it still didn't move at all.

In the end, there was no other way, and it was too late to find out the reason, so I had to solve the problem on the spot. I took out a mahogany nail from the carrying bag, and inserted it into the heart of the dead body. Pai felt it, and when he touched his left hand, he saw that it was tightly clenched into a fist just like his right hand, and there was obviously something in his hand.

I immediately took out two more peachwood nails, nailed the arms of King Xian's corpse, and opened his fingers with all my strength, praying secretly in my heart, I hope that the "phoenix gall" is here, but after I break it apart, it's like a hand wrapped around my head. I poured a basin of cold water.

In the left hand of King Xian's corpse, what was held was a spoiled peach pit. Although it was unexpected, it was not surprising. Chinese people have special feelings for "peach", and they regard it as a kind of It is a fetish for avoiding evil, avoiding disasters, and prolonging life. Therefore, there are many peach-shaped utensils in ancient handicrafts. According to legend, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was the emperor who reigned the longest in the Western Han Dynasty. They mobilized people to pay homage to the three mountains and five mountains, and sent people to various places to search for the medicine of immortality in the Long March. This painstaking effort finally touched the fifth mother of Kunlun Mountain. On the night of Qixi Festival in the first year of Yuanfeng, she came to Weiyang Palace on a purple cloud chariot After meeting Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, during the feast, the Queen Mother of the West ate four fairy peaches for Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty Liu Che. This kind of divine product is difficult to survive in the world, and the result was disappointing. Later, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty finally failed to realize his wish of immortality, but people who lived to the age of seventy were very rare in ancient times. People who live to be seventy years old, of course, this is just a folklore, but the wind of holding peach pits in the hands of emperors after death has a long history. It was very common as early as the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. However, peach pits are plants and are the easiest to decompose. , so it is difficult for future generations to open the coffin to see it.

I was stunned for a moment, then remembered this legend, and cried out in my heart, so I had to break off the right hand of the king's corpse, but in that hand were many black jade rings , which were mixed with some black impurities. I didn't have time to think about what it was, so I stuffed it into the carrying bag.

The fat man yelled from above: "Commander Hu, there is no time, go, go."

I know that the fat man must have reached the point where there is no need to delay when he yells like this, but there is still nowhere to go for the "Longchen Bead" whose life is at stake. Zhuzi, the head of this corpse became so weird. If you don't do it, you can't stop. Why don't you just dig the head of Xianwang and go back to study it.

So he shouted to the fat man: "Throw the engineer shovel down to me, and hold on for the last ten fucking seconds." After speaking, he caught the engineer shovel handed down by the fat man, and reached out to touch King Xian's neck. Petrochemical, aim at the position, use the American engineer shovel to cut randomly with the serrated side, and use the paratrooper knife to cut when it encounters toughness.

Here, the corpse whose head was about to be cut off by me suddenly shook violently. The cold fireworks are already here, you don't need to look down, you can tell by feeling that King Xian's headless body is chasing me.

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