People Kill Ghosts

Zheng Yueer is a child bride, and her husband is one year older than her, named Yang Chiquan.

Before getting married, Zheng Yueer discovered that her husband likes to play with women outside, but Zheng Yueer is a conservative woman, she thought she was Yang Chiquan's child bride and my domineering ghost wife , so she was his wife, especially when Zheng Yueer felt that When she was destined to marry Yang Chiquan, she was almost raped by Yang Chiquan.

That night, Zheng Yue'er slept until midnight, when she suddenly felt that someone was hugging her, a mouth full of wine smelled like a pig's food, and her hands were tense and skilled. Taking off Zheng Yueer's clothes.

Zheng Yueer, who had never experienced anything between a man and a woman, began to be afraid. Zheng Yueer, who had been working all year round, tried her best to push away the unsuspecting man lying on top of her, and began to yell loudly.

When Zheng Yueer's in-laws rushed into her room with farm tools, Zheng Yueer was clutching her collar and huddled in the corner, her small eyes widening.

Her eyes were full of tears about to fall, and her nostrils were wide open, floating non-stop, it could be seen that she was resolutely holding back her tears from falling down at this moment. She didn't know whether it was because of panic, anger, or something else that kept her whole body moving.

After the family members came in, seeing this scene, they pulled out Yang Chiquan who had fallen to the ground.

Within a few days, the family held a simple wedding ceremony for Yang Chiquan and Zheng Yueer, but Zheng Yueer on the wedding night faced Yang Chiquan with a lewd smile on her face, and couldn't help but think of the day when she was almost raped by Yang Chiquan a few days ago. One night, thinking about that night, Zheng Yue'er's whole body began to tremble non-stop.

Zheng Yueer shrank in the corner in fear, and looked at Yang Chiquan with a face full of fear, but Yang Chiquan didn't care about the horror on Zheng Yueer's face, he just pulled Zheng Yueer who was trembling in the corner skillfully, and stepped off Zheng Yueer skillfully. clothes, and hastily finished the wedding night with Zheng Yueer.

But after finishing the work, Yang Chiquan muttered dissatisfiedly, it really looks like a piece of wood.

Early the next morning, Yang Chiquan left his newly married wife and went out to fool around.

Originally, Zheng Yue'er thought that Yang Chiquan could let her go if she went out to fool around, so this is what she longed for in her heart.

Others feel good, but in Zheng Yueer's heart, there are terrifying thoughts.

However, Yang Chiquan didn't think that Zheng Yueer would let her go if she went out to fool around. Instead, Yang Chiquan used various postures on Zheng Yueer's body that he had learned from outside.

Unbearable, Zheng Yue'er began to make up her mind to kill Yang Chiquan.

But how can people kill Yang Chiquan without anyone noticing it? Zheng Yue'er started thinking about drinking, and she decided to buy some rat poison. In the countryside, it is very normal to have rat poison at home, so Zheng Yueer puts a little rat poison into Yang Chiquan's wine every day.

Not long after, Yang Chiquan vomited and died in the sewage ditch at the entrance of the village.

Zheng Yueer laughed secretly, but buried Yang Chiquan with pain on her face. The family members, villagers, and relatives were all lamenting Zheng Yueer's hard life.

Originally, Zheng Yue'er thought her bad luck was over, but on the night of the burial, Zheng Yue'er suddenly felt that she was surrounded by an icy cold, and then, she faintly felt a light person crawling on her body.

But when she thought it was just a dream, she felt that besides the coldness and lightness, there was also a familiar and terrifying feeling.

All this reminded her of her husband who was poisoned to death by her own hands.

Her heart was surrounded by fear, Zheng Yue'er wanted to stretch out her hand to push away the person on her body, but her hand didn't listen to her call at all, and couldn't move at all.

Immediately afterwards, Zheng Yue'er was terrified and wanted to call someone to come to my overbearing ghost wife , but her mouth seemed to be sewn shut, and she couldn't open her mouth at all.

