long Ghost Story


I really only know now. I actually wasn't careful enough to find those two books. All I saw was the sunken mark on the floor, and the little Nian in my eyes.

I believe that neither my grandma nor I saw the wrong person. If Xiaonian hadn’t killed grandma, it would be natural to suspect Tongtong. It's just that I have never been able to figure out why Tongtong killed his grandmother. Although they often quarreled, it should not be a reason to kill.

Until Tongtong herself told me that she had always known that her grandmother had a lot of money. The priceless treasures she collected in her early years were already a huge sum. But she didn't know which bank it was in. She kept asking her grandmother, but her grandmother never told her. The most violent quarrel between the two of them, I know, was in the living room downstairs. Tongtong thought that grandma was old and should have given the money to her and me long ago. However, grandma thought that she was cursing her to die early, so she was so angry that she didn't talk to her for a long time.

I also taught Tongtong a lesson about this matter. It’s okay to talk nonsense, but you can’t treat grandma without even a little bit of respect.

Xiaonian came to my house that day. Unexpectedly, grandma liked Xiaonian very much. It was almost noon, and I was still holding her hand and sitting in the room chatting, not feeling sleepy at all. Tongtong leaned outside the door and heard that his grandmother was going to distribute the family property to Xiaonian and made an appointment to go through the formalities the next day. Tongtong has always had the habit of eavesdropping in corners, I know this. So Tongtong finally calmed down, and suddenly there was a bad girl like Xiaonian who had a habit of stealing at home, so it would be easy to frame him. She told me that she had been doing an experiment when she left dinner too early that night. This experiment could create the illusion of being attacked by Xiao Nian on the back of her head.

In the evening, just after the baby left, she entered her grandma's room. She knew that when I played games, my headphones would be turned up loud, so when she stabbed her grandma in the stomach with a knife, she expected that no one would hear her elderly grandma’s weak screams. Unexpectedly, although Xiaonian only knew her grandmother for one day, she was more filial than Tongtong. She actually came back to give her a glass of milk. Tongtong only opened the door halfway, took the milk and let Xiaonian go, so as not to affect grandma's rest.

The careful Xiaonian was stopped outside the door and found that Tongtong's hand that took the milk just now seemed to be wearing rubber gloves. She intuitively felt that something had happened, so she kept knocking on the door. Until Tongtong felt that the time had come to blame everything on Xiaonian, he opened the door and told Xiaonian that he was cutting fruit with a knife and accidentally stabbed his grandmother. He asked Xiaonian to quickly carry her grandmother to the living room, while she stayed Come down and hit 120.

Xiaonian picked up the knife on the ground. The blood stain on the knife was at least ten centimeters long. She knew that the stab was very deep, so she called me several times anxiously. Tongtong lied to Xiaonian, saying that I wore earplugs when sleeping, and when he woke me up, it would be too late since my grandma was so seriously injured. Xiaonian began to drag her grandmother with all her strength. What she didn't expect was that as soon as she walked out of the bedroom door, there was a muffled sound inside. It was Tongtong who had set the knife upright, bumped into the handle of the knife, and fainted. The sound of the earth.

She dragged her grandma downstairs, and it wasn't until I called her that she realized that she had been deceived by Tongtong. But in that situation, she didn't even have a chance to explain.

"Where are those two books? There were no books on the ground when I woke you up. Where did you put them?" I asked impatiently.

"Actually, I only fainted for more than ten minutes. I woke up before you woke me up. I put the book back on the shelf."

The police knocking on the door became louder and louder. If I didn't go down and open the door, I couldn't guarantee that they wouldn't break in like they did on TV. I had already promised to turn myself in for Tongtong, so I asked Tongtong to stop talking. There was no point in saying anything now. But at least it told me one thing, that is, I did not believe in Xiaonian wrongly.

