Dead Innocent

1. Death is innocent

In the thirteenth year of Zhengde in the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Wuzong of the Ming Dynasty was seriously ill, and people in the capital were in panic. There were rumors in the streets and alleys that the six princes who held military power colluded with the barbarians outside the Great Wall to rebel. After Ming Wuzong’s body gradually recovered, the rumors gradually stopped.

Jingyin Chen Yiwei, who took office not long ago, was originally devastated to quell the rumors of rebellion everywhere. After the sixth prince was assigned to Lingnan, he wanted to take a good rest. Unexpectedly, another big event happened in the capital——Zhang Xide, the chief bookkeeper of the Taipu Temple, was bizarre. He died in the study room with his throat cut. On the bookshelves, floor, and desks in the study room, there were four big characters written in blood, “There is no guilt to die”. There was no clue left by the murderer at the scene.

Zhang Xide, the chief bookkeeper of Taipu Temple, is over thirty-five years old, he is considered an upright official, and there is no record of any feud in official circles on weekdays. Taipu Temple was originally a Qingshui yamen. Chen Yiwei also has dealings with him on weekdays, and Zhang Xide is very popular on weekdays, with a generous heart and a fat body. Who did he have such a deep hatred with?

Chen Yiwei led the arrester Liu Dongtian to investigate. The witness that night was the watchman. The time of Zhang Xide’s death was at noon on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival. There was a heart-piercing scream from Zhang Xide’s mansion, and then he hurriedly reported to the police, and the maid of Zhang Xide’s family found Zhang Xide’s body in the study…

Chen Yiwei searched the mansion and found that Zhang Xide was a widower. His wife He Lurui committed suicide several years ago because of unbearable bone pain and pain. . Those who came to hold the funeral for Zhang Xide were all members of Zhang Xide’s clan and had no immediate family members.

As soon as the case came out, the common people were shocked: Everyone knew that Zhang Xide, the chief bookkeeper, was an upright official, but he was suddenly murdered in the study room, and was even written in blood that “there is more than enough guilt to die”! It seems that Zhang Xide must be a corrupt official, a hypocritical official on weekdays, and some people even speculate that Zhang Xide’s wife He Lurui was forced to commit suicide by Zhang Xide back then, and He Lurui’s ghost came back to claim her life…

Rumors about Zhang Xide’s bizarre death spread everywhere, but Jing Yin and Chen Yiwei were helpless. The case should be a vendetta, but what was the motive for the murder? It doesn’t make sense to seek money. There is no silver in Zhang Xide’s house. The vendetta seems to have clues, but there is no object of hatred. As for the officialdom, there is no reason. …

Just when the case was about to turn into a no-nonsense case, the arrester Liu Dongtian brought a breakthrough: Although the entire crime scene was covered up seamlessly, and the murderer did not leave any clues, Liu Dongtian still made a breakthrough , came to report to Zhang Xide.

“My lord, I found out that Zhang Xide’s wife, He Lurui, died the year before last. The reason is very strange!” Liu Dongtian is worthy of being the first arrester in the capital, and he made a general investigation of the cause of He Lurui’s death two years ago. The document, He Lurui hanged herself from the bone disease and pain. It was found that He Lurui had hanged herself in the room, but she was already pregnant. Why would a pregnant mother hang herself without waiting for the child to be born? In addition, Liu Dongtian also found out from the imperial physician that Zhang Xide had sought medical treatment several years ago. He was naturally weak, had dead sperm, and was infertile.

Could it be that He Lurui’s lover, the father of the unborn child, came to revenge two years later because He Lurui was cheated on by Zhang Xide and forced to die at home? Just when Chen Yiwei was distressed, a yamen servant came to report in a panic: “My lord, there is a murder case in the Liu residence of the Ministry of Rites in the north of the city! The Ministry of Rites has given Liu Yuxi to death, and there are blood books all over the place, ‘There is no guilt to die’!” Chen Yiwei took two steps back in shock. Surprised that there was another murder case, but this dead Ministry of Rites was a good man: he was a clean official, and he was able to handle affairs efficiently. He presided over the daily court sacrifices and relief for the poor, and won the hearts of the people.