Zheng Yue'er's face turned pale at this time, her nose and wings were constantly trembling, I think she was short of breath because of fear, so that her nose and wings were constantly trembling, her whole body was unable to move. Big drops of sweat dripped from his body.

In this way, Zheng Yueer persisted until dawn in pain.

After dawn, everyone saw Zheng Yueer's face was pale, staring at a pair of dark circles, the eyes were blood red, and the seal was black. Everyone thought that Zheng Yueer was unable to sleep all night because of her husband's death and grief. This haggard face that will appear now.

Zheng Yue'er ignored the pity eyes of the villagers, she went straight to the Taoist's house in the neighboring village.

After Zheng Yue'er told the Taoist priest what happened last night, the Taoist priest told her that the situation she encountered was called a ghost pressing the bed. The Taoist priest gave her three talismans, and asked her to hang one talisman at the gate and one talisman in the room. Inside, there is another amulet placed on the wall next to the bed.

Zheng Yue'er hung up the three talismans solemnly, she thought that she could have a good sleep that night, but that night, she once again felt a familiar and frightening ghost pressing on her body .

Zheng Yueer spent this long night in agony, just when Zheng Yueer felt relaxed, a sharp and icy voice sounded in her left ear, and there was a trace of indifference in that sharp and icy voice .

"I won't let you go." said the male ghost lying on Zheng Yueer's body.

Zheng Yue'er finally understood that it was her husband's ghost who came back to avenge her.

Zheng Yue'er felt that she was covered in a cold sweat from the start, and after two nights of sleepless, Zheng Yue'er who was startled and sweated again began to fall ill. Zheng Yue'er, who was ill, suddenly thought of an old man in her natal family who could collect ghosts.

Originally, Zheng Yueer never believed that there were ghosts in this world, but at this time, she no longer cared about her disbelief. Zheng Yueer dragged her sick body back to her natal home, but she learned that the old man who could catch ghosts was dead.

Upon hearing the news, Zheng Yue'er collapsed to the ground, she felt very helpless and painful.

Thinking of continuing to endure Yang Chiquan's torture, Zheng Yue'er felt that it would be better to just die. As the saying goes, it is better to live than to die. Zheng Yue'er didn't know where the courage came from, but she got up from the ground and wanted to be alone. Go alone to the house of the old man who can collect ghosts, find some tools that can collect ghosts, and collect ghosts by yourself.

Because the old man collecting ghosts is a hermaphrodite, he has no offspring, so Zheng Yueer went straight to the old man's house. After searching the old man's house for a long time, Zheng Yue'er found a book from the old man's suitcase, but Zheng Yue'er couldn't read at all.

But fortunately, besides the words, there are pictures in the book. Zheng Yueer kept rummaging in the book, and finally stopped at a bed with a picture on it. A little bit of the picture of the person stuck on it.

Zheng Yueer tore off the paper, found the teacher in the village primary school, and asked the teacher to read the words on it to her.

Zheng Yue'er has found a way to solve the ghost press.

She stayed at her mother's house for one night, and the next day, she ran home excitedly before dawn.

As soon as she arrived in the village, Zheng Yue'er went to the village to buy a little black dog before she had time to go home, and then went home and took out a lot of pot ashes from the stove at home.

As soon as it got dark, Zheng Yue'er covered herself all over with pot ashes, and even put a scarecrow on the bed as herself. That night, Yang Chiquan's ghost really came again. Although Zheng Yue'er couldn't see the ghost, she could feel a cold breath.

As soon as she felt this icy breath, Zheng Yue'er took out the black dog's blood she had prepared and splashed it on the bed.

"Ahhh…" Zheng Yue'er saw a vague figure screaming desperately.

Zheng Yue'er immediately spit out the saliva that she had prepared for a long time at that blurred figure, who would have expected that as soon as Zheng Yueer's saliva touched the blurry figure, the figure would turn into a pool of black blood.

Zheng Yueer saw that Yang Chiquan's ghost was dead, and she collapsed on the ground unable to support herself.

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