When I went downstairs, Tongtong caught up with me. She held my hand and said to me in a low voice and hastily: "Cousin, whether you still believe me or not, I have to say that although I wanted to kill my grandma at that time, But I didn’t go that deep. So…”

"So what? You want to say that Xiaonian still killed grandma, right? Tongtong, I have decided to help you take the blame. Don't be stubborn anymore. Xiaonian was wronged by you from beginning to end. You killed grandma to hide yourself It's not enough to frame Xiaonian, but you have to kill her to silence her. I never thought that you would be so cruel after we have been together for more than ten years. "

I straightened my collar and opened the door calmly.

There were police outside the door, some with headsets in their ears and walkie-talkies in their hands. I never knew that catching a surrendered prisoner requires so much care.


When I first met Xiaonian, she was so weak that she was blocked in an alley by a group of bad students and bullied. The clothes on her body were already a bit shabby, and after a few pulls, she would be completely naked. I always think that if a boy doesn't take action in this kind of situation, it's simply a matter of whether it's a personal issue, so I saved Xiaonian.

When I bared my teeth and shook my painful arm, Xiaonian seemed to have completely forgotten the dangerous scene just now. There were a few bloodstains on her face, showing a playful look. She tilted her head and looked at me with a smile, and said: "Thank you." I shook my head, looking like a man who only cares about trivial matters. But the face I pretended to be calm changed color the next second when Xiaonian said: "I like you."

The excitement of idol dramas is due to the gradual progression of the plot. When this confession scene happened at the speed of light, I was really surprised.

The subsequent interactions made me realize that Xiaonian is indeed a unique girl. She told me that she was bullied by a group of people because she stole their wallets.

When passing an old alley, she took out several wallets from behind a stone and placed them in the center of the alley along the road. Then we hid behind a wooden door. In the next few dozen minutes, several disabled old beggars passed by. After finding their wallets, they lamented that such a good thing was happening. I looked at Xiaonian and smiled very sweetly, and suddenly I felt that this world is really wonderful, and there are all kinds of people. Of course, at the same time, I am also very lucky that there is such a special person like Xiaonian.

"Why did you steal?" "Because I don't have money to eat." "Why don't you go home to eat?" "Because I don't have a home." I didn't say anything else. If I kept asking, I would be the bastard.

I brought her home, don't doubt that I was interested in sex. As this story unfolded, I had no other choice. Fortunately, I still had my grandmother and cousin Tongtong at home, which ensured that Xiaonian would have food to eat.

The door opened, and Tongtong rushed out excitedly, then put her hands around my neck, put her head on my chest, and rubbed her twice. This was the way she had been acting coquettishly with me since she was a child. But I suddenly felt a little embarrassed because Tongtong and Xiaonian saw each other.

At the dinner table, it can be seen that grandma likes Xiaonian very much. She probably feels sorry for her being homeless, so she keeps picking up food for her during dinner. But Tongtong went upstairs halfway through the meal and didn't come back down. Xiaonian asked me privately if Tongtong didn't like her, so I joked that the little girl was jealous. Originally, my cousin and my cousin grew up together, and this kind of silly drama between childhood sweethearts is very common, so Xiaonian curled his lips and said nothing. This made me feel very interesting, or could it be called satisfaction?

I remember that after lunch that day, I took Xiaonian to the guest room, laid out a quilt for her, and specially brought a set of Tongtong pajamas and placed them beside her bed. But she stood behind me and said nothing. It wasn't until I finished my work that she told me very seriously that she wanted to visit my bedroom.

I stopped her outside my bedroom door and tidied her up in sweat for a long time before letting her in with a red face. Like all homebodies, my bedroom was a mixture of mess and mess. After reluctantly putting the dirty clothes away under the bed, Xiaonian sat down next to the edge of the bed.

"What is this?" During our short acquaintance, there was almost nothing to talk about, so Xiaonian pointed to a photo frame on the wall, looking for something to say.

