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The Partridge Post refers to a few foreigners on board. Partridge Post peeked at them for a long time, and felt that these foreigners looked suspicious, and they all had guns hidden on their bodies. There were some foreign shovels and iron brazing ropes in their luggage. mumble.

The strangest thing is that these foreigners are not like the ones Partridge Whistle has come into contact with. Partridge Whistle knows some foreigners and understands some of their languages, but the few foreigners on board are neither like the rigid British, Unlike the serious Germans, nor the sloppy Americans, these flaxen-haired foreigners with big noses have a hooligan air all over their bodies. It is very strange, which country are they from? Partridge Whistle took another look, and finally figured it out. It turned out to be Old Russia with a big nose.

Partridge Whistle thinks that these Russians may have gone to Heishui City to dig antiques. After the revolution in Russia, many people were exiled from the country, and their descendants have been in China. Self-proclaimed, the net is to do some illegal business.

Elder Liaochen is also a person who sees all directions and listens to all directions. Naturally, he understands the meaning behind Partridge Whistle's words, and signaled Partridge Whistle not to act rashly: "What we do is confidential, we must avoid people's eyes and ears, and try not to give birth too much Something happened."

Partridge Whistle said to Elder Chen: "Wait for the disciples to find out in the past. If these foreign devils are also going to Heishui City to steal treasures, they are very close to our goal, and they will be in the way. Find a place where there is no one and kill them conveniently, so as to save money." Leave trouble behind."

Without waiting for Elder Chen to dissuade him, Partridge Whistle squeezed into the crowd and went to the vicinity of the Russians to eavesdrop on their conversation. It turned out that there were six people in this group, five Russians and one American.

The five Russians are all descendants of Tsarist Russia in exile in China. They are engaged in the business of reselling arms. Hearing that a large number of cultural relics have been unearthed in Heishui City, they feel that it is profitable.

The American is a priest in his 30s and 40s. A few years ago, he went to Ningqing and other places to preach, and he visited the ruins of Heishui City during his journey. The priest made a tour of China, and was going to Yinchuan and other places to promote eternal life by believing in God. He inadvertently mentioned this matter to the five Russians he met on the road, and those Russians took the opportunity to say that they wanted to do business there. The priest took them to Heishui City by the way.

Few people would lie to the clergy, so the priest didn't know it was a trick. There is a language barrier between the six of them, the Russians can't speak English, and the Americans can't speak Russian. Fortunately, after staying in China for a long time, they can both speak Chinese and communicate with each other in Chinese.

Partridge Whistle listened to a few words, and only heard that three out of ten sentences from those people were about Heishui City. The American priest didn't know that these people wanted to dig up cultural relics, and told them what they saw and heard in Heishui City, no matter how big or small, They all said it. It is said that the pagoda there is half buried in the ground, and there are a large number of Buddha statues inside, all of which are inlaid with gold and silver. The magical craftsmanship can only be made by the hands of God.

The five Russians were drooling when they heard this, took out two gulps of vodka, and wished they could put on their wings and fly to Heishui City immediately, dig up all those precious cultural relics, and exchange them for a large amount of smoke, women, guns and ammunition, and vodka .

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After hearing this, Partridge Whistle sneered in his heart. Partridge Whistle also went to Heishui City to find the Tongtian Great Buddha Temple, so he was very familiar with the ruins of Heishui City. In fact, these big-nosed people don’t know that as early as the beginning of the 19th century, there was a boom in Chinese exploration in Europe. Most of the cultural relics in Heishui City were stolen and excavated at that time. Now there are only some clay statues left in the ruins of the city. and tiles, and mostly dilapidated. The American priest didn't know how to appreciate cultural relics. When he saw some colorful statues, he said that they were made of ivory and ancient jade. These Russians believed it.

But after thinking about it, no, what kind of eyes do you have to see the mudstone statues as treasures inlaid with gold and jade? No matter how discerning the American priest is, it is impossible to see such a big error. Could it be that the American priest found the Tongtian Great Buddha Temple by mistake? Listening to the description in the words of the American priest, it really looks like a temple buried underground.

