Chapter 5 Mountain Shaking Talisman

"Second…Second uncle…" Zhang Yicheng shouted, still a little unaccustomed to Ou Jinyang's sudden "relative", "I heard… something happened to my sister?" Zhang Yicheng was really stared at by the elders and aunties in this room. Mao just wanted to get things done quickly and leave as soon as possible.

"Well…" Ou Jinyang nodded, "She was fine when she went to bed last night. When she got up in the morning, she woke up and now she is like this… By the way, his cousin played some pen fairy with her last night. , it’s not about that, is it?”

"It should have nothing to do with that…" Zhang Yicheng shook his head sincerely. To be honest, Luo Zhen is a close friend. How could he betray his friends at the critical moment? "Is she talking nonsense?"

"Say!" Ou Jinyang nodded, "Just say, 'Why aren't you here yet?' Say this from morning till night!"

"When people ask her questions, does she answer them?"

"No…" Ou Jinyang shook his head, "Just say this, I don't know when. Sometimes I just say it out of the blue and then stop talking. If you ask her, she will ignore you… Hey, come and take a look…" After that, Ou Jinyang got up and took Zhang Yicheng to a door at the end of the corridor. He saw that the old lady next to him was obviously not at ease, and followed him with a frown on his face, staring at Zhang Yicheng's every move.

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"Yunyun…Yunyun…" Ou Jinyang opened the door and turned on the light. Inside the room, he saw a long girl standing in front of the window. From the back, she looked no different from ordinary people. "Oh…it was like this when I opened the door in the morning. When I went to the hospital, We were standing like this, and we are still like this. Even if we ask her, she won't agree… The doctor said that we must have been stimulated by something, and asked us to go to the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist said that it didn't seem to be irritated, and said that it might be a brain injury. We were transferred to the neurosurgery department, and later even had an MRI. Nothing could be found wrong, so we were transferred to another hospital… Oh, but the college entrance examination is about to take place. Where do you think this happened? Yunyun… Yunyun…! ?”

"Just call me Yunyun, right?" Zhang Yicheng didn't look at this "Yunyun". Instead, he took out the compass from his bag and walked around the room. He saw that the compass pointer almost didn't react at all. It seemed that there was something, but it didn't seem to be the case. What a powerful thing, this is what Zhang Yicheng expected. In most cases, most of the characters invited by Bixian are not fatal characters, and it is not difficult to deal with them even if they attack.

"My name is Ou Yingying, my nickname is Yunyun…" An aunt behind Ou Jinyang also squeezed into the front row at this time. She seemed to be Ou Jinyang's daughter-in-law.

"Oh…" Zhang Yicheng rolled up his sleeves, dipped his fingers in some saliva and drew a "Shaking Mountain Talisman" on his hand, walked directly behind Ou Yingying, cleared his throat and shouted: "Ou Yingying , who do you think is coming!?" Not to mention, this sound really worked. I saw Ou Yingying turned around fiercely, scaring the whole group of people at the door, including Zhang Guoyi, into a cold sweat. If it were anyone else, If someone calls someone's name from behind, they usually turn around first, but this Ou Yingying is different, her neck seems to be stiff, and she immediately "turns back" with the shout from behind, and she comes face to face with Zhang Yicheng, only to see Zhang Yicheng He raised his hand and slapped Ou Yingying's Tianling Gai.

To be honest, the "Mountain Shaking Talisman" is not an offensive spell. As the name suggests, it is just a charm that can knock down mountains and shake tigers. If the caster is confident enough to gain a strong position, he can just draw a "Mountain Shaking Talisman" on the palm of his hand and hit it on the person's face. "Huiding" means Tian Ling Gai slaps him, and if he doesn't have enough resentment, he will immediately kneel down and beg for mercy. However, what Zhang Yicheng didn't expect was that after Ou Yingying slapped her, she didn't kneel down and beg for mercy. He kept doing it, rolled his eyes and fell to the ground… Everyone, including Zhang Yicheng, was almost dumbfounded on the spot.

To be honest, Ou Yingying's paralysis scared Zhang Yicheng into a cold sweat. He used the same force to shoot "resentment". If it were shot on an ordinary person, let alone Ou Yingying, a girl like her, even if it were another person, Old man Zhang Guoyi might have stars in his head, thinking that this girl is a liar, as Luo Zhen said, she is just pretending to be broken in love, so I slap her and knock her out, right? Seeing some reaction on the compass shows that there is indeed something in the house. Could it be that the thing is not on her body? But worries are worries. Zhang Yicheng has never made a fool of himself at critical moments. Although the matter in front of him seems to have been messed up, he must not let others see the flaw. The moment Ou Yingying fell to the ground, Zhang Yicheng's first reaction was to use His arm supported the girl's back, and the thumb of his other hand went straight into the woman's body. The whole set of movements was done in one go, as if everything was expected.

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Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng_Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng_Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng’/>

Zhang Guoyi didn't know what was going on, so he just started bragging on the spot, and kept patting his chest with Ou Jinyang: "That's it! Your daughter is fine! I've seen this thing too many times, and I'll be fine if I faint! You and I will Say, this is a good thing for your daughter! Ordinary people would let goblins come to her, and our eldest nephew would roll his eyes and foam at the sight of her!"