I looked up at the wall. In the agarwood picture frame, there was a piece of worn kraft paper. This was indeed the most eye-catching scenery in my bedroom. In fact, the only thing in my ordinary room that can become a conversation piece is this piece of brown paper.

The size of two pieces of A4 paper put together. The paper is old and yellowed. There are rough edges rolled up to reveal the whitish inner layer. The surface is extremely uneven. There is almost no other content, just blood-red handwriting and outlined lines. Criss-crossed, covering the entire paper.

"It is said that this is a treasure map treasured by our family." I tilted my lips and looked at Xiaonian with a smile. Sure enough, this half- joke attracted her interest.

"Really? What treasures do you have at home?" Xiaonian suddenly stood up and looked at the piece of kraft paper closely, as if to verify the authenticity of my words.

I was amused by her movements and expressions. I don’t have many friends, and few people come to my bedroom, so I never had the opportunity to test other people’s interest in this piece of kraft paper. However, Xiaonian has satisfied my desire for so many years. curiosity. But after all, I didn’t want to deceive Xiaonian with mysteries, so I said honestly: “This is a piece of paper that my grandmother kept. It is said that treasures can be found, but it has been so old that no one can verify the truth of the story. .”

"You don't know whether the map is true or false, but is there really a story about this piece of paper?" Xiaonian is reluctant, which is reasonable. Whenever someone mentions words like treasure, there always seems to be a little… A mysterious feeling. But I don’t know the story, and I’m worried that Xiaonian will be a little disappointed.


My name is Zhong Yan, an ordinary student at a university in this city. I have been living with my grandmother and Tongtong since I was a child. My appearance, personality, and life are all ordinary. The only thing I can tell that is a little bit different is the story of our family.

Several generations of our family have enjoyed delving into treasures and, to put it nicely, are tireless archeology enthusiasts. In fact, my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, that is, Tongtong’s parents, spent their whole lives trying to become thieves. Their goal was treasures that may or may not exist.

"What about them? Isn't your grandmother the only one in your family?"

I am not very willing to answer this question, because they all died in a car accident on their way to the so-called treasure. After their deaths, my grandma burned many of the treasure maps in the family that were originally included in the search plan, but But I chose to keep this one, wipe it carefully and then frame it.

"If this is a treasure map, then why are there no road signs or address names?" Xiaonian's words are the same as my curiosity for so many years. There are only red lines on this piece of kraft paper with multiple routes drawn, and it is impossible to distinguish them. The starting point and the end point, the intersection of many lines, are just a big circle, and you can't tell what the shape of the lines is.

"But I'm sure grandma knows. I heard that her old man's property is over 100 million." I lowered my voice, looked at Xiaonian and said, "You think my grandma and grandpa have been studying these things all their lives, and they must have collected all rare things. Bao, she didn’t study this picture anymore, but pretended to put it here with me. Nine times out of ten, she has found the treasure in this place.”

"What? Your grandma is actually worth over 100 million…" Xiaonian looked in disbelief after hearing this. It was so cute. To be precise, I was just trying to make her curious.

"Do you also want to become a person with a net worth of over 100 million?" I looked at Xiaonian and said.

She smiled and shook her head and said, "Of course everyone likes money, but just enough is enough. Too much money can make people feel uneasy. Your grandma has so much money. Without you and Tongtong, she would be the same." It’s going to be lonely.”

When Xiaonian and I were chatting in the bedroom, Tongtong knocked on the door impatiently and said, "Grandma asked Xiaonian to go to her room to chat for a while, and you talked too loudly, which affected my sleep."

Xiaonian stuck out his tongue, opened the door and walked towards his grandmother's room on the right. I don't know when they finished talking and when they went to bed.