2. Banyan leaves with foot prints

Chen Yiwei and Liu Dongtian hurried to Liu Yuxi’s mansion in the north of the city. All the servants in the mansion were weeping in mourning, and many ordinary people spontaneously came to mourn Liu Yuxi. Chen Yiwei came to Liu Yuxi’s body. It turned out that he had fallen from a rockery pavilion in the mansion. He had wounds all over his body. Among them, his neck had been cut, and the four pillars of the pavilion were covered with blood. Dip it in and write four big bright red characters “death will not be punished”! It’s reported that Liu Yuxi’s death time is midnight at midnight…

Chen Yiwei whispered to Liu Dongtian: “Seal the scene, check the surrounding area, pay special attention!” Liu Dongtian hurried to investigate, and Chen Yiwei checked Liu Yuxi’s body. At this time, an old man wiped his tears and knelt down at Chen Yiwei’s feet: “Master Chen, my family My lord, he must have been killed! He was still reciting poems on the pavilion before, but when I returned to the kitchen to drink, there were fireworks rising in the distance, and I happened to be able to see the firework on the pavilion from the lattice window My lord fell down from the pavilion, and when I arrived, he was already dead, his neck was cut off, you must make the decision for my lord…” That old man is Liu Yuxi’s housekeeper Old man Wang was snotting and tearing up while talking.

Hearing the old man Wang’s story, Chen Yiwei’s heart suddenly moved, and he asked: “You said there were fireworks at that time?” Old man Wang continued to cry: “Yes, there were fireworks rising into the night sky at that time, and I saw the adults fall down! “Where did the fireworks rise from?” Chen Yiwei asked quickly. “Let me think about it…” Old man Wang patted his head vigorously, looked up to the sky, and then pointed to the west: “That’s over there, the west!” Chen Yiwei raised his whip and pointed at the Guangning Pagoda outside Xizhi Gate in the distance “The fireworks, were they far from the Guangning Pagoda at that time? To the north or south of the pagoda?” Old man Wang thought thoughtfully: “Not far, it should be to the south!”

Chen Yiwei hurriedly called more than a dozen yamen servants, and ordered Liu Dongtian to continue to search for evidence on the spot. He led the yamen servants and rushed towards Guangning Tower, and ordered to look for an open place on the south side of the tower, where there were traces of gunpowder burning. A group of yamen servants searched for a while, and finally found a bridge outside the moat, and found traces of gunpowder burning. Chen Yiwei grabbed a handful of ashes burned by gunpowder, the ashes still had residual heat, his head turned so fast, he remembered what the night watchman told Zhang Xide when he died, every time there were fireworks, there was murder The murder case, these two cases, must not be accidental, the fireworks will not be so accidental when they go up during the murder case… The smell of fire left by the burning fireworks is strong, and Chen Yiwei ordered the dogs brought by the yamen to follow them all the way. , until a military camp in the south of the city, the army is not under the control of Jingyin Mansion. Standing in front of the barracks, Chen Yiwei suddenly saw two familiar figures entering the barracks quickly. Chen Yiwei’s face was pale and he didn’t dare to go forward. He rode back to the city after a long time…

Back at the mansion, Liu Dongtian was waiting with a serious face. Chen Yiwei waved the others to retreat, and then said: “For two days in a row, the officials ordered by the court were killed, and they were honest and good officials. The Holy Majesty will definitely blame them tomorrow. If we don’t I have a clue, I’m afraid the official position will be lost!” Liu Dongtian took out a large banyan leaf from his arms and handed it over: “My lord, this was found at the scene and fell in the grass! No footprints were found anywhere else on the scene. But on this banyan leaf, there is a footprint. I guess the murderer must have been careful not to leave any footprints when he committed the crime. However, he stepped on a banyan leaf, which happened to be Blown into the grass by the wind, but he didn’t notice…”

“Why isn’t this footprint left by others before?” Chen Yiwei frowned and asked. “No, first, the juice from the footprints on the banyan tree is still fresh, and second, the size of the footprints is two inches one, and the size of the feet is huge. No one in the whole house is suitable for it!” Liu Dongtian said confidently.

Hearing Liu Dongtian’s words were reasonable, Chen Yiwei suddenly remembered about Liu Yuxi, and asked the old man Wang, “Why don’t you see your wife?” …” Chen Yiwei saw that old man Wang looked wrong, so he shouted: “If you have anything to hide, tell me! Otherwise, your lord died in vain!” “Actually, there is nothing to hide, my wife, a year ago He committed suicide by hanging himself, and the government already had an appraisal at that time!” Old man Wang hurriedly said.