Thinking of this, Partridge Whistle suddenly felt that something was wrong, and wanted to continue to eavesdrop on their conversation. Suddenly, the boat swayed, and the whole huge ferry swayed in the river, and more than a hundred passengers on board could not stand. Steady, as the ship's body swayed from side to side, there was a mess of crying father and mother crying for a while.

Partridge Whistle was worried about Elder Chen, ignoring those foreigners, and quickly rushed to Elder Chen's side in the chaotic crowd, Elder Liaochen said to Partridge Whistle: "No, I'm afraid I encountered something in the water. "

At this time, I saw the originally calm river tumbling as if suddenly boiled, the hull of the boat was spinning in the middle of the river, and the boatmen and passengers on board were in a mess. The captain of the boat took out a pig's head and threw it into the river as if by magic, set out a plate of roast chicken, lit a few sticks of incense, knelt on the deck, and kowtowed to the river.

But the actions of the boat boss didn't have any effect, the boat just spun around in the river, and couldn't move no matter what. The boss of the boat suddenly had an idea, knelt down to the passengers on the boat, kowtowed and said: "Masters, wives, aunts and elder sisters, did someone say something taboo on the boat? Seriously, if we don’t do it, Lord Dragon, none of us will want to live…Which one said something? Don’t drag everyone to die together, can you? I kowtow to you.” Knock your head so loudly.

Everyone saw that the river around the boat had erected a huge water wall, and everyone's face changed color in shock. Even if someone said something unspeakable on the boat, there was nowhere to look for it at that moment.

When he was at a loss, a businessman pointed to a woman with a child in his arms and shouted: "It's her…it's her…that's what she said, I heard it."

Partridge Whistle and Elder Liaochen also followed the crowd to look, only to see the businessman grabbed a woman who was holding a three or four year old child and said: "She is crying all the time, this woman is crying because of the baby." I’m getting annoyed, and if the baby cries again, I’ll throw the baby into the river.”

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When the businessman said this, several people around him also expressed that this was indeed the case. This woman's child has been crying loudly since getting on the boat. The woman coaxed her for a long time, and the more she coaxed her, the louder her crying became. Everyone around her felt annoyed. Whenever the woman got angry, she would scare the child: If she cries again, she will throw you into the river to feed the fish.

The frightening was in vain, the child continued to cry and make noise, and at that moment the boat began to spin in the middle of the river and stopped moving. The woman had never seen anything in the world, so she didn't know how powerful these things were. Seeing that everyone on the boat was staring at the child in her arms, she was so frightened that she sat on the deck and burst into tears.

The boss of the boat knelt down to the woman: "Big sister, how dare you say such nonsensical words on the boat, it's too late to say anything now. The Dragon King heard your words, and the Dragon King is waiting for you to throw the baby down!" In the river, if you don’t throw it away, our boat will be wiped out, so you can do it.” After speaking, he went to grab the child in the woman’s arms.

The child was a woman's own flesh and blood, how could she bear it, she desperately protected the child while crying, and refused to let go to the death. But the boss of the boat is a strong man who has been on the boat all year round. How could a woman beat him, so she had to ask the surrounding passengers for help.

All the passengers on the boat were ashen-faced, and they were indifferent to this. Everyone knew that if the child was thrown into the river, no one would want to live, and his own life was the most important thing. Although this child is pitiful, he can only blame his mother if he wants to blame it. Whoever made her talk nonsense on the boat is really to blame. For a while, everyone avoided, and no one went to stop him.

Elder Liaochen saw that the boat boss was about to throw a three or four year old child into the river, he couldn't bear it, and wanted to stop it with Partridge Whistle, at this time he grabbed a person from the crowd and stopped the boat boss. Partridge Whistle took a closer look and found that the person who stopped the boss of the boat turned out to be the American priest.

