Ghost Messenger's Order Chapter 734 Sun Rui

In the next few days, Yang Jian went to get off work and back home as usual in Dachang City. After the party, everything seemed to have returned to normal.

He works from nine to five and his life has become very regular.

In the company, Yang Jian's presence gradually increased. Although he had nothing to do, as long as he was alive, the Shangtong Building would always exist and everything would develop in a good direction.

"Boss Yang, the company has recently received another investment, but the boss wants to invite you to dinner. What do you think?"

In the office, Zhang Liqin walked slowly in high heels. She wore light makeup and looked mature and beautiful as usual. She was focused and responsible in her work.

But in private, this woman is very clingy and knows how to act coquettishly.

At least that's how Yang Jian feels these days.

"No, don't notify me about this kind of thing in the future. I'm not interested in these people." Yang Jian waved his hand and said, "As for the funds, Wang Bin already has enough."


Zhang Liqin nodded, then smiled and said, "What will Mr. Yang have for lunch? I'll ask the canteen to prepare it."

"Just the same as usual."

Yang Jian looked at an electronic alarm clock on his desk thoughtfully, not caring about these daily trivial matters.

That electronic alarm clock was a bit strange. It was a countdown. The set number was ninety, which was the number of days, but the current time had reached seventy-five.

Half a month has passed.

This countdown is the countdown to the transaction deadline between Yang Jian and Gui Chu.

He has to go to an old house and open one of the doors within three months, and the key to that door… is in his possession.

"Yang Jian, what are you thinking about? Is there something bothering you?"

Zhang Liqin's eyes moved. She came to Yang Jian, put her hands on his shoulders and massaged them gently.

"Nothing, just some personal problems of mine. It has nothing to do with ordinary people."

Zhang Liqin roughly guessed what it was. She bent down and whispered in her ear, "If you're not in a good mood, I'll accompany you to relax. No one will come to the office at this time."


Yang Jian took his eyes off the number and said, "Go downstairs to inform Zhang Hua and Li Yang and ask them to come over."

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"Okay, Mr. Yang."

Zhang Liqin was a little disappointed, but she immediately returned to her working attitude, turned around and left the office without any hesitation.

After a while.

Zhang Liqin brought Zhang Hua and Li Yang to the office.

"Captain Yang, is there any situation?" Zhang Hua asked immediately.

Yang Jian waved his hand and said, "Don't be nervous, I just want you to come up and sit for a while."

"I see." Zhang Hua smiled. "It just so happens that I have nothing to do these two days. It would be great if Captain Yang wanted to chat with me."

Establishing a good relationship with the person in charge will also help in the development of work.

Zhang Hua still had an idea in his mind.

Zhang Liqin didn't say anything, but turned around and went to make tea for the two of them.

"In fact, I don't just want to chat with you, I also want to say something."

Yang Jian said calmly, "I've seen Dachang City recently, it's very peaceful, my daily commute to get off work is very leisurely, so I plan to leave for a while."

"Captain Yang is going on a business trip?" Zhang Hua took the tea handed to him by Zhang Liqin and said with a look of surprise.

He remembered that no one from abroad had contacted Yang Jiancai recently.

Yang Jian said, "It's not a business trip, I'm just going out for a walk and investigating some things."

"Is it about the coordinates from last time?" Zhang Hua suddenly said in a low voice, without deliberately avoiding the question.

"Yes, I want to go to Dahan City to take a look." Yang Jian said.

Zhang Hua nodded and said, "Dahan City is very close, not far away. If Captain Yang wants to go, I can arrange a trip. I wonder when Captain Yang will leave."

As long as it is within the country, it doesn't matter where Yang Jian goes. After all, it is normal for a captain-level figure to move around.

But if he goes abroad, Zhang Hua will have to report it.

"Tomorrow, I'll let my secretary arrange the itinerary for me." Yang Jian said, "Zhang Liqin, help me book two tickets to Dahan City."

"Okay, Mr. Yang." Zhang Liqin nodded, then felt a little reluctant.

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She really enjoyed accompanying Yang Jian to and from get off work every day, but she didn't expect that just a few days later, Yang Jian would have to go on a business trip.

"Two. Who else is coming?" Zhang Hua asked in surprise.

