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Teacher Zhang is the daughter of my colleague. She always comes to the bureau and is quite familiar with me. She has just started working and leads a group of senior high school students. Since she is not very different in age from the students, she always gets along well with the students. I met her by chance. She excitedly told me an interesting story while chatting.

She inadvertently had a special dream when she was very young. She dreamed of an aunt in a white plaid skirt hugging her, making her laugh, and then playing hide-and-seek with her. There was a shining jade pendant dangling on her chest, and she reached for it. Enough, during the play, this aunt hid under a stone bridge and disappeared, and the dream ended. This dream started in her childhood and stayed with her until she became an adult. Every time she dreamed of this warm scene, she couldn't help but wake up laughing.

What is the omen of dreaming about a ghost boy_Dreaming about a ghost boy_Dreaming about a ghost boy

Coincidentally, she has a good relationship with the study committee member in her class because they are all from Jixian County. Once when she visited the study committee member's home, she found a photo of the student and her mother. She was immediately attracted by the beautiful mother in the photo. That mother Her expression and smile were so familiar and kind, as if she had seen her before somewhere. When she recalled carefully, she was very close to the aunt in a white dress in her dream. Teacher Zhang asked about this student, and the student told her that her mother divorced when she was very young and never heard from her again after she left her. She missed her mother very much.

Teacher Zhang was very sad. The student's father quietly pulled Teacher Zhang aside and told Teacher Zhang in a low voice that in fact, the child's mother died in an accident not long after she was born. However, the child was young at the time and lied to Teacher Zhang. She said that her mother had left home and would not come back until the child grew up. Since she had already deceived her so far, she might as well not expose it to give her child space to miss her. After hearing this, Teacher Zhang was shocked and left the student's home with regret.

Dreaming about a ghost boy_What is the omen of dreaming about a ghost boy_Dreaming about a ghost boy

Later, Teacher Zhang called her grandma in her hometown. Grandma told her that there was indeed a female neighbor who liked her very much when she was a child. She often took her to play and bought her sweets. She also wore a white plaid skirt. It was a pity. He died after falling from a stone bridge. Later, the family moved to the city and told the family about the situation. Teacher Zhang was shocked when he heard that he dreamed about the little boy ghost . It turned out that he had dreamed about it many times. The aunt who appears repeatedly in the movie is actually the mother of his student, and he hugged her when she was a child.

When I heard this story, I also felt a little strange, but what I was more concerned about was what kind of accident it was! Digging up the dusty past to trace the origins is my occupational disease.

What is the omen_Dream of a little boy ghost_Dream of a little boy ghost

At the weekend, I called my colleague Lao Zhang and took Lao Zhang’s daughter, Teacher Zhang, for an outing. I suggested that we go to the mountainous area of ​​Jixian County, Lao Zhang’s hometown. The father and daughter agreed. In fact, I had to keep it secret. People's secrets, go and see the scene of the accident. In the car, Lao Zhang guessed my thoughts and said with a smile, you are very purposeful. I know the location of the stone bridge. Let me drive and lead the way. Two colleagues who have worked together for many years cannot escape each other's eyes.

After leaving the outer ring road, I headed straight to Jixian County and went deep into the mountainous area. I followed the winding mountain road to the Shiban Bridge in Xiaohujiazhuang Village. I stopped and checked. The bridge deck was 3 meters high from the dry river bed. Theoretically, landing on the head could cause death from craniocerebral injury. It is even more difficult to find splatter-type blood stains on the bridge after such a long time . I had a dream about a little boy ghost . I couldn’t be sure whether it was a natural fall from the bridge or something else. I called the colleague at the county bureau who handled the case. There was no record. I think the village at that time He thought it was an accident and buried it early without calling the police. When I contacted the hospital that issued the death certificate, it was hastily signed and there was no clue. The head trauma at that time could not be verified, and everything was back to square one. Did he really fall off the bridge accidentally?

Dream of a little boy ghost_Dream of a little boy ghost_What is the omen of dreaming of a ghost boy

Regarding the on-site bloodstain analysis, I would like to add: under static conditions, dripping bloodstains are mostly round in shape, with burr-like protrusions around them. There is a good linear relationship between the size of the dripping bloodstain and the dripping height. Under the dynamic conditions of walking, fast walking, running, and fast running, the dripping blood stain will be circular or elliptical. The height and speed of the protrusion appearing on one side along the direction of movement will have an impact on the shape of the blood stain respectively. There is an interaction between the two on cement pavement. .Conclusion The shape and size of dripping blood stains can be used to infer the height, movement speed and direction of the bleeding site. Blood stains from cuts will form linear blood stains on the wall as the weapon is swung. I believe those who like to watch CSI All my friends understand. In DNA analysis, biological evidence can be extracted from blood stains, saliva, human tissue, human body, and hair with hair follicles. Hair can only extract DNA components from hair follicles.

Xiao Zhang wandered around and suddenly told us with extraordinary certainty that the aunt was pushed into the river while playing hide and seek with her! Lao Zhang and I were surprised. How could she know? This childhood dream was related to the current scene. The stimulation of the external environment repeatedly deepened the dream and awakened the lowest level memory in her mind. Extraordinarily vivid images emerged quickly from the depths of her memory. She described that she was behind this tree and that aunt was on the bridge, and then someone seemed to be pulling on her, and finally she lost her footing and fell under the bridge.

What is the omen of dreaming about a ghost boy_Dreaming about a ghost boy_Dreaming about a ghost boy

We drove to grandma's house and chatted about family affairs. Grandma recalled that when something happened that day, everyone in the village went to see her. The little granddaughter fell asleep from playing not far away. Grandma took her back and no one saw her passing by. The man was lying under the bridge, and a funeral ceremony was held and cremated according to local customs. For a suspicious accident, what I care about is not the investigation of thousands of people. I am more concerned about who is the first person to find out and tell everyone. Past experience has proved that the first suspect is the person who calls the police. There are still many smart people. Grandma recalled that a blacksmith discovered it while he was passing by and called him back to the village. Over the years, the blacksmith's family has moved away without knowing where to go. We returned to the city with sadness and it was already the lights were on.

This matter weighed on me like a stone, and someone was looking forward to an answer. In the following days, I used all my connections to contact the household registration police to find the whereabouts of the blacksmith. Finally, I got the news in Bazhou, and then I went to Bazhou to learn the truth.

After I came back, I found Teacher Zhang and showed her the jade pendant in my hand. Do you remember this? Teacher Zhang was shocked when she saw it and asked where she got it. This is what the aunt in my dream was wearing around her neck! I told her to give this to the student's father, and told her the origin of the thing: I found the blacksmith's granddaughter in Bazhou, and she happened to be wearing this jade pendant. I told her that this thing should not belong to you. , to get something back from her. As for the blacksmith who worked on a construction site many years ago, an accident occurred while transporting steel bars. A steel bar from the crane fell from the sky and was inserted diagonally through his abdomen and nailed to the ground. Before he died, he only said one sentence: What should come will come. . The blacksmith's wife arrived and even said retribution! retribution! He died of cerebral hemorrhage a few years later. Whether this jade pendant was picked up by the blacksmith or stolen, whether it was made by him, and what the motive was, everything has become a secret and buried in history.

Dust returns to dust, and all historical secrets return to silence. There are no conditions for filing a case, no criminal evidence, no case records, and no trial. Everything is just caused by a confusing dream.

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