The American priest held up a Bible and said: "Captain, in the name of God, I must stop you."

If someone else reached out to stop him, he would have been knocked down by the boss of the boat. Seeing that he was a foreigner, the boss of the boat would not dare to offend easily, but the boat was spinning in the river and might capsize at any time, so he stared at the American priest and said, "Don't worry about this kid Throw it into the river, and the Dragon Lord will have to take us, even our people and boats, and your black book won’t be able to save your life by then.”

The American priest waited to talk, but was pulled away by a short, red-nosed Russian: "Father Thomas, don't meddle in your own business. These ancient oriental mysterious rules are very strange. Let them do what they want to do." , I’m just a Chinese kid anyway, otherwise the boat might capsize.”

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The American priest said angrily: "Mr. Andre, I really can't believe that you would say such a thing. In the eyes of God, everyone is equal. Only the devil would think that it is right to throw children into the river to feed the fish."

Taking advantage of the quarrel between the American priest and the Russian named Andrei, the boat boss kicked the woman down and threw the child under the boat. The woman screamed and passed out.

Elder Liaochen was shocked, but it was too late to ask Partridge Whistle to save him. Although Partridge Whistle didn't want to meddle in other people's business, but when things came to an end, he couldn't just leave him alone. Before anyone could see what was going on, Partridge Whistle had already taken out his flying tiger claws and threw it out.

The flying tiger claws are made of fine steel. The front is like tiger claws. The joints can be loosened or tightened. There is a long rope hanging from the back, which can grab things from a long distance. The hand lifted him up again.

The people on the boat were stunned. Just as Partridge Whistle picked up the child, the Russians pointed five black revolvers at Partridge Whistle's head.

The waves in the river were even more violent, and the people on the boat were dizzy. It seemed that the boat would capsize at any time. All the Russians have lived in China for a long time, and they all know that what the boss of the boat said is true. If the children are not thrown into the river to feed the bastards, the boat will never move. At this time, seeing the partridge whistle pulling the child back who had already been thrown down, he couldn't help pulling out his gun, trying to get rid of this troublesome guy.

Just as the five Russians were about to shoot, they suddenly heard a burst of machine gunfire. Everyone shrank their necks in fright and looked around, wondering who fired the shot?

Partridge Whistle used ventriloquist to divert their attention, and threw the child to Elder Liao Chen behind him. At the same time, he took out two German mirror boxes from his clothes, propped the head on his lap, and "slapped, clapped, clapped" the bullets in a whirlwind. Sweeping past the monsters in the ghost cave on the ancient Yellow River Road , five Russians were shot one after another and fell in a pool of blood.

The people on the boat were all stunned, their faces were ashen, and they killed five people in an instant. The speed was fast and the marksmanship was accurate. The murderous aura, killing so many people without even blinking an eye, is really like a rakshasa evil spirit . Partridge Whistle didn't care what others thought, and threw the bodies of the five Russians into the river by himself.

Isn’t there such a saying that gods and ghosts are afraid of evil people, once the corpses of five Russians fell into the river, the boat stopped spinning and started to move again, the river that was boiling like a pot slowly calmed down, and the partridges The whistle asked the boat boss to stop the boat by the north bank immediately.

The captain of the boat was still in shock, so he dared not obey. He led all the boatmen to moor at a gentle place in the river and put down the gangplank.

Elder Liaochen had already returned the child to the woman, and told her not to talk nonsense, otherwise she would not be so lucky next time. Partridge Whistle knew that he had killed five people in full view, and that the incident was a serious one, so he had to leave the avenue and hurry to a place where there were few people. When he was about to disembark, he took the American priest with him. In case of encountering military police, the American could be used as a hostage. Moreover, the American priest and the five Russians were accomplices, and the five Russians were thrown into the Yellow River. With the corpses and traces gone, the officials can't find their accomplices, and it's hard to track them down.

