Yin-Yang Magical Skills [Qing Nang Corpse Clothes Part 3: The Broken Eye]

Youliang somersaulted twice in the air, fell heavily on the yellow sand of the Gobi Desert, and fainted immediately.

Everyone in the attic leaned on the railing and was stunned.

"Brother Youliang." Erya, who was sitting on the floor, saw everyone's expressions and knew something was wrong. She couldn't help but feel sad. She struggled to grab the railing and stood up. She saw Youliang had fallen to the ground, and his blood had soaked the yellow sand red. Without saying a word, she threw herself forward and fell headfirst.

Taoist Master Xufeng was quick and instantly grabbed both of her legs with both hands, and everyone worked together to drag her up.

"Kid, you have the magical power of Yin and Yang . If you jump down like this and die, and Youliang is fine, wouldn't it be that you lost your life in vain?" Xufeng reproached.

Erya recovered and begged with tears in her eyes: "Master, please take me down."

Xufeng nodded, bent down and picked up Erya. Due to severe dehydration, her body was as light as a child.

I went down from the attic and came to Youliang's side. He was lying on the ground motionless, with blood still flowing under his body. It seemed that he was in great danger.

At this moment, Youliang's body gradually bulged up, and a head slowly emerged from under him. Blood foam kept coming out of his mouth, and the lenses of his glasses were all broken. He cried and complained: "Why did this kid hit me like this? He almost killed me."

Everyone saw that it was Lao Bai. He swam from the yellow sand to the attic, trying to eavesdrop on You Liang's method of escaping from the void. After all, he had successfully escaped from the "Ten Witches of the Crocodile Drum". Unexpectedly, a person fell from the sky and hit him. If it were an ordinary person, he would have died long ago, but Lao Bai was a white flower snake demon who had practiced Taoism for many years. Even so, he vomited blood because he had lost all his power in the void.

Xufeng leaned over to check and found that Youliang was just fainted, and the rest of him was fine, so he breathed a sigh of relief and said to Erya, "Youliang is fine, don't worry."

Xue Daochan lifted Youliang up with both hands and walked back to the attic and put him in the shade.

Not long after, Youliang woke up and looked at everyone in surprise and asked, "Have we left the void?"

Xu Feng consoled him, "It seems that jumping off the cliff won't work here, Youliang. It was a close call just now. If you hadn't landed on Lao Bai, you would have died a long time ago."

When Erya saw Youliang was not dead, she happily threw herself on him and refused to let go for a long time.

Xue Daochan sighed quietly, "Sun Simiao is a doctor after all, and the "Picture of Ten Witches" he created still leaves a way out for us. But this old monster Daoling is not so merciful. He won't even give us a sip of water in the endless Gobi Desert. If we can't find the 'Picture in the Picture', we will all be trapped to death in it. How can people be so vicious?"

"Now the only way is to look for the murals. Even though it's as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack, there is still a glimmer of hope." Xu Feng said helplessly.

"In which mural is it hidden?" Xue Daochan muttered to himself.

Youliang felt as if all the bones in his body were falling apart, his blood was surging inside his body, and the void restricted his "dream magic", otherwise even if a big bubble was created, nothing would happen.

"Uncle Han, do you still have a fluorescent flashlight?" he asked breathlessly.

Uncle Han nodded weakly.

"Master Xufeng, Mr. Xue, Uncle Han has a fluorescent flashlight in his backpack. You can use it to illuminate the mural. If Master Zhang also used phosphorus solution to paint it, it will be recognizable immediately." Youliang explained with difficulty.

Xu Feng thought it made sense. Since the verses of Zhang Tianshi hidden in the Dunhuang Fragments were secretly written using phosphorus solution, the murals might also be capable of this.

"Even with a fluorescent flashlight, it will take many days to search the fifty-mile-long murals, so we must have a key search area." Xufeng said thoughtfully.

"Well, that makes sense. Since Old Monster Zhang mentioned the 'Thirteen Ghost Needles' in his verse, let's go to Cave 13 first, and then go to Caves 16 and 17." Xue Daochan said.

"What's in Caves 16 and 17?" Xu Feng was puzzled.

"Cave 16 is the largest among the Mogao Grottoes, and Cave 17 is the world-famous Cave of Scriptures. The Dunhuang Manuscripts were discovered here," Xue Daochan explained.

Xufeng nodded, thinking that although this Xue guy spoke in a sissy voice, he had a first-rate mind and knowledge.

The two men hurried away with fluorescent flashlights.

Concubine Dong walked out of the attic alone and silently, looked up at the sky with her arms outstretched, and shouted in grief and anger: "Your Majesty, where are you?" Her voice was desolate and resentful, and it made people sad to hear it.

Erya and Youliang were leaning against the Sumeru platform of Maitreya Buddha. She was talking about what happened after they broke up with "The Picture of the Ten Witches of the Crocodile Drum", and she was sighing when she talked about the thrilling parts.

"So Lao Bai has been controlling you with the 'Shi Ke Needle'." Youliang suddenly realized. No wonder he had already frozen She Tianting with the "Dream Palm" beside the Zhenfei Well in the Forbidden City, but Erya still had to rescue him. What happened next was very clear. Lao Bai wanted her to kill him, but Erya pretended to have amnesia and delayed taking action, giving Youliang a chance to escape. At this time, Xue Daochan appeared and rescued him.

"The Shi Ke Needle has been in his hand all along. If he doesn't absorb the energy in the needle for a day and a night, the skills he has cultivated will backfire, and he will go mad and die." Erya said.

"How could this happen?" Youliang asked in surprise.