"Yunyun…" The old lady who had been hiding behind Zhang Guoyi for a long time finally burst out and ran to Ou Yunyun without any explanation.

Holding Ou Yingying and Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng , Zhang Yicheng never said a word. There is only one reason, that is, he does not know what is going on. If Ou Yingying is really obsessed with something, even if that thing has limited abilities, it is not an opponent. , in theory, you should beg for mercy. No matter how weak the resentment is, I have never heard of anyone running away directly. Could it be that this time, this young master has encountered the most cowardly person? Just as he was thinking about it, the old lady rushed forward and hugged Ou Yingying into her arms, "Yunyun, please say something… Yunyun…"

At this moment, Ou Yingying actually opened her eyes, "Auntie…?" Ou Yingying narrowed her eyes and smiled at the old lady, then looked at Zhang Yicheng, "You… you……"

"I…what's wrong with me?" Zhang Yicheng was stunned.

"Dad…Mom…" Ou Yingying did not say a second word to Zhang Yicheng, but turned her eyes to Ou Jinyang and his wife at the door.

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Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng_Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng_Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng’/>

"This… oops!" Ou Jinyangle couldn't close his mouth. This was the first "human word" his daughter said in a day besides "Why aren't you here yet?" The wife next to her even burst into tears. All the bells fell down. Zhang Yicheng was speechless on the spot.

"How's it going! Look! Let me tell you! Second brother, how about the person I found for your brother?" The most proud of the people present at this time should be Zhang Guoyi. He succeeded in playing nB on the spot. This scene, this How precious is material and face to a person who regards face as life?

After taking the compass and circling the room a few times, and finding that nothing happened, Zhang Yicheng signaled Zhang Guoyi to go back quickly.

"Eldest nephew! How can I ask my second uncle to thank you?" Before leaving, Ou Jinyang held Zhang Yicheng's hand, just like the people in the old district couldn't bear to leave the revolutionary troops.

"Erbai, we are all members of our own family, and this matter is also our own family's business. There is nothing we can't thank you for…" Zhang Yicheng said in a pretentious manner.

"Guoyi, our eldest nephew is so sensible!" Ou Jinyang said earnestly to Zhang Guoyi, "If I had such a sensible son, I would do whatever he asked me to do to pick up rags!"

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"Okay, okay, it's getting late, and the children still have to study." On the surface, Zhang Guoyi was very calm, and he was already lost in his heart. "Let's go back first… and if you have anything to do in the future, just say something. What do you have to do with me?" embarrassing……?"

"Yicheng, Yicheng! My good nephew! I've shown off my face to you, old man!" After driving the car, Zhang Guoyi was as excited as if he had smoked a cigarette, "Tell me! Where do you want to eat? Old man My treat!"

"Have a rest…" Zhang Yicheng grinned, "In what age are you still beating people over dinner?"

"Yo? You little bastard is quite difficult to take care of? Then tell me what you want? I'll buy you whatever you want! But don't let your dad know about this today!" To be honest, Zhang Guoyi is still very frightened by this kind of question. Zhang Guozhong, if Zhang Guozhong knew that he encouraged his children to skip school and help others to do this kind of thing, and it was overtones of power-for-money transactions, it would be strange if Zhang Guozhong did not get scolded.

"Motorola has a new mobile phone that's pretty good…" Zhang Yicheng said with a bad smile, "Ericsson 788bsp; "You little bastard… the lion has a big mouth…" Zhang Guoyi frowned, "Then you have to… How much……? "

"I don't have much money…" Zhang Yicheng said carelessly, "By the way, old man, you found me out to do something today, which delayed my study. If I don't get enough marks in the college entrance examination, you will have to protect me…"

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Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng_Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng_Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng’/>

"Bah, you little bastard, do you think you can get a good score in the college entrance examination if you don't come out today?" Zhang Guoyi was also angry. He even knew the academic performance of his precious nephew better than Zhang Guozhong. Eight out of ten parent-teacher conferences were successful. This kid came secretly and begged me to drive, "It's no problem to find someone for you, but you have to work hard yourself. Getting into college is different from high school. If the score difference is too far, it won't be easy to find anyone!"

Just as he was talking, he heard the cell phone in Zhang Guoyi's arms suddenly beeping. Zhang Guoyi was still impatient. When he saw that the caller ID was Ou Jinyang's number, "Hello?" When he answered the phone, he saw Zhang Guoyi's expression. He immediately changed, "I'm talking about Yicheng, are you sure you can clean up that thing just now?"

"Ah…yeah, what's wrong?" Zhang Guoyi asked, making Zhang Yicheng confused.

"He said…he…asked us to go back quickly…" After hanging up the phone, Zhang Guoyi took out the car key again, "He said that as soon as we left the house, his daughter became stupid again…"



Motorola Zhongbao and Ericsson 788c: They were the flagship models of Motorola and Ericsson respectively in the mid-to-late 1990s. The former sold for more than 10,000 yuan, and the latter was listed for no less than 8,000 yuan. At that time, Ericsson's mobile phone business had not yet merged with Sony. .

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