Haunted House

"Now how to do?"

Xiong Wenwen stood in the hall uneasily, looking at the smiling female receptionist intentionally or unintentionally.

Why is this person still here?

Didn't Guo Fan clamor to deal with her before? Why are the two of them missing now? The female receptionist is still here, and she keeps smiling at the two of them. Her smile is a bit chilling.

Yang Jian glanced at the female receptionist and didn't pay much attention to it. He just said: "Take a rest and make new plans. It seems that we can't break through forcefully. We have to start somewhere else."

"As I said before, first confirm Tong Qian's situation. If she dies, we must find her mobile phone. With her character, it is impossible not to leave some message. If it doesn't work, I have another plan of action."

At this point, he paused.

Another plan of action is that Yang Jian has to go to Room 13 or Room 31 to try his luck.

Originally, he could have chosen not to investigate in person, but the problem was that the clues obtained from Zhao Lei's notes before his death and from the ghost closet were completely different, which made him hesitate.

"However, this operation is not fruitless. At least two facts have been established. There is a ghost on the second floor of this hotel. The ghost I mentioned controlling Zhao Lei has indeed stayed in this hotel and has obtained Tong Qian. That ghost face…and that ghost seemed to have grown a lot, and my ghost realm was completely suppressed."

"If you want to make a plan for incarceration, you can't rely on the ghost domain. You have to avoid such restraint situations."

"Also, the white ghost candle cannot be used easily, otherwise it will become an uncontrollable situation."

Xiong Wenwen looked at Yang Jian in surprise, as if he didn't expect that he could think of so many problems in the face of failure, and he was not so scared that he almost cried like himself.

After all, he is still an adult.

Yang Jian ignored the naughty kid at the moment, but picked up his phone and started locating Tong Qian's location.

If Tong Qian dies, at least the body is still there. The ghost will not clean up the body for you. Even if the body cannot be found, the mobile phone should be able to find it.

As soon as he turned on the satellite positioning phone, Yang Jian immediately saw three signal sources appearing on a 3D radar map on the phone.

This means that there are three satellite positioning mobile phones dedicated to Interpol around him.

Two of the signal sources are very close together and the display is overhead.

It seems that those should be the mobile phones of Guo Fan and Feng Quan. They did go to the fourth floor of the hotel to investigate as Yang Jian expected. They should not be dead now. After all, they both controlled two ghosts. He is a top-notch person at the headquarters. He has experienced solving supernatural incidents many times and is not so easy to fall into trouble.

The third signal source made Yang Jian's face freeze.

This signal source is also very close, almost right next to me.

Less than ten meters apart.

But Yang Jian was in the hall now, and there was nothing around him. The empty hall was only about ten meters long.

In other words, Tong Qian's satellite positioning phone is in the hall.

After realizing this, Yang Jian followed the direction of the signal and suddenly stared at the female receptionist standing there with a smile.

There are no problems at all in other parts of the lobby, only the counter and the female front desk have problems.

The problem is obvious and can be seen by anyone who walks in the door.

"Call Tong Qian's cell phone for me." Yang Jian said to his satellite positioning cell phone.

Since entering here, his satellite positioning phone has been on 24 hours a day.

Liu Xiaoyu was in charge of wiring at the moment. She said: "The information here shows that Tong Qian in Zhongshan City has lost contact. Her satellite positioning hand cannot dial. The lost location should be Caesar in Zhongshan City." Inside the hotel, are you sure you want to make the call now?"

"Do as I say." Yang Jian said immediately.

"Okay." Liu Xiaoyu was also very solemn at this moment, because she knew that Yang Jian was in the middle of a supernatural incident again, and she was in great danger.

She would not interfere with any of Yang Jian's actions if it was not necessary.

But at Yang Jian's request, she notified Tong Qian's operator and chose to answer her call again.

"The call has been connected." Liu Xiaoyu said immediately.

Yang Jian frowned: "Is there no prompt tone when the phone is connected? I need to determine the exact location of the phone, and the location can only be approximate."

"There is no connection prompt tone, because it is for safety reasons, but I can play a little sound in the communication room here and play it through the phone over there, so that it can be used as a phone prompt tone." Liu Xiaoyu He spoke.

"Very good, let's get started." Yang Jian said.

Liu Xiaoyu immediately contacted Tong Qian's operator and prepared to play a piece of music.

"Little rabbit, be good, open the door…" A piece of cartoon music played.

The sound did not come from Yang Jian's cell phone, but it suddenly rang in the lobby of the hotel.

Although the sound was very low, the surrounding silence was a bit scary when Yang Jian and Xiong Wenwen remained quiet, so it was still quite clear.

But the source of this sound is… the female receptionist.

"How could Tong Qian's cell phone be on this thing?" Xiong Wenwen asked in shock, subconsciously hiding behind Yang Jian.

He suspected that after Tong Qian was killed by a ghost, the ghost took away Tong Qian's mobile phone.

In other words, the female receptionist is also a ghost.

Yang Jian narrowed his eyes and stared at the female receptionist.

She was still smiling, standing there like a corpse with no other expression.

"You asked why Tong Qian's cell phone was on the female front desk, that's because the female front desk is Tong Qian…" Yang Jian suddenly said a very scary result.

"You're lying, the two people here don't look alike at all." Xiong Wenwen secretly glanced at the 19th floor of The Reincarnation of the Ghost- Eyed Shangnu . Although this eldest sister is also very beautiful, she is absolutely the same as Tong Qian. no the same.

Yang Jian said; "It's just that they look different, but their bodies are similar. Don't forget the ghost we met before. It can peel off other people's faces. Since it can peel off other people's faces, then it can be replaced by others." A face is also possible.”

Xiong Wenwen was stunned for a moment. After hearing what he said, it was really possible.

"But you'll know if you give it a try." Yang Jian walked over cautiously, but a headless shadow at his feet stood up strangely first, and quickly ran behind the female receptionist. .

The ghost approached the female receptionist without any reaction. She still stood there with a smile and a slightly stiff expression.

But the lack of response didn't mean that Yang Jian would be relieved.

Soon, the ghost's height gradually shrank, becoming the same height and body shape as the female receptionist. Then he took a step forward and quickly integrated into her body.

The female receptionist's body trembled slightly. She was frozen like a puppet, motionless.

At this moment, her body was taken over by ghosts.

Yang Jian looked at it and then walked over with confidence.

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