He was thinking in his heart that he was suffering terribly from the backlash of the cold energy from the "Shi Ke Yin Needle", and it turned out that Arya would also suffer from the backlash of the "Yang Needle". It seemed that only the combination of the Yin and Yang needles could bring water and fire into balance. This Old Bai probably didn't know that there was also the "Shi Ke Yin Needle".

"Since entering the painting, I have lost all my powers. Although I have lost the 'Shi Ke Needle', there will be no backlash."

"Then you want to jump off the building with me to escape the void and return to the mortal world. Without the 'Shi Ke Needle', won't you only be able to live for one day and one night?" Youliang said in surprise.

Erya nodded silently and said quietly, "It's just waiting to die here. If I can be with you for one day and night, I will be very satisfied."

Youliang felt warm in his heart and couldn't help but hug her in his arms. He smelled the familiar aroma of meat again.

Nine Yin Nine Yang Yin Yang Magic_Yin Yang Magic Stone Auxiliary Base_Yin Yang Magic

"How can you two single men and women behave like this?" Lao Bai staggered in and scolded sternly. His glasses were already broken and there were blood stains on the corners of his mouth.

"Team Leader She, aren't you meddling too much?" Youliang replied.

"Erya, you can't go with this man. If you go out without the 'Shi Ke Needle' you will go crazy and die." Lao Bai reminded.

"I'm willing to die. I want to be with Youliang anyway." Erya looked at Lao Bai with a firm gaze.

"You don't even want to listen to me?" Lao Bai frowned, his face became ferocious, and he said coldly, "Who am I to you? Who is this one-eyed man to you? You should think about it carefully."

"Old Man Bai, you are my savior." Erya hesitated, but then said loudly, "Youliang is the one I love!"

After hearing this, Youliang felt a surge of warmth in his heart and his eyes became moist.

Upon hearing this, Lao Bai became furious. He turned his gaze to Youliang and said viciously: "You are tired of living, you actually dare to set your sights on Arya. Now the two helpers are not here, and your freezing and poisonous martial arts cannot be used in the void. This is a rare opportunity, so I will deal with this trouble first." After saying that, he opened his bloody mouth and stuck out a thin and long tongue covered with shiny and sticky venom, and licked Youliang directly.

"No." Erya stepped forward to block the way.

Youliang gently pushed her aside and took out the electric baton from his arms. A burst of white light flashed, and the tens of millions of volts of high voltage instantly hit the long tongue. Suddenly a puff of green smoke rose, and the air was filled with a burnt smell. The tip of Lao Bai's tongue was instantly burnt.

But he fell to the ground with a scream, rolled over a few times, and retreated to the side, covering his mouth and shouting: "You, you kid actually have a hidden weapon."

Youliang sneered twice: "Now that you know, why don't you just get out of here?"

Lao Bai knew that he couldn't get any advantage at the moment, so he had to leave in disappointment.

Uncle Han leaned against the platform next to him and smiled slightly, saying approvingly: "Youliang, well done."

At this moment, Erya was exhausted and fell asleep on Youliang's shoulder in a daze. However, he did not dare to relax at all to prevent Lao Bai from sneaking in again.

I don’t know how long it had been, but I heard Xue Daochan’s sharp laughter of “Hehehe”.

Youliang looked over and saw Xue Daochan and Xufeng coming back happily.

"Found it, hehe, I finally found the 'Picture within a Picture'." Xue Daochan said happily.

Youliang was shocked when he heard this and asked where he was.

"Cave 16." Xu Feng replied.

"The Taoist priest Wang discovered the Sutra Cave No. 17 when he was clearing the sand in the corridor east of Cave No. 16," Xue Daochan explained.

"What kind of painting is hidden?" Youliang asked curiously.

"Hehehe, under the beautiful painting of flying ladies there is a naked portrait of an octogenarian, with rough skin and wrinkles all over. I guess it's the self-portrait of that old monster Zhang Daoling." Xue Daochan laughed frivolously.

"Mr. Xue, please be more respectful to the founder of Taoism in your words." Xu Feng looked displeased.

Xue Daochan looked nonchalant, he reached out and grabbed Youliang and Erya and said, "Let's go over there quickly."

Xu Feng walked over and helped Uncle Han up , and asked, "Where is Concubine Dong?"

"Outside the attic."

After thinking about it, Xufeng walked out of the attic and saw Concubine Dong standing alone in the yellow sand, looking up at the sky motionlessly, like a statue.

"Empress Dong, we have found the exit. Do you want to go with us?" Xu Feng asked her.

Concubine Dong shook her head and said sadly, "I have been waiting for Your Majesty in the 'Gateway to the Western Regions' for a thousand years, and this is the place closest to him. As long as Your Majesty reads the 'Dunhuang Nightmare Map', he will be able to see me."

"You two can never meet each other, whether in the painting or outside the painting."

"As long as he sees me in his eyes and I see the emperor in my heart, that is enough."

Xu Feng shook his head, thinking that such women only existed in ancient times. Women in today's society are very powerful. Who would be so infatuated? Of course, Erya is an exception.

"Empress Dong, we are not returning to Dunhuang through the void passage, but it is very possible that we can come out directly from the painting. If that is the case, you will meet Huang Chao immediately." Xufeng was touched by the woman's loyalty and wanted to help her.

"Is this true?" Concubine Dong asked foolishly.

"Absolutely capable." Xufeng nodded.

"I will go with you." Concubine Dong bowed deeply.

Xufeng took her back to the attic. Lao Bai, who was under the yellow sand, overheard their conversation. He quickly crawled out from the sand and quietly followed behind them.

Xue Daochan led the way, and the group supported each other and walked straight to Cave 16, the largest cave in Mogao Grottoes.

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