Produce Ghosts

In the countryside in the 1980s and 1990s, ghost hunting was prevalent.

The maternity ghost is a kind of ghost that comes out specifically when a mother is giving birth. He will take the lives of both the mother and the child at the same time. Therefore, every family that gives birth to a child will send someone to guard it outside.

On this day, Li Ersheng's sister Li Sanmei was about to give birth. Li Ersheng set out early in the morning, took a chicken and walked to Li Sanmei's house.

Li Sanmei was married in a small village about ten miles away from her hometown. It takes an hour from here.

Li Ersheng and Li Sanmei are half-brothers and sisters. Li Ersheng is over fifty years old, and Li Sanmei is only thirty.

Li Ersheng wore a big cotton-padded jacket and set out early in the morning. For ordinary people, the journey only takes a few hours, but Li Ersheng walked slowly on the road. After walking for an hour or two, he finally climbed over the mountain in front of him. arrive. Li Ersheng sat at the foot of the mountain for a while to prepare himself for the climb up the hillside, which was not very high.

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The story of the ghost doll Hanako_The story of the doll ghost Hanako_The story of the ghost doll Hanako’/>

When a gust of autumn wind came, Li Ersheng finally stood up with satisfaction and walked towards the mountain step by step. One step, two steps, three steps, Li Ersheng counted step by step, because for him, every step was very difficult.

When he finished the ninety-eighth step, Li Ersheng finally climbed up the hill. Not far away, a few hundred meters ahead, his brother-in-law's house loomed. Li Ersheng safely placed the tied chicken on the ridge of the field and continued to sit down.

However, as soon as he sat down, he seemed to hear the screams of his sister Li Sanmei, although it was a bit far away and could not be heard clearly. Li Ersheng quickly turned his head and looked around. There was a white figure jumping there outside his sister's window, and every time the white figure jumped, Li Sanmei's screams came from the room.

"No, it's just a waste of money." A bad thought flashed through Li Ersheng's mind. In this era, childbirth ghosts are very scary, and no one can deal with them. Once a pregnant woman encounters one, most of the time, both adults and children will die. Thinking like this, Li Ersheng couldn't care less about the hard work of his feet, grabbed the chicken on the ridge of the field, and rushed to Li Sanmei's house.

The story of the doll ghost Hanako_The story of the ghost doll Hanako_The story of the ghost doll Hanako

As for Li Sanmei, she had been suffering from stomach pain since the morning, which was a sign that she was about to give birth. However, because this place is relatively remote, there are no midwives nearby. The original due date was one week later, so the midwife was notified and came a week later.

No, early in the morning, Li Sanmei's husband put down his work and went to the other end of the village to call the midwife, leaving Li Sanmei alone at home.

At nine o'clock, the pain in my stomach became more severe, and the little life in my stomach was tumbling there, as if it was tired of staying in it and was eager to come out. Li Sanmei resisted the pain in her stomach and took off her pants to create a smooth path for the birth of the little life.

The pain in her stomach continued for half an hour. At 9:30, Li Sanmei finally felt that the little life began to crawl out. But at this moment, Li Sanmei's stomach felt a sharp pain for no reason, like a bloody hand. It was tearing inside her stomach, and outside the window, she could clearly feel a figure beating. But that figure was pale, without a trace of blood.

The story of the ghost doll Hanako_The story of the doll ghost Hanako_The story of the ghost doll Hanako

"Is this the legendary ghost birth?" A bad thought flashed through her mind. Now that she was at home alone, it seemed that she would be in danger if she encountered such a thing.

However, for the sake of the bones and flesh in her belly, she endured the severe pain and tried to get up from the bed to drive away the ghost of childbirth. However, she could not get up due to pain and exhaustion.

Every time the womb beats outside, Li Sanmei's stomach feels like it's been bloody. The pain makes her miserable. She could only support it again and again, hoping to persevere until her husband came back.

At the beginning, she could still endure it with all her strength, but later, she felt really uncomfortable. Therefore, every time the birth ghost jumped, she screamed in pain. The painful sound was even heard by herself. All felt scared.

The story of the ghost doll Hanako_The story of the ghost doll Hanako_The story of the ghost doll Hanako

At this moment, Li Ersheng happened to catch up. He changed his walking speed and took three steps and two steps at a time. Now it was a matter of life and death, and he couldn't care so much. In this way, Li Ersheng arrived in four or five minutes after traveling two to three hundred meters. However, these few minutes were extremely difficult for Li Sanmei.

Walking to the door of his brother-in-law's house, there were several loads of firewood piled there, and there happened to be a Mao Dao on top of the firewood. He must have forgotten to take it back when his brother-in-law was working in the morning. Li Ersheng quickly grabbed the Mao Dao and stabbed the rooster he carried with him. As soon as the ghost doll Hanako story was touched on the neck, the blood of the rooster began to flow out. At this moment, the ghost fisher was watching the situation of Li Sanmei inside, and did not notice the arrival of Li Ersheng at all.

Li Ersheng rushed behind the ghost and sprayed it with his rooster's neck.

Strangely enough, as soon as the chicken blood touched the childbirth ghost, she couldn't jump immediately, and her body slowly became smaller. In the end, it was less than the size of a fist. At this moment, Li Sanmei finally had the strength to walk out of the room. I walked out and looked underground. I saw that there was no longer any ghost, only a toad was there, dying.

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The story of the ghost doll Hanako_The story of the doll ghost Hanako_The story of the ghost doll Hanako’/>

"It's you who made me die in pain." Looking at the little toad on the ground, Li Sanmei was so angry that she grabbed the toad that had been transformed into a childbirth ghost. She didn't care that she was a pregnant woman now. The toad killed him directly.

Then set up the pot, put a spoonful of oil into the pot, and then put the toad into the oil pot. Fry the toad until both sides are brown, add some salt, and it will be fragrant and delicious. Li Sanmei put it in a bowl and ate it in two bites.

"How do you feel now?" Li Ersheng asked after seeing Li Sanmei eating the toad.

"I feel much better." Li Sanmei touched her big belly and said, "My stomach doesn't hurt so much now."

Li Sanmei lay on the bed again, and Li Ersheng was watching outside. After a while, the cry of a baby came from inside the room, and another new life was born in this society.

However, what he didn't know was how much suffering his birth caused his mother…

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