I am a night owl and like to play games online at night. With headphones on, I can hardly hear the sound outside. The fierce battle of "Honor of Kings" made me forget everything, but in the middle of the night I took off my headphones and when I got up to drink water, I heard the sound of someone moving outside the door, and I immediately became alert. It was obvious that someone at home was awake. My first reaction was Xiaonian, because Tongtong is a very lazy person and can sleep until the next morning in bed. In addition, I have been used to staying up late for many years, and I have never heard such a sound. Today It's Xiaonian's first day at my house.

She was not used to the new environment, or it was natural for her to be curious, so I didn't plan to open the door to avoid embarrassment for her. When the voice passed by the door of my room, it seemed to pause for a while. I was really looking forward to her knocking on the door and coming in. Maybe we could have a chat in the middle of the night. But she didn't, and I felt a little disappointed.

Just when I was about to put on my headphones and continue to turn up the volume of the game, I discovered a very strange phenomenon. Even if the footsteps sounded carefully, they didn't sound like people walking at all. I took off my headphones, tiptoed to the door, put my ear against the door, and held my breath. The sound was already heading downstairs to the living room. It's not accurate to say that they were walking. Apart from the footsteps of one person, the other sound was more like someone crawling on the ground.

I don't know why I feel like this – or… or maybe Xiaonian is dragging something?

I thought about her stealing a group of people's wallets, and then looking at me smiling without any guilt. Could it be that her nature is unchangeable, and even if I have good intentions and arrange for her to live in my house, I can't stop her habit of stealing things?

In fact, I have always wanted to change Xiaonian. I think she is a very good girl, but life has turned her into this. I didn't think about whether it was embarrassing or not. I opened the door directly and shouted downstairs: "Xiao Nian."

The standing figure stopped in the dark night, like a bottle of sculpture, and then suddenly dropped what she was dragging, opened the door and ran out desperately. And the thing she was dragging could not be seen clearly at night, and it just collapsed softly.

I didn't chase her, my intuition told me that the thief had escaped, but what exactly did she like in our house? There was nothing valuable in my impression that was in this shape. I looked down and saw that where she just passed by, there was a water stain about 20 centimeters wide. I didn't know what it was flowing down from. This water stain reached all the way to the stairs. When I turned on the lights in the corridor and hall, I was so shocked that I almost screamed.

The water stain about twenty centimeters wide was bright red and continued from the right side of my room door to downstairs. The color gradually darkened, and finally it was on the floor of the hall, next to the dark thing she left behind. There was also bright red liquid flowing out.

I was stunned for more than ten seconds, and then I realized that she…she had killed someone, and she was just carrying the body. Who is that lying downstairs?I walked over and saw my grandma lying in a pool of blood.


During the three days after my grandmother passed away, I couldn't eat every day. Tongtong asked me to have a good rest. She has been in contact with the police and will definitely find the murderer Xiaonian.

That night, Tongtong was hit in the back of the head with a blunt knife and fainted in her grandmother's bedroom. After I called the police, the police found out that the blunt knife about 20 centimeters long was the murder weapon that killed my grandmother. More than half of the knife penetrated into the grandmother's abdominal cavity, causing organ rupture. The police found Xiaonian's fingerprints on the handle of the knife. When grandma died, she opened her mouth wide, as if she wanted to shout for help, but Tongtong fainted and I played the game too loudly, so I couldn't notice it early. When the police reconstructed the murder scene, I was so sad that I almost fainted.

Xiaonian had been to grandma's room before twelve o'clock in the evening. This was what Tongtong saw when he was delivering milk to grandma. Grandma didn't drink the glass of milk and put it next to her bed. Grandma liked Xiaonian very much. She held her hand and sat by the bed to chat. But grandma died around one o'clock in the morning, only about an hour later, and she actually had murderous intentions. This girl's numbness and cold-bloodedness are very imaginable. When we provided the portrait to the police station, they told Tongtong and me that there were too many theft cases in Xiaonian at the police station. They had reason to believe that the murderer heard about me. When grandma was rich, he deliberately approached her. Tongtong caught her while chatting and knocked her unconscious with a blunt knife. Then he tried to force grandma to hand over the money. In the end, grandma was killed by Xiaonian because of her disobedience.

