Longling Miku

The American is a priest in his 30s and 40s. A few years ago, he went to Ningqing and other places to preach, and he visited the ruins of Heishui City during his journey. After hearing this, Partridge Whistle sneered in his heart. Partridge Whistle also went to Heishui City to find the Tongtian Great Buddha Temple, so he was very familiar with the ruins of Heishui City. Partridge whistled to the American priest and asked him to tell the story of seeing the Buddhist temple in the ruins of Heishui City. Legend has it that the Tongtian Great Buddha Temple in Heishui City enshrined a huge reclining Buddha. A mysterious hall was built in the tomb under the Buddha, and it was prepared to be used for burial. Later, it was used as a secret treasure for the Xixia court. … Continue readingLongling Miku