Who Has Delusional Disorder?

Wang Zhihang increasingly felt that the world he lived in was not real.

Because of this idea, he was sent to a mental hospital.

The dean personally assessed him.

"Our world is not real,"

"Why do you say that?" The dean looked at the man in front of him from behind the thick glasses.

He seemed calm and normal, like all mentally ill people.

"In a sense, our world is real, but in fact it is not, do you understand?" Wang Zhihang licked his dry lips.

The dean had visited his bedroom, which was filled with all kinds of strange research, including reports cut from newspapers, information printed from the Internet, and some things collected from books. These studies were nailed to the wall, posted on the table, and scattered on the floor.

"Do you know Tomoko?"

"Yes, it's an intelligent machine from science fiction."

"His principle is to spread out the dimensions and shrink who the ghost-faced man is . It's actually like a culture medium."

"What do you want to say?"

“Our world is a culture medium.”

Wang Zhihang was put into a mental hospital for observation and simple treatment.

He didn't need to take medicine, participate in any discussions or activities. He ate and slept on time every day, played cards occasionally, and strolled in the garden.

The people here all know the truth. They are locked up here because they know the truth. It is for the normal operation of society.

Wang Zhihang knows this, and he is proud of being a "normal person", but at the same time he feels sad for those stupid and ignorant little bugs in the culture medium out there.

"How do you feel recently?" the dean talked to Wang Zhihang while sitting in the garden on a sunny afternoon.

“You’re a programmer, right?”


"No, you should be a caretaker, like an NPC in a game."

"You know, a lot of people have one or two similar ideas from time to time. Who isn't curious about our world?"

"But more and more people know the truth. Look, I behave normally, I don't hurt others, and I don't harm myself. I work normally, on time, and respect your rules, all the rules. But I still came in here, because thoughts, thoughts are the most terrible, right?"

"Yes," the dean smacked his lips.

"Thoughts are silent rules, such as morality and religion, which are weapons that bind people's thoughts. You can easily manage us without spending a single soldier, and those who know this fact are locked up here because they are afraid that if they go out, they will expose all the truth, and then you will be defenseless."

"And those stupid people outside who are completely controlled by you will think that we are abnormal and crazy. It's like killing two birds with one stone. You are so smart."

"And you, you are not one of them, you are also this stupid bug. You have been too deeply harmed by their rules, so you almost voluntarily serve them and become the manager of those who know the truth."

The dean frowned, and then said:

"Not everyone here thinks the same as you do,"

"Yes, but they are the ones who discovered the clues or bugs of this world."

"Schizophrenics see a replicated reality, paranoiacs see the truth that the world cannot reveal, and mania is just a desire to break the stupid rules that have been set."

"This is a bug. The programmer who ran this has a bug."

"We only have one life, so why can't we live it well and make it as wonderful as possible?"

The dean smiled kindly.

"No, it all makes sense. I've seen the world loading process with my own eyes. When you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night,

You can try to walk out of the room and onto the street before you regain your sanity. You will see nothing, nothing exists. When you regain your sanity, everything will reappear, slowly, like a computer game. The sky, the streets, the cars, the street lights. This is not a problem with the brain, but because the world has not yet been loaded.

"Do you really want to get out of here? Live a normal life?" The dean looked at the man in front of him puzzled.

He was neatly dressed, had clean hair and a freshly shaved beard. His eyes were calm and clear, and his language was articulate.

He doesn't smile much.

"Me? I'm here to clear the name of those who know the truth."

Wang Zhihang's lips suddenly curled up into an evil and weird smile.

"Dean, can my brother still be saved?" Wang Zhixuan looked at the dean anxiously.

"He has very serious delusional disorder and needs long-term treatment here."

The dean said calmly: "He seems to be behaving normally at the moment, but if he does not receive treatment, this will only be temporary. Come to me on Friday afternoon and we will tell you in detail after studying his condition." The dean opened the door of his office and made a "please" gesture.

"Want to create chaos? Impossible, you will never, ever be able to…" the dean laughed coldly.

"Let the truth be known to the world."

At this time, a female nurse rushed in in a hurry.

"Dean, there is a huge chaos outside. Everyone is disobeying discipline and they are trying to escape!"

"Where are the medicines? Didn't they take them? They are under compulsory management!" The dean rushed out in a hurry.

"We collected a large number of pills from the cracks in the patients' pillows. They probably haven't taken their medication on time recently."

When the director came to the ward, he saw that the outside was in an unprecedented chaos and violence. All the mental patients were collectively resisting the male nurses and guards with all their might. Some guards tried to use forced management, but were overwhelmed by a large number of patients before they could make a move.

"There are too few people. Call me for support." The dean hid outside the ward, staring at the movements inside while extending his hand to the female nurse next to him.

A feeling of numbness and pain instantly spread from his hand to his whole body. Before falling down, the dean looked at the female nurse next to him in shock.

"Haha, stupid administrator, now no one can stop us from finding out the truth."

The female nurse took off her nurse cap and asked , "Who is the ghost-faced man ?" while shouting to Wang Zhihang who had struggled out of the ward:

"Remember to save us when you get out! This world needs people who know the truth!"

Wang Zhihang continued to run towards the gate.

Suddenly, everything went dark before his eyes and he passed out.

When he woke up again, Wang Zhihang found himself lying on a soft and comfortable sofa, and the dean in front of him was looking at him with a worried look on his face.

I was sweating profusely, as if I had had an extremely real dream.

After hypnosis, the dean slowly walked out into the reception room. Wang Zhihang stood by the door and saw his brother Wang Zhixuan looking at the dean anxiously.

"How about it, can my brother go out?"

“He has very severe delusional disorder and needs long-term treatment here.

He seems to be behaving normally, but if he doesn't get treatment, this will only be temporary. Come to me on Friday afternoon, and we will tell you in detail after we study his condition." The dean said calmly, opened the door of his office, and made a "please" gesture.

"This…" Wang Zhihang seemed to remember something, and he began to shout in despair:


The office door was not closed tightly. Suddenly, Wang Zhihang's eyes met a pair of eyes outside the door. It was a female patient. She gave him a sly smile, and then took out a nurse's cap from behind.

Wang Zhihang was suddenly startled, and he remembered the level-breaking game.

If a level is not passed, the people inside will have to repeat the same scene and the same event over and over again…

How many times has this happened?

—Time Ghost Stories-ra216.com—

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