She might want to move grandma's body out and then come back to kill Tongtong and me. Unexpectedly, I fell asleep late and broke into the scene of her carrying the body.

After my grandmother passed away, our house became a lot deserted. I leaned on the handrail on the second floor and looked at the empty hall. I felt so lost. If I hadn’t brought back a bad girl like Xiaonian, my grandmother would not have died at all. .

I don’t know when, Tongtong came up behind me, patted my shoulder, and talked to me. After this incident, she seems to have matured a lot. Who said that every accident will make people grow.

"Cousin, don't be sad anymore. There is no resurrection after death. Grandma in heaven also hopes that we can live well." Tongtong's eyes were red.

I looked at Tongtong, forced a smile, and nodded.

When she wanted to say something else, I signaled her not to. I knew what she was going to say, and it was nothing more than curse words for Xiaonian. This had been her habit since she was a child. When she was a child, her neighbor's little sister broke her toys or took away her birthday gifts. Although she was young, she was sharp-tongued and refused to admit defeat. She insisted on scolding the whole family. Later, when the neighbor moved, She still looked bitter and resentful, wishing that the entire family would die.

I locked myself in my grandma's room. Grandma was a very clean person during her lifetime. She often cleaned up, and even the floor was brighter than Tongtong and I's room. I sat here alone for a long time, imagining everything that happened here that night. They say that as people get older, their eyes become blurred, but their hearts become clearer. I believe that grandma was not just sympathetic to Xiaonian, that’s why she was so kind to her. People don’t like someone like this for no reason. If Xiaonian harbors evil intentions, there is no reason why grandma cannot feel it. But maybe grandma is really like me. Our whole family was deceived by Xiaonian's pitiful appearance.

My thinking is getting more and more confusing. All the facts are in front of me. Am I still trying to clear the murderer's name? Could it be that Tongtong accidentally fell down and hit his head on the blunt knife, and grandma accidentally fell down and got the blunt knife stuck in her stomach? I hate my own heart, it seems to still want to speak for Xiaonian.

On the fourth day, Tongtong and I were sitting in the restaurant downstairs eating when the phone rang. After Tongtong answered the call, her face turned ugly. She hung up the phone, sat down, and suddenly grabbed my hand. My chopsticks fell to the ground. I didn't know what she wanted to sing.

Tongtong's hands were shaking. What phone call made her so scared.


Xiaonian was seriously injured and lying in the high-risk ward. When Tongtong and I arrived, doctors and police were there.

It rained heavily last night, and Xiaonian, who escaped because he was penniless, robbed a 24-hour convenience store. After being caught on camera, the store owner called the police. The police recognized that this was the suspect Xiaonian, so they stepped up the investigation. Found her in a suburban phone box.

But she had been stabbed by someone at that time, and now she is in a severe coma. The doctor said that she would probably not survive today.

After going back, I closed the door, then took Tongtong's hand and went up to the second floor. I pulled her to sit in my grandma's room. I closed the door and asked her loudly: "Why did you want to hurt Xiaonian?" My throat seemed to be filled with thousands of anger, and I wished I could lie on that hospital bed in Xiaonian's place.

On the way to the hospital, Tongtong told me that she stabbed Xiaonian. The day I met Xiaonian, I gave her my home phone number. She copied it down with a pen and put it in her pocket with a smile. The night before, I was sitting in my grandma's room, and suddenly the phone rang. It was Xiaonian calling me.

The sound of rain was very loud, accompanied by the loud sound of long-distance bus loudspeakers. She told me intermittently that she had not eaten for many days, and was caught stealing food from a convenience store. She fled to the suburbs alone, and she really did not have the strength to run anymore. She took out an IC card that she had stolen before, found a public phone booth, and started calling me. I don't know why she still called me. Did she kill my grandmother and think I would sympathize with her like before?

