Kilrogg Deadeye Drops Through The Portal

Some people say that Professor Bai discovered the gate to travel through time and space, and went to live in another dimension by himself. Professor Bai died, and Xiao Tianming ran away after getting the information on the restoration of the dimensional space. What about the corpse? Sun Xun suddenly remembered that he was the one who pushed Xiao Tianming down the laboratory's crossing door. The moment he pushed Xiao Tianming down, he remembered that Xiao Tianming fell and hit some unlucky passerby! Before Sun Xun died, he finally figured out why the scene he saw when he opened the door of the laboratory for the fourth time, it turned out that he had already been crushed to death by Xiao Tianming who fell down, and Zuo Peipei finally chose Xiao Tianming to be his boyfriend! … Continue readingKilrogg Deadeye Drops Through The Portal