They are both young and upright officials, their wives hang themselves, and their deaths are in the same tragic situation…It seems that many clues have emerged, but these clues make the case look more and more complicated…Chen Yiwei’s head started to hurt Now, this case is becoming more and more like a bottomless pit, and strange things keep popping up…

On the second day, the news that Liu Yuxi was killed in the mansion spread in the capital. For a while, people in the capital were panicked. A horrific murder occurred at the foot of the emperor. The murderer could not be caught, which made Ming Wuzong very angry. Chen Yiwei was ordered to solve the case within three days, otherwise he would be dismissed and investigated.

3. Tomb digging

When two upright officials of the dynasty were murdered inexplicably, shocking the court and the public, Emperor Wuzong of the Ming Dynasty rewarded Chen Yiwei with a Shangfang sword, so that he could quickly solve the case. Chen Yiwei had already ordered the yamen servants to find the doctor Liu Yuxi’s wife, Feng Yiqiao, had seen before hanging herself. The doctor told Chen Yiwei that before Feng Yiqiao committed suicide by hanging herself, she had already been taking velvet antler, snow clam and other anti-fetal drugs.

Chen Yiwei pondered, Zhang Xide was infertile, but his wife was pregnant, and ended up hanging himself. This Liu Yuxi was also pregnant by his wife. He obviously wanted to have a baby, but suddenly committed suicide. This matter is very strange… Thinking of this, Chen Yiwei suddenly remembered something, He quickly ordered Liu Dongtian to bring the rosters of the servants of Zhang Xide and Liu Yuxi’s mansion over the past few years, not missing a single one…

The three-day deadline for Emperor Wuzong of the Ming Dynasty is coming soon. On this day, Chen Yiwei holds the Shangfang sword and decides to open the coffins of the tombs of Zhang Xide’s wife He Lurui and Zhang Xide’s wife Feng Yiqiao.

On the day of the autopsy, the scene was crowded with people, and many people who usually support the two upright officials came to see what happened. The tombs of He Lurui and Feng Yiqiao were not far away. Chen Yiwei held Shangfang’s sword and ordered Wu Zuo to dig He Lurui’s grave first. He Lurui was pregnant when she was buried. This is the bone of He Lurui’s fetus.

Wu Zuo lifted up the skeleton of the fetus, and everyone was horrified. There were actually six fingers in the bone of the fetus’s left hand. Chen Yiwei’s expression remained unchanged, and he pointed at the Shangfang sword in his hand, and Wu Zuo opened Feng Yiqiao’s tomb again, and dug out Feng Yiqiao’s corpse from it. Sure enough, there was also a small skeleton in the abdomen, and what was even more bizarre was that the left hand of the corpse The bone actually has six fingers…

The common people in the crowd began to discuss one after another. The bones of the two young children reminded people of a thunderous name related to six fingers-He Biwen, the number one scholar with six fingers. And that Chen Yiwei also waved Shangfang’s sword without hesitation, led all the servants, went straight to Zhuangyuan Mansion, and arrested the Zhuangyuan Lang He Biwen.

Four or six fingers

The six-fingered number one scholar was He Jingu, the number one scholar in the scientific examination three years ago. He was famous for his six fingers on his left hand and his talent. He was very appreciated by Emperor Wuzong of the Ming Dynasty. Chen Yiwei led the yamen servants, went straight back to Jingyin Mansion, and arrested He Jingu for interrogation.

Above the public hall, the people of the capital gathered around the hall. He Jingu was wearing a yellow mandarin jacket. He was tall and handsome, and stood proudly in the hall. Just trying to frame me? Do you know that my yellow jacket was given by the current emperor?” Chen Yiwei sat at the foot of the hall and took a picture of the gavel: “If it is an unusual day, the yellow jacket given by the emperor cannot be punished. You, there is Shang Fang’s sword here today, I order you to quickly take off your yellow jacket, whether you are wronged or plead guilty, you must kneel in the hall and hear the trial!”

As soon as Chen Yiwei finished speaking, Liu Dongtian was already standing beside him holding Shangfang’s sword. When He Jingu saw this, he had to take off his yellow jacket and knelt down to listen to the trial. Then Chen Yiwei slowly said: “He Jingu, why did the dead babies of He Lurui and Feng Yiqiao have six fingers?” He Jingu’s face changed: “I don’t know, the person with six fingers in the world is not me, Jing One person? Is it possible that all the six-fingered children in the world are related to me?”