Partridge Whistle and Elder Chen held the American priest hostage and left. Fortunately, this place is not far from Helan Mountain, and it takes only three or four days to get there by land, and the land is so sparsely populated that it is not easy to bump into anyone.

The American priest Thomas began to think that he was kidnapped by two murderers, and he kept preaching to them the mercy of God, urging them to correct their evil ways, especially the old monk, who was kind-hearted and kind. Believe in God, believe in God and have eternal life.

After walking for three full days, Thomas found that these two guys didn't seem to be kidnapping him. They kept walking northwest, as if they were going somewhere, and their motives were unknown, so he asked where they were going to take him.

Partridge Whistle told the American priest Thomas: "You were deceived by those Russians. Looking at the large number of tools they carried, they knew that they wanted to go to Heishui City to steal cultural relics. They heard that you had been to Heishui City and saw the treasures there. I want you to lead the way, and I will definitely kill you when we reach the destination. I saved you, so you can rest assured that I am not killing innocent people indiscriminately. I will let you go when we go to Heishui City to do something. Walking, I can't let you go now to prevent the public from being exposed."

The American priest said to the partridge whistle: "Mr. Quick Gunner, you draw your gun as fast as lightning. You are super chic. I also found that there was something wrong with those Russians. They said they were going to mine for business, but they wanted to dig China. cultural relics, but now God has punished them."

Partridge whistled to the American priest and asked him to tell the story of seeing the Buddhist temple in the ruins of Heishui City.

The American priest Thomas asked back: "Why? You also want to dig up cultural relics?"

Partridge Whistle was not too disgusted with the priest, so he said to him: "I need to find something important. It is related to the life and death of many people in my family. These things are very confidential, so I can't tell you any more." said."

The American priest said: "OK, I believe your words. A few years ago, when I was walking near the ruins of Heishui City, I stepped on quicksand. At that time, I thought I was called by the Lord to see God. In a Buddhist hall, there are many precious and bright Buddha statues. Because I was rushing to preach, I crawled out without looking much. Now I can’t find it again, but that place is very close to the ruins of Heishui City , about six or seven kilometers."

The words of the American priest confirmed the accuracy of Partridge Whistle's information. It seems that the Tongtian Great Buddha Temple in Heishui City is not buried too deep. As long as you find the right location, you can easily dig a hole to get in.

Legend has it that the Tongtian Great Buddha Temple in Heishui City enshrined a huge reclining Buddha. A mysterious hall was built in the tomb under the Buddha, and it was prepared to be used for burial. Later, it was used as a secret treasure for the Xixia court. Partridge Whistle's goal this time is right there.

The ruins of Heishui City are not difficult to find. There are obvious dilapidated buildings on the ground, and the pagodas are silently recording the splendor and magnificence of the year. It was nearly dusk when the three arrived in Heishui City, and the gray outlines of the mountains in the distance were faintly discernible.

Standing in the twilight, the ruins of Heishui City appear deathly silent, as if the god of death has strangled the breath of all creatures here. The desolate and quiet atmosphere makes it impossible to imagine that this place was once an important town in Xixia.

Elder Liaochen is a monk, Partridge Whistle has always been pretending to be a Taoist, American Thomas is a priest, and this monk and a priest are going to look for the treasure cave of the Xixia people near Heishui City. A strange combination.

Near Heishui City, the three of them quietly waited for the cold moonlight to shine on the earth. Here is the northwest plateau, the air is thin, and the stars are shining in the sky, the number and brightness of which are many times higher than those of the plains.

Elder Liaochen looked up at the stars, took out the compass, and divided it into Jinding acupoints. The Jumen, Greedy Wolf, and Lusi three star robbery caves in the sky are all upright and unbreakable. Bearing has been found.

Elder Liaochen finished measuring the position, took Partridge Whistle and the American priest to the place under the moonlight like water, pointed to a place on the ground and said: "The main hall in Tongtian Great Buddha Temple is here. But…it seems to be buried here. Got a one-eyed dragon."

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