Marriage In The Grave

Mr. Diao is a sarcastic person, and he treats others the same way, as well as his daughter-in-law Mint. In his hands, Mint was like a child bride, left to his mercy, without enough food or clothing to keep her warm all day long. Mint was also a beautiful woman with a bad life. Less than two years after she and her husband had passed, she became a widow. Mrs. Diao complained that Mint killed her son and even treated her as a human being. He either scolds Mint or creates difficulties in every possible way. The neighbors all sympathized with Mint.

One day when Mrs. Diao went to visit relatives and friends, Aunt Wang took the opportunity to send Mint a lot of cooked eggs to help her replenish her health. Mint said embarrassedly: "Your family is also in a difficult situation, so just keep it for yourself." Second Aunt Wang said to her: "My child , Lin Chuan Suspense Files, swear to death , look how thin you have become? If you don't keep me, I will be angry." Yes." Mint had no choice but to accept it. After sending Aunt Wang away, Mint's stomach was so hungry that he couldn't help peeling off the eggs one by one and started eating them. The more he ate, the more delicious they became. As soon as he put the last one in his mouth, Diao went home with a ruffled nose. Mint was startled. The egg rolled into her throat and got stuck. She couldn't swallow it no matter how hard she tried. It made her eyes sparkle, and she rolled her eyes after a while. Diao was frightened when she saw it and hurried to the street to call for help. When the neighbors heard the shouting, they all ran to her house and looked at Mint. They found that she was quite dead. The tribe suggested asking a service provider to take care of the funeral. After her mother-in-law's family heard that Bo Bo was dead, many people came over. After looking at the scene, they concluded that her mother-in-law had forced her to die, so they took Ms. Diao to file a lawsuit.

Mrs. Diao was frightened when she saw it, and hurriedly asked the person in charge to make peace. The clerk and her mother-in-law discussed it for a long time and finally reached an agreement: the dead person would be clothed in silk , swear an oath to death, and be crowned with gold and silver. Diao had no choice but to agree and then buried the mint. There was a young man named Hao Dadan in Haojiazhuang. His family was poor and he made a living by digging graves. This man heard that Mint was dead and had done a good job, so he came to the forest late that night and planned to steal the clothes of the deceased. He lurked in the grass for a long time, and after looking around for no movement, he dug Mint's grave. This man was an expert in this business, and he dug out the end of the stone box in the ground in less than half an hour. After prying open the stone, a ray of light came out of the hole. Hao boldly crawled in, slowly opened the coffin lid, jumped inside, sat on the female corpse, then put a noose around the female corpse's neck, aimed at the female corpse's chest and punched it. For a moment, he put his body close to the female corpse, put the noose on his head face to face with the female corpse, and used the power of his head to drive the corpse's front body to sit up. Experienced people know that unless you do this, you will never be able to take off the clothes of the dead. Hao boldly struck a match and illuminated the corpse, and to his surprise, she turned out to be a girl with abdominal muscles like snow and a face like a fairy! I immediately felt soft all over. At this time, I gradually felt that the body of the woman was warm. After some time, the female corpse suddenly let out a long sigh of relief and asked, "What's wrong with me?" Hao DaDa said, "You just woke up." The female corpse asked, "Am I sick?" Hao DaDa said Said: "You are either sick or dead." The dead body grunted.

Hao DaDabao asked puzzledly: "How did you die?" Mint said: "I'm not dead. The egg got stuck in my throat and I couldn't breathe. Where am I?" Hao DaDang asked her Said: "You are in the grave! Your family thought you were dead, so they buried you." When Mint heard about it: "Who are you, and how can we be together?" Hao Dadan said to her: "Don't be afraid, I I won't hurt you." After saying that, he took off the noose from their heads, lit the candle with a match, and the tomb was immediately filled with light. Mint took a look and saw that she was sitting face to face with a handsome man. Her face started to feel hot, but then she thought: Since I lost my husband, maybe this man will be my future husband. So he shyly asked tentatively: "Who are you? Don't you have a wife? What are you doing here?" Hao Dadan said: "My name is Hao Dadan. My family is very poor. Whose girl is following me? Besides, I won't come. , who else rescued your grave?" When Mint heard that it was right, he suddenly felt grateful, and then asked: "To tell you the truth, my husband passed away, and I have a mother-in-law who was not good to me. If you don't If you don't like it, I am willing to serve you for the rest of my life." Upon hearing this, Hao Dadan said excitedly: "Then I thank you!" The two said each other's names. Mint said: "In that case, let's make an oath to Tianmeng!" The two of them knelt in the coffin and heard Hao boldly say: "Thank God for allowing us. If I have half-hearted thoughts about Mint in the future, I will die badly!" "Mint then also swore an oath.

In this way, the two of them were married in the tomb, and then they couldn't help but have an intimate relationship in the coffin. Mint and Hao boldly emerged from the grave, filled the hole with soil and went home. The next day, Mint took Hao DaDa to go to her parents' home to recognize her relatives. The whole family was horrified when they saw Mint. After Hao's bold explanation, the mystery was finally solved. After looking at Hao Dadan's appearance and honest conversation, I was very satisfied. The old man said to them: "Choose an auspicious date and you can get married." Mint said: "We have already made a grand ceremony in the grave, I think we can skip it?" The old man smiled and said: "Then let's do it by You guys, it’s better for poor people to save a little when hosting weddings.”

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