Jinling Resentment

A while ago, my mother and the old sisters took a "five cities in East China tour". Lu Debin couldn't die . When passing through Nanjing, he stopped by to visit an old relative at home.

On the day my mother came to the door, I was catching up with a warm-hearted relative who was helping the neighbor’s family to prepare for the funeral. My mother found out that this neighbor is a lonely old man who is a hundred years old this year. He seems to be mentally disturbed. "After finding short-sightedness, several old neighbors couldn't bear to see his dead body on the street, and helped to arrange the funeral together.

After the relatives finished their work and sat down, my mother listened to her tell a dusty past about this lonely old man.

The lonely old man, whose real name is Chen Youliang, was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, and he was exactly one hundred years old when he committed suicide this year. Chen Youliang originally had a wife and son, and he was not alone. Relatives said that the reason why he ended up in a bleak and desolate evening was entirely due to retribution.

Time has to go back to when the Japanese invaders ravaged China in the 1980s. This Chen Youliang family is a well-known gentry family in Nanjing. point. When Chen Youliang was studying at Jinling University, a well-known university in Nanjing, he had a very close relationship with a classmate named Lu Yingjie. The two had always been brothers and were inseparable, reading and playing together.

After graduation, Chen Youliang worked in the central bank under the arrangement of his family, and Lu Yingjie became the chief note-taker of "Central Daily". After the winter of 1937, the situation of the Anti-Japanese War became increasingly tense, and the national army retreated steadily. Seeing that the heart capital of the Republic of China was in jeopardy, it was no longer "impregnable". Lu Yingjie cared about the righteousness of his family and the country, and he frowned all day long, filled with righteous indignation. Several times he almost couldn't hold back the urge to join the army to defend his family and the country, but he gave up because his lovely wife Hua Qingyue gave birth to his youngest son.

It was a freezing snowy night, Lu Yingjie invited his former classmate Chen Youliang to come to his house for a drink, and they discussed important affairs of the country. That was the first time Chen Youliang saw Hua Qingyue, who would have imagined that he would be astonished by the sight of Hua Qingyue, unforgettable. Hua Qingyue, who just gave birth, has not applied any makeup, her temples are loose and her temples are loose, and her elegant and delicate features are more like the beauty in a painting. After a few glasses of wine, the hot-faced Chen Youliang couldn't control himself even more. He looked back and forth at Hua Qingyue with malicious intent, but he didn't listen to what Lu Yingjie said indignantly.

Soon after that, Nanking fell. After the Japanese invaders occupied Jinling, they began to burn, kill and loot wantonly, search for people with lofty ideals who secretly resisted Japan, and eliminate dissidents. Chen Youliang's family was one of the first big families who flattered and surrendered to the invaders. After hearing the news that the imperial army would reward them for reporting on anti-Japanese elements, Chen Youliang had an evil thought that they were inferior to animals. The fishy beast followed the unbearable desire in Chen Youliang's heart, and it was hard to contain it.

It was also a cold and moonless snowy night. Chen Liangyou led a group of Japanese invaders into Lu Yingjie's house, accusing him of being a "pen" of the underground anti-Japanese organization and writing anti-Japanese leaflets. The Japanese couldn't help but set up Lu Yingjie, tied him up, and left. Hua Yueqing, who was crouching on the bed nursing the child, put down the child and was about to chase after her. When the Japanese invaders saw that Hua Yueqing, who was beautiful and disheveled, Lu Debin could not die , and she became fascinated by lust, and started to move like a beast.

Chen Youliang panicked now. He grabbed the leader of the Japanese army, gestured and shouted, "Taijun! No way, Taijun! Didn't we agree that Mrs. Lu will reward me!? Too much!" Jun! Stop, Taijun!” The frenzied Japanese invaders didn’t listen to his ramblings, and just as they were torturing and pestering Hua Yueqing, the child on the bed burst into tears because of being frightened.

The leader of the devils thought the child was crying too loudly to spoil the fun, so he grabbed the child who was not yet full moon, and seeing a pot of boiling water on the stove, he stepped forward and threw the child into the boiling pot. The poor crying child fell silent in an instant, and died without even struggling. Hua Yueqing saw the child die tragically in the cauldron, his eyes were bloodshot, he pulled out the scissors from the sewing basket by the bedside, and stabbed the leader of the Japanese army with all his might. The Japanese invaders became furious, and several bayonets stabbed at Hua Yueqing's body at the same time. After a while, this magnificent Jiangnan beauty was turned into a big blood sieve.

Within a few days, the Japanese army gathered the whole city, young and old, and shot Lu Yingjie in public, and hung his head on the tower to show the public. Before Lu Yingjie died, he opened his eyes and stared fiercely at Chen Youliang in the crowd, unwilling to die. That look made Chen Youliang feel chilly whenever he thought about it, and couldn't sleep at night.

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