Mom, Let's Go Home!

There was once a colleague who was not very old. But it feels like we have experienced a lot more than us. He was born in the 1960s, and I was born in the 1970s. He looks much younger than his actual age. When he speaks, there is a smile in every wrinkle on his face, but when he is not speaking, endless vicissitudes of life are written all over his face, as if he has a lot to say It seems that there is something on his mind. He is the kind of person who makes you look innocent at first glance, but the more you go on, the more you will feel that your first impression is absolutely wrong. Well, it's time to tell the story. I remember one time, he told us a thing, many years later, it still feels weird. Here is his account:

When I was young, my mother died early. My father is busy with work, and the three of us basically take care of ourselves. When I was in junior high school, I had a classmate named Dalin who got along well with me. After school, I often go to his house to do my homework, and we play together after finishing the homework. Sometimes I just have dinner at his house. I still remember the first time I ate at his house. The food was very simple, a bowl of hot noodle soup with an egg. When Dalin's mother brought the bowl to me, and I smelled the clear smell of chopped green onion, I suddenly thought of the noodle soup my mother made for me. Holding that bowl of noodle soup, my tears fell into the into the bowl. She asked me why I was crying? I actually called out "Mom" softly. From then on, Dalin and I got along better. We were really like a pair of brothers. We went straight to his house after school. Although I didn’t have the nerve to call her “Mom” anymore, in my heart, she really loved her. Like my mother, she treated me like her own son. Therefore, although I lost my mother early, I can always feel the love of my mother.

However, after Dalin and I both graduated from school and were assigned jobs, my mother also suffered from an incurable disease. After fighting the disease in the hospital for a month, she also passed away. But after I settled the bill with the hospital, I realized that there was a more realistic problem in front of me: Dalin 's mother died in the hospital. In the novel , the old man can only be safe when buried in the ground. What to do, so the family began to discuss Wumen ghost doctor novels with the dean. The dean also came from the countryside, and he was very familiar with the rural ways, and he also understood the hearts of the children. In the hospital, the old dean was very principled and said nothing. But after get off work, he told us a non-solution method in private: stealing the corpse. He can pretend that he doesn't know about this matter. Of course, he has one condition, that is, he must not tell others that he came up with this idea, otherwise his position or even his job will be lost. After thanking the old dean, we found someone to connect with the old man in the mortuary at the hospital. After buying a few cigarettes for the old man, the old man also agreed to turn a blind eye, but there is one condition , that is, the corpse cannot go through the main entrance of the morgue, in case someone sees it, and can only go out through the back window of the morgue. Naturally, we are grateful again.

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The night we decided to steal the body, the moon was surprisingly bright. We found a minivan to meet us at the back of the morgue, and Dalin and I were responsible for getting the corpses out. Dalin and I were walking on the path to the morgue. There were two rows of trees on both sides of the path. When the shadows of the trees fell on us, it felt like something was touching our backs and the top of our heads. The fine hairs on the back were burrowing out one by one, and it felt that the hair had no connection with the scalp, and the hair on the head seemed to be so vainly buttoned on the head, as if these hairs were not ours at all. Fortunately, his legs are still working, so he moved to the morgue step by step unconsciously. We were not married at the time, and when we walked to the mortuary, it didn't feel like we were going in and getting a dead body out, it was like we were going to be hard corpses.

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Finally at the door, we entered the mortuary smoothly according to the previous agreement with the old man, and the old man told us which one was the mother's body. We successfully found the body we were looking for, and carried the body to the back window. When I got to the back window, I went up first, and Dalin moved the corpse to the window from below, and I responded from above. The window is too small, and only an adult can barely get out. The corpse has become stiff. No matter how I try to do it outside, I can't guarantee that I can carry the corpse on my body without letting it fall to the ground. After several times of tossing, we Both were sweating, but still couldn't get the body out. At this time, a gust of wind blew, and the old lady's hair fluttered with the wind. Seeing the hair drifting past the old lady's face one after another, we were both terrified, even though this was the mother we had been very attached to. We're all out. At this time, Dalin's third uncle, who was waiting under the window, suddenly said to Dalin: "Dalin, please mom, try!" The wife kowtowed three times and said in a crying voice, "Mom, please, let's go home." Strange to say, the old lady's body really softened. Without even thinking about it, we quickly loaded the old lady into the van and drove her home.

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After all these years, it seems strange to think about it now. It's also strange, no one felt scared at the time, but when I thought about it later when I was free, I felt my scalp tingling.

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Do you think it's strange?

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