“The official asked you, did your great-grandfather, grandfather, and father all have six fingers?” Chen Yiwei continued to ask. He Jingu nodded, and Chen Yiwei said, “Your genealogy records that the six fingers in your family will be passed down from generation to generation?” He Jingu still nodded.

“Call me a witness now, Wang Chuanfu!” Chen Yiwei yelled, only to see the yamen servant put the butler of Liu Yuxi’s mansion, Old Wang. The old man Wang looked depressed, and when He Jingu saw the old man Wang, his expression changed. Chen Yiwei said to old man Wang: “Old man Wang, did you work as a domestic servant in Zhang Xide’s house three years ago? Did you enter Liu Yuxi’s house as a housekeeper a year ago?” Yes!” Chen Yiwei flipped through a document on the case: “In the countryside of Laiyang, Jiaozhou, do you have dozens of household slaves with thousands of acres of fertile land? With your meager income as a housekeeper, how can you buy this money?”

Old man Wang looked at He Jingu in horror, then at the Shangfang sword in Liu Dongtian’s hand, and then hesitatingly said: “Three years ago, when the villain was at Master Zhang’s house, He Jingu gave me a hundred taels of gold. It turned out that he was at the temple fair.” I fell in love with Master Zhang’s wife, He Lurui. When Master Zhang went out to inspect, I dismissed the servants. He Jingu sneaked into the mansion that day and committed adultery with He Lurui. He Lurui admired He Jingu. , was discovered by Master Zhang, and He Lurui committed suicide! Later, when I resigned and returned to my hometown, He Jingu paid me a lot of money to hire me to be the housekeeper of Liu Yuxi’s mansion, because he took a fancy to his wife Feng Yiqiao, and he did the same thing and committed adultery with that Feng family. After Feng was pregnant, she was discovered by Liu Yuxi and committed suicide!”

When the old man Wang said this, the whole hall was shocked, and the people cursed. He Jingu turned pale, pointed to the old man Wang and said: “The two women committed suicide. It has nothing to do with me! Just based on this old man’s bloody slander, what is the reason?” “Slander? Those two corpses of dead babies are not accidental. The six-finger incident is already an ironclad proof, and this old man Wang is a witness…” Chen Yiwei photographed Gave the gavel: “I still have evidence of the scene where two Beijing officials were killed! Come, send it up!”

I saw someone holding a silver basin with a piece of banyan leaf in it. Chen Yiwei ordered the servant to measure the size of He Jingu’s footprints, and the servant replied: “The size of He Jingu’s foot is two inches one, and this size is the same as the foot on the banyan leaf. The size is the same! Ordinary people’s feet are not so big…” The yamen servant also used a ruler to measure He Jingu’s height, and reported: “He Jingu is 7 feet 6 feet tall. The spider web on the pavilion at the scene of Liu Yuxi’s murder was hit by the suspect. Broken, the spider web is seven feet and five feet from the ground, and no one in Liu Yuxi’s house is taller than seven feet!” He Jin Guben has two characteristics, one is six fingers, and the other is that he is tall and feet. Now there are witnesses and physical evidences, I was at a loss for words for a while, and I just shouted again and again: “It’s purely framed, I want to meet the Holy Majesty!”

“Master Jing, in the past three years, you have been so daring, you hid Mr. Gui in the mansion, and seduced two wives of Beijing officials, causing them to be forced to death by their respective husbands. I didn’t expect that these two wives already had your flesh and blood. , you hate Zhang Xide and Liu Yuxi for killing your flesh and blood, so these two days you have used poisonous hands to kill them…”

“Ridiculous! The old man’s words may have been instigated and fabricated by others. The baby’s bones could have been collected by a traitor and hidden in a coffin. The banyan leaf could also have been deliberately planted by a traitor wearing a big shoe.” evidence!” He Jingu still had no fear on his face, and Chen Yiwei did not refute, but asked: “If you think that this official has framed you, you must tell this official who you were with at noon five days ago and at noon three days ago. Where to do what?”

