Rat Monster

It happened that the accountant of the restaurant outside the small building was unable to work due to illness. The shopkeeper posted a notice at the gate of the city to recruit Mr. accountant. Li Sheng met with the shopkeeper, and there were two other applicants. And because he was young and easy to control, he was retained by the shopkeeper. The garden was infested with foxes and rats, rat feces and fox dung were scattered in the grass, and the utensils in the living room were covered with a thick layer of dust. The old man laughed, and said, “To tell the truth, my proprietor, my family is a different kind, but the mouse that lives in your house.” Please listen to me carefully. Layman Piaoquan secretly hated the meanness of mice, and had evil thoughts in his heart, so he cast a huge poison in Li Sheng’s food. … Continue readingRat Monster