Yang Jian pointed and said, "Li Yang, you come with me. Feng Quan, Tong Qian, Huang Ziya and the others have gone back to celebrate the New Year. They have contacted me and said that they will not be able to move their families to Dachang City until after the New Year. After all, it is more troublesome to bring a family with you. So you accompany me on this business trip. In addition, I also want to test your ability. After all, you are a newcomer."

"Since Captain Yang has spoken, I am naturally willing to go along." Li Yang nodded without objection.

He knew that if he came to Dachang City, he would have to contribute some effort.

Otherwise, how can he, a newcomer, gain a foothold?

Yang Jian added: "Don't be nervous, it's just an ordinary investigation. If something unexpected happens, as long as you follow the instructions, you will be safe like last time."

"I understand what Captain Yang means." Li Yang nodded. He didn't think Yang Jian was lying to him.

After all, he was able to come out alive from the ghost painting, so his safety rate is still worth ensuring if he goes on a business trip with this person.

In fact, Yang Jian also thought about whether he should take Li Yang out to investigate the coordinates of the location left by the knocking ghost. After all, this matter was a secret and he didn't want many people to know about it.

But when I think about it carefully, I feel that the secret is not important.

The answer is what matters.

If I continue to fight alone, accidents will happen sooner or later. Having more people can at least help share some of the pressure.

Moreover, the ghost controlled by Li Yang is very special.

Door blocking ghost.

Even evil spirits can be stopped behind the door, and when encountering dangers that cannot be handled, he can buy time and opportunities.

In short, it is better to be cautious and always keep something in reserve.

"Then who will take care of Dachang City?" Zhang Hua asked again.

Yang Jian said, "It's the same as before. I'm looking for Zhang Han again. He lives with his wife and children all day long. His life is too peaceful. Since he has enjoyed the safety and resources brought by Dachang City, he should give something back. Besides, if I go to Dahan City, I can rush back immediately if something happens. Don't worry, nothing will happen."

"Okay." Zhang Hua nodded and didn't ask any more questions.

After all, the two places are indeed very close to each other, and going out for a trip will not have a big impact. He is well aware of the situation in Dachang City these days.

"That's all for now. Li Yang, go back and get ready. We'll set off early tomorrow morning." Yang Jian said.

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"Okay, Captain Yang."

Zhang Hua suddenly thought of something and whispered, "Oh, by the way, the liaison officer from the headquarters asked me to ask about Xiong Wenwen."

"What about Xiong Wenwen? Who is asking about this?" Yang Jian asked back.

"It was Xiong Wenwen's mother Chen Shumei. She called Vice Minister Cao Yanhua. The vice minister didn't know how to explain it so she pushed the matter onto me… The vice minister said Captain Yang, you know." Zhang Hua said.

Yang Jian frowned, as if he remembered this little detail. Chen Shumei once asked him to help save Xiong Wenwen, but he refused. However, out of a mother's love for her child, he gave Chen Shumei Cao Yanhua's phone number.

I didn't expect that Chen Shumei would actually ask Cao Yanhua for help.

"Xiong Wenwen is in my hands, but the situation is very complicated and cannot be explained in a short time. You can ask Chen Shumei to come to Dachang City." Yang Jian said: "Some things really need to be discussed with her in person. After all, she is Xiong Wenwen's guardian."

"Okay, Captain Yang, I know what to do." Zhang Hua nodded.

Yang Jian glanced at the safe room in the office.

Xiong Wenwen's paper figure was placed inside together with the coffin that contained the corpse from last time.

It’s just that he doesn’t want to resurrect Xiong Wenwen for the time being.

Because there is no need.

Moreover, he did not trust Liu San, so he needed to observe him for a while and be cautious. Besides, the resurrection of this alien also needed to be reconsidered to see if his mother Chen Shumei agreed.

This kind of thing is very special.

Not everyone has the courage to accept that their son has become a paper man.

"I'll deal with this matter when I come back. If Chen Shumei arrives, Zhang Liqin, please arrange for her to be taken care of." Yang Jian said again.

"Okay, Mr. Yang, I've made a note of that."

Zhang Liqin immediately wrote this down in her notes.

"By the way, Captain Yang, the case of Sun Ren is still under investigation, but there is no result yet. Let me report to you." Zhang Hua brought up another matter.

It was about Sun Ren kidnapping Zhang Wei.

Yang Jian waved his hand and said, "Forget it. The ghost rider who hid himself is probably nowhere to be found. He was my high school classmate, so I know him a little bit. Just continue the hunt for him. Notify me if you have any news."