As soon as this remark came out, He Jingu’s face changed suddenly, and he said slowly: “These two hours, I have been in the study of the mansion, reviewing official documents overnight!” “Do you have any witnesses?” Twisted, then bared his teeth, suddenly foamed at the mouth, and then fell down in the courtroom. The imperial doctor gave him a pulse. It turned out that He Jingu suffered from epilepsy, and today’s court trial was tense, so he had a seizure. Prison, retrial tomorrow…

5. Confession in Blood

Chen Yiwei paced around the Jingyin Mansion, pondering why He Jingu suddenly pretended to be crazy at the critical moment when he revealed his alibi. At this moment, Liu Dongtian reported in a panic, and He Jingu committed suicide by biting his tongue in the prison, with his blood written on the wall confession note. Chen Yiwei was shocked, and hurried to the prison, only to see He Jingu’s body lying in the prison, his face was peaceful, his right hand was covered with blood, and the blood dripping on the wall of the prison was He Jingu’s suicide note written in blood: “The crime of lust, The crime is deeply hated, plead guilty today, and thank the world!”

Chen Yiwei frowned, and said to Liu Dongtian, “Can you compare the handwriting on the wall with He Jingu’s handwriting in the past?” Liu Dongtian nodded and said, “It has been compared, and it is indeed He Jingu’s own handwriting! No one else came to visit the prison last night. Report, He Jingu was scratching his head and thinking last night, and became more and more anxious. Later, He Jingu’s family servant sent him a bowl of supper. After eating supper, He Jingu’s spirit became better and better. After taking a nap, when I opened my eyes, I found that He Jingu had bitten off his tongue and killed himself, and left a blood letter of repentance on the wall before he died!”

“Supper?” Chen Yiwei ordered someone to bring over the supper. It was a plate of boneless chicken feet, a cup of chicken soup with red dates, and a plate of stripped beef hooves. He Jingu only took a few bites. Chen Yiwei looked at the three dishes and probed with a silver needle, but there was no change in color, so Chen Yiwei scooped up the red dates in the chicken soup, bit them down, and murmured: “Seedless dates! This He Jingu did not commit suicide, but Forced to commit suicide… Seedless jujube means no ‘he’, stripped beef hoof means no ‘jin’, boneless chicken feet means no ‘gu’, the person who delivers the food is a hint, He Jingu You must die! Come on, quickly find the army that is guarding the border of the sea area, which army has returned to the capital?”

After Liu Dongtian took the order and left, Chen Yiwei began to think. Although He Jingu seemed to have committed suicide, he was most likely coerced into committing suicide. Who could force him to commit suicide? Could it be that Zhang Xide and Liu Yuxi were not actually killed by He Jingu?

After a while, Liu Dongtian reported that only one army guarding the coast of Jiaozhou had returned to Beijing within half a month and was stationed in the south of the city. Chen Yiwei then whispered something to Liu Dongtian, Liu Dongtian opened his mouth wide in surprise, and asked back: “My lord, this move is very dangerous, please think twice!” Chen Yiwei nodded affirmatively: “This move is related to the stability of the world and the stability of the common people. , get it done quickly!”

6. More than enough to die

In the southern barracks, a man in gray quietly entered the barracks. After entering the barracks, he was led into a big brown tent by a group of armored soldiers.

The man in gray took off his hat, it turned out that this person was Chen Yiwei, and the one sitting in the big tent was Wan Xin. Wan Xin had thick eyebrows, big eyes, and a magnificent appearance. He cupped his hands and said to Chen Yiwei: “Master Jing Yin, I was going to hear about my fellow disciple Liu Dongtian, and I have something important to report to you. What can I do?” Chen Yiwei smiled: “I am here The second time I came here was to ask General Wan for advice. Recently, the common people in the capital are short of salt. I dare to ask, is there enough military salt in the army? If you can lend some military salt to help the civilians…”

“According to the military order, all military salt in the army must be equipped with the army. Our military salt is all collected from Jiaozhou sea salt, and the supply is sufficient. Our soldiers are used to sea salt, so this time we return to the division with special preparations. If it is urgent, this general will do it You can lend three stones to Mr. Jing Yin!” Wan Xin was quite bold. After Chen Yiwei listened, he pondered for a while, and his tone became low: “Since General Wan has agreed so much, I have a secret matter to discuss with General Wan, and I hope the others will step down. This matter has a lot to do with it!”

“No need, the people here are all my confidantes, so don’t worry!” Wan Xin did not agree, and Chen Yiwei raised his eyebrows: “General Wan, may I ask if there are boneless chicken feet, red dates in chicken soup, and stripped chicken feet in the barracks?” Tendon and beef hoof?” When Wan Xin heard the names of the three dishes, his face changed, and then he waved his hands and ordered his subordinates to disperse.

