People Kill Ghosts

Before getting married, Zheng Yueer discovered that her husband likes to play with women outside, but Zheng Yueer is a conservative woman. She thought that she was Yang Chiquan's child bride-in-law, so she was his daughter-in-law, especially when Zheng Yueer felt that she was destined to be married. When she married Yang Chiquan, she was almost raped by Yang Chiquan. But how can people kill Yang Chiquan without anyone noticing? All this made her think of her husband who was poisoned to death by her own hands. Zheng Yue'er finally understood that it was her husband's ghost who came back to avenge her. Zheng Yue'er, who was ill, suddenly thought of an old man in her natal family who could collect ghosts. … Continue readingPeople Kill Ghosts