"Got it." Zhang Hua has a rigorous work attitude and reports everything to Yang Jian, big or small, without hiding anything.

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After listening to his work report, Yang Jian let him leave first, and then asked about Li Yang's situation.

Li Yang now also lives in Guanjiang Community. Jiang Yan allocated him a house and arranged him to work in the company, with a monthly salary of one million yuan and a sinecure.

Of course, this arrangement was agreed by Yang Jian. Although the salary was not very high, it was not low either.

"If nothing else, you can go back and make some preparations. It might be dangerous this time." Yang Jian said seriously.

"Okay, Captain Yang, I know what's going on, don't worry." Li Yang nodded: "Then I'll leave first. I don't know what time we'll leave tomorrow."

"I'll ask my secretary to inform you later." Yang Jian said.

"Okay, then I won't disturb Captain Yang." Li Yang left politely.

Zhang Liqin came over and said, "The flight is at 9:30 tomorrow. I have already booked the ticket. But then again, our life is pretty peaceful now. There are some things we don't need to worry about. Don't you think it's good to stay in Dachang City?"

"That's good, but there are many things beyond your control. Don't be curious about things in the supernatural circle. Just do your job well." Yang Jian said.

He actually wanted to stay in Dachang City to retire.

However, he still has the curse of the ghost cabinet's transaction and the hidden danger of the evil spirit reviving.

In addition, supernatural events are becoming more and more terrifying, and some secrets must be understood and uncovered as soon as possible…

If we do nothing, we will be unable to cope with future sudden changes.

Apart from anything else, if another S-level supernatural event happened in Dachang City, Yang Jian would honestly not be able to withstand it at all, unless he risked his life.

But now, S-level supernatural events have gradually increased.

This illustrates a problem.

The ghosts are already completing the puzzle, or some terrifying evil spirits are gradually emerging.

It’s only been half a year.

Yang Jian felt a little emotional.

It has only been half a year since I became a ghost rider. Looking back to half a year ago, I was still in the dark about the supernatural events and the situation was still under the control of the headquarters. But now, a ghost messenger incident and a ghost painting incident almost wiped out all the ghost riders in the headquarters.


The headquarters was invaded inexplicably, and even the starving ghosts were stolen.

Urban ghost messenger order_What does the ghost order mean_Ghost messenger order

This sense of crisis has been constantly reminding Yang Jian that everything that seems peaceful will soon cease to exist.

And just when he decided to go to Dahan City.

Right now.

Dahan City.

It is also the top floor of a high-rise building.


A few slight coughs were heard, and a man in his twenties, wearing a suit and smoking, frowned and put down the satellite positioning phone in his hand.

"That Ghost Eye Yang Jian who always likes to fight and cause trouble is coming to my Dahan City?"

The man stood up, leaning on a golden cane. He had a limp and walked unsteadily. His complexion was not very good, waxy and black, and he looked like a patient in a hospital bed, ready to die at any moment.

But his speech and behavior were not at all like a patient, and there was an indescribable "spirit" in his words.

His name is Sun Rui.

The person in charge of this city is a ghost rider who controls two evil ghosts.

In the past, he was considered a top player, but now, he can only helplessly rank below the captain.

It was precisely because Sun Rui knew that he was not qualified to be the captain, so he simply stayed in Dahan City honestly and was too lazy to go to other places. He didn't even care when the headquarters was selecting a captain.

"Zhang Hua talked to me on the phone. He came here just to investigate some things. There is no special meaning. In fact, you don't need to take it too seriously." An assistant in his early thirties spoke up next to him.

"Don't worry? That's Ghost Eye Yang Jian, a tough guy who solved S-level supernatural incidents. I don't care that he can issue a ghost warrant , but what if he cares about me?"

Sun Rui gestured and said, "Don't offend this guy. He's on a flight tomorrow morning. You arrange for someone to pick him up at the airport… Forget it, I'll go there myself and ask him about his purpose for coming here. This kind of person has a strong purpose and won't come to me for no reason. I'm a little worried."

"Something must have gone wrong in Dahan City. It's probably related to that incident."

He then added very seriously.

"Okay, I'll arrange it." The assistant nodded solemnly.

"Go ahead."

Sun Rui waved his hand, then limped to the window, looked in one direction of the city, and then frowned deeply.

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