She smiled bitterly, and then asked me: "Zhong Yan, do you really believe that I killed grandma?" Just such a sentence was enough for me to forgive her. Until today, I have not contacted her. , everyone around me, Tongtong and the police, are using evidence to prove that Xiaonian is a murderer, but I am the only one who remembers my grandma’s heartfelt smile when she was picking up food for her. If that smile was fake, I can only say that her acting skills are very good.

Tongtong has always liked to laugh at me since she was little, saying that I am not like a boy and like to be emotional. Indeed, I believe that there are more good people than bad people in the world. I believe that Xiaonian’s life of being homeless like a flea does not mean that she is corrupt from the inside out. So as long as she tells me now that she was wronged, I will believe it unconditionally.

It was raining heavily and Xiaonian had no money. I asked her for her address, but she was unwilling to tell me. Her reason was that she was worried that it would be bad for me to come out alone too late. She promised me that she would be there at dawn the next day. Make an appointment with me and explain everything.

I didn't expect that Tongtong overheard our conversation on the phone in the living room downstairs. What she didn't expect was that she heard the name of the station announced on the long-distance bus loudspeaker. It was a small, remote station in the northern suburbs of the city. As a fun-loving person, she had been to that place with her classmates before. So she got dressed in the middle of the night, caught a taxi and hurried to the northern suburbs.

Tongtong told me how she hated Xiaonian at that time, so she couldn't control herself. She took out a sharp knife she bought at a roadside supermarket, pointed it at her stomach and stabbed her in the stomach. She told me in tears: "I started I don’t like Xiaonian, she is a bad girl, you can tell at a glance. She coveted her grandma’s property, that’s why she dealt such a heavy hand. I just want to treat others in the same way, and let her know What does it feel like to be stabbed by someone? I didn’t expect that she would be hurt so badly…"

"Are you stupid? You don't know that hurting and killing are both against the law. Why are you so confused?" But no matter how I blame Tongtong, it doesn't help. For Xiaonian, I don't have the same attitude as Tongtong. Instead of resentment, I was filled with guilt. Because if I had been more careful the night before and heard the name of the station, I could have gone to find her at night. Maybe she wouldn't have been hurt now, and Tongtong wouldn't have made a big mistake.

Tongtong said she didn’t want to go to jail, but this was something I couldn’t control. I asked her: “You asked me to save you, but now you’ve hurt someone. If Xiaonian dies in the hospital, the police will definitely find out it’s you. Yeah, how do you want me to save you?"

Her face was covered with tears. From the day we were little, from the day our parents left this world, we have been dependent on my grandma, and she has always relied on me. I also vowed to protect my sister for the rest of my life.

"Cousin, I have an idea, will you listen?" She seemed to have thought about it for a long time and seemed to have made a lot of determination. She wiped away her tears and looked at me and said.

"Cousin, as long as you tell the police that you heard the name of the small station announced on the loudspeaker on the phone, rushed to the northern suburbs, and then stabbed Xiaonian because you wanted to avenge your grandmother, the police will definitely believe it. , the police were here to restore the scene that day, and everyone saw how sad you were. You and grandma have such a good relationship, no one will doubt that you hurt someone out of revenge…"


I don't know how to respond to Tongtong.

Everyone wants to live, and they can do many things to protect themselves. Tongtong was not wrong. She had no father or mother, and she hurt someone in her impulse. It was my cousin who failed to take good care of her. It was me who should take responsibility for her. It’s just that my dear Tongtong, instead of going shopping and eating with you now, I can pay for everything for you. Growing up in the same environment, when did you start to think that everything in the world that pays for you is reasonable? As it should be?

I touched her head, her hands went around my neck, her face was stained with tears, and she rubbed my chest twice.

I admit that my heart softened, "Tongtong, I promise you."

She looked at me and smiled, the same way she had acted coquettishly since childhood, and she was sure that I would help her.

