Mandrill Tomb

This was told by a colleague who lived in a famous city in Bashu.

The story goes back a long time. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, a mountain dweller entered the mountain and was captured by a mandrill. Injured beasts are more ferocious, and this is a wounded mandrill.

There is a monkey called mandrill. This mandrill is not that mandrill. He is more than ten feet tall and very stout. Strong enough to split tigers and leopards. But it was such a monster that caught the mountain people into the cave, and actually fell beside the mountain people, whining like a kitten. Of course, it was not as cute as a kitten.

The mountain man had almost passed out, but seeing this, he was a little relieved. Secretly, trying to crawl outside. The mandrill stretched out his hand and pulled the mountain man back as if he was holding a plate, but fortunately he didn’t do anything else. Slowly, the mountain people came to their senses: did he ask me for something. So he looked at the mandrill carefully, and found that there was something wrong with the hair on the mandrill’s back heart. Boldly, he crawled over to look. Mandrill is very cooperative. It turned out that there was a sore on its vest, which had suppurated.

The mountain people had no medicine at hand, so they had to take out a knife and gouged out the rotten meat. Mandrills can really endure pain. When the mountain people saw the good meat, they tore off their clothes and tied them up for him. The next day the mountain people brought some medicine. slowly. The disease actually cured him.

Since then, dead tigers, leopards and the like will appear in front of the mountain houses every now and then. He knew that it was the mandrill who had come to repay his favor.

But a year later, the Qing soldiers arrived there. Kill anyone you see. When the whole village was screaming, the mandrill came down from the mountain and rushed straight into the formation of the Qing soldiers. In a blink of an eye, the Qing soldiers died. The villagers took advantage of this time to run up the mountain carrying the old and the young. As soon as he entered the customs, the Eight Banners disciples were not completely useless. They couldn’t beat the mandrill, so they fired random arrows from a distance. The mandrill is also really powerful. With an arrow, it can still charge straight through.

The villagers all ran away, and the Qing soldiers also retreated. When the mandrill returned to the mountain, he was seriously injured by the arrow and died. The villagers don’t treat it as a monster. No matter men, women, old or young, each person will carry a basket of soil. A huge mandrill grave was erected.

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