In the tent, only Wan Xin and Chen Yiwei were left. Wan Xin was furious: “Lord Jing Yin, why did you say that? There are three dishes that are not always prepared in the barracks…” Chen Yiwei sat upright: “General Wan, these three dishes were sent to the prison last night. He Jingu, the champion of six fingers, saw these three dishes, and bit his tongue to kill himself! These three dishes are all boiled with sea salt. I grew up in remote sea areas. Although the taste of this sea salt is the same as that of ordinary salt, however, it has a hint of bitterness. It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish, but I can taste the difference. And this sea salt, I have visited the capital, and I have never found it, and among the military camps guarding Beijing, only the general Wan has this sea salt!”

Wan Xin’s face was frosty: “Master Jing Yin said, could it be that the murderer is this general? If it is slander, this general can kill you in the barracks with a single sword, and charge you with trespassing!” Chen Yiwei stood up without fear. : “I came here today, and I have put life and death aside! There are no murderers in the three murders. Zhang Xide, Liu Yuxi, and He Jingu all committed suicide. This officer has long understood that this case is related to one person, but there is something hidden behind it. I also hope that General Wan can settle this case!”

Wan Xin was as cold as ice and refused to speak. Chen Yiwei said slowly, “May I ask, why did the Eighth Prince defy the imperial decree this time and return to the capital with General Wan and meet He Jingu at night?” They found the military camp in the south of the city, and secretly discovered that the two people who secretly met in the military camp were the Eighth Prince and He Jingu who were assigned to the frontier.

Seeing that Chen Yiwei had already mentioned the Eighth Prince, Wan Xin’s face twitched, he sighed, and said: “Since Mr. Jing Yin has guessed the general idea, I might as well say it! This time the Eighth Prince returns to Beijing. , Echoing He Jingu, originally planned to join hands in the rebellion. I was born and died with the Eighth Prince since I was a child, and I didn’t want the Eighth Prince to start a rebellion. I don’t want to start a war again, but the Eighth Prince obeys He Jin’s old words. I have already heard about He Jingu’s adultery with Zhang Xide and Liu Yuxi’s wife. Although the two Beijing officials hate He Jingu, He Jingu is so powerful. So I quietly advised these two Beijing officials. The Eighth Prince was most afraid of leaking his whereabouts when he came to Beijing this time. When He Jingu and the Eighth Prince secretly met, I set off fireworks as a signal. The two Beijing officials committed suicide after seeing the fireworks, and Clues were left at the scene, poor two Beijing officials, for revenge…”

“Then how do you know that I will find He Jingu?” Chen Yiwei asked. “Master Chen, he is famous for his speed in solving cases! What’s more, He Jingu did have an affair with the two wives of the Beijing officials, so he couldn’t get away with it, and He Jingu didn’t dare to prove his alibi at all…” Wan Xin was quite proud: ” Ever since the Eighth Prince found out that He Jingu had been arrested, he was very suspicious, and was very worried that He Jingu would reveal his whereabouts that night. At this time, I convinced the Prince that if He Jingu was not eliminated, the Jingyin Mansion would definitely find out here! Eighth In desperation, the prince had no choice but to order someone to deliver three dishes to He Jingu, making him commit suicide, saving He Jingu’s family, and also the Eighth Prince! But, what I didn’t expect was that after getting rid of He Jingu, you Still found it here…”

After Chen Yiwei listened, he sighed sadly: “General Wan, you are really admirable for your good intentions… It turns out that behind the three lives, the people are related to the common people! It’s just that I have something to ask, I don’t know if it is appropriate?” Wan Xin nodded, Chen Yiwei continued: “Inside and outside the capital, there is a lot of turmoil. The Eighth Prince’s rebellion has been postponed this time, and it may rise again in the future. If General Wan is for the sake of the common people, he should order the Eighth Prince to stop rebelling forever…” If Wan Xin has Su Si, with a solemn face, held the sword at his waist, and his throat moved: “I…I know!”

Chen Yiwei walked out of the tent slowly. Wan Xin pulled out his sword from behind and wiped it against his throat. Blood gushed out like a spring, and his stalwart body fell to the ground…Chen Yiwei silently said: “General Wan, If you are dead, the Eighth Prince will have no right-hand man and can no longer rebel! And I can also understand this case, and no one will pursue the matter of the Eighth Prince…”

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