After calling the police station to surrender, Tongtong and I sat in my grandmother's room, waiting for the police to arrive. She began to talk about her childhood sentence after sentence, and talked about some very tragic stories in our past, such as when our parents went out to hunt for treasure together and had a car accident in the mountains. I know she doesn't want to recall these unhappy past events, she just wants to remind me that she is my only relative in this world, and she is worried that I will regret it.

If Xiaonian is a bad girl that everyone can see, then I really want to know what the definition of a good girl is.

"It takes about ten minutes for the police car to drive from the police station to our house. Tongtong, I want to ask you a question and want to know your answer. As long as you tell me, my cousin will tell the story of hurting Xiaonian no matter what the police ask. I know her so well." I looked into her eyes and said. Never before had I looked at my cousin's eyes so intently.

She breathed a sigh of relief, and after wiping away her tears, she was still as sweet as before. "You hurt Xiaonian because you think she killed grandma, so you think good and evil in this world should be punished, right?" Tongtong nodded. After listening to my words, she expressed her regret and sadness.

"If you really believe that good and evil are rewarded, your knife should not stab Xiaonian, because Xiaonian did not kill grandma." I kept looking at Tongtong's eyes, and then said leisurely, "You should stab Xiaonian." Aren’t you yourself?”

Tongtong's eyes opened wide, and she asked in surprise: "Cousin, what are you talking about?"

We sat on the floor. The floor of grandma's room was still as bright as new. I pointed to the floor at the foot of the bed. There was a shallow dent there, as if something had poked it. If grandma had discovered it before she was alive, she would have told us and asked us to hire someone to repair it. After my grandmother died, only the police and I came to this bedroom, and Tongtong didn't even dare to enter. She said she was afraid. I still couldn't understand why I was afraid of my grandmother's death.

This is a groove left by my grandmother on the night she died. Its size coincided with the tip of the dull knife. I never understood what this coincidence meant. Because Xiaonian killed his grandmother with a knife, and the knife kept stabbing her body, it was impossible to explain when he left such a mark on the floor.

Until the police told me that the back of Tongtong's head had been attacked by Xiaonian with the handle of the knife.

I said to Tongtong: "That night, insert this knife gently into the crack of the floor, then use a book or something to fix it, then lie down half-lying and hit your head against the handle of the knife, and hit it on the back of your head and There was a mark left on the floor here. You had already calculated that the tip of the knife inserted gently into the crack of the floor would not be too noticeable, but you did not expect that the floor was too slippery and you fell. The knife stabbed into the ground crookedly, leaving very obvious marks."

I didn't look into Tongtong's eyes and said to myself: "After Xiaonian left grandma's room, you went in and killed grandma. Grandma's cry attracted Xiaonian, and she instinctively wanted to save grandma, and then I came across that dull knife, which left fingerprints and took the blame for you. You arranged all this to create the illusion that Xiaonian attacked you."

"Cousin, the more you talk, the more outrageous you are. Have you read too many detective novels? I know you like Xiaonian, but you can't blame me just because you want to clear her grievances. The book you mentioned Have you found anything like that?" Tongtong looked anxious as if he had been wronged.

"Did you know? Every book on grandma's bookshelf has a fixed position. If you take it and are anxious and don't put it back, it is easy to find it. The two books sandwiched between the handles have a fixed position. Just give the mark to the police to open and identify it, and then you will know."

The sound of police ringing the doorbell was heard downstairs. "Tell me the reason why you killed grandma. You originally wanted to kill Xiaonian to silence her. If you tell me, no matter what the reason is, we have been cousins ​​for so many years. I promised to bear the crime for you and will not regret it. "

I opened the bedroom door and was about to go downstairs to open the door. Tongtong rushed in front of me, stopped me, and then asked in a low voice: "Cousin, when did you know about it?"

I looked at my feet for a long time and said, "Now."

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