Random Notes On "Living Half Immortal"

During the Republic of China, there was a fortune teller in the south of the Yangtze River who was famous for his ability to tell fortunes. He was nicknamed "Living Half Immortal". This "living half-immortal" is very different from those charlatans who go around the streets and talk nonsense, and what they say is entirely specious.

They have a formal "office" – a dilapidated tile-roofed house in a small town that is almost collapsed. The "living half-immortal" lives here all the time, with nothing to eat and nothing to eat, and a shabby quilt. He leads a very miserable life. There were "clients" who came to ask for fortune-telling, and the "living half-immortal" didn't even have any decent furniture at home. The guest and host could only break bricks together and sit across from each other to "negotiate business."

Even so, the house of the "Living Half Immortal" has never been empty of people, because after years of coming and going, everyone knows that his words are reliable and accurate. If someone in the family suffers a disaster or gets sick, those who build houses and move graves will only recognize him. .

Compared with the various "masters" in today's society who have great magical powers, they can easily make a fortune by just saying a few lies. There are also various famous businessmen, wealthy businessmen and beautiful female stars who are chasing after them and vying to recognize the thief as their father. In the end The so-called "master" was revealed to be a drunkard in name only, and the fans and supporters scattered like birds and beasts, leaving nothing but chicken feathers everywhere.

The true gods who are really capable are as low-key and unpretentious as "living half-immortals" and are content with poverty. When others come to him to see something, they don't want much "live half-immortal", they just give him thirty-fifty cents, as long as he doesn't starve to death.

On this day, a young man in his thirties came to ask for divination, asking the "living half-immortal" to tell him the year and month when his wife would give birth to a "teapot mouth" (meaning a fat boy). "Living Half-Immortal" frowned and counted with his forehead, and said: "You have three daughters in this life, but not even half a son. By your generation, the incense has been cut off~"

The young man's expression changed immediately when he heard this. He did have three daughters , Mr. Cheng Chenggui , for this reason. He was picky about his mother-in-law, hitting or scolding her and never giving her a good face. He always felt that this old woman was not good enough to live up to her expectations, and she couldn't even give birth to three children. Listening to the meaning of "living half-immortal", would you still be a girl if you were reborn?

The man did not believe in evil, so he dropped the fifty cents and said angrily: "If my mother-in-law really gives birth to a baby next year, I will come back and tear down your lousy sign that deceives people's money!" "Living Half Immortal" Having become accustomed to such comments over the years, he grinned and left the man alone.

Unexpectedly, less than a year later, the man came to the door again with a bag full of red eggs, which made him look like a half-immortal. He walked in, picked up the eggs, and said loudly: "Thank you for your good wishes. My mother-in-law got a new teapot spout, and when she cries, she sounds like she’s blowing a trumpet. Today, she specially came to say thank you. You half-immortal, you really have such great words!” The “living half-immortal” smiled after hearing this, and said happily without saying much. After returning the fifty-cent hexagram gold, before the man left, the "living half-immortal" advised him: "Young man, there is a time in your life that you must have, but there is no time in your life, so don't force it!"

Sure enough, when the child was less than one year old, it was revealed that the man's wife had been beaten, scolded and humiliated by him because she could not give birth to a son. Unbearable, she hooked up with a second-rate man from the next village and became Mr. Cheng Chenggui , and the child was also two people. A bastard born from Hugo. After the man learned the truth, he was so angry that he almost beat his wife to death. The poor child who was under one year old was also missing where he sent her.

This "living half-immortal" is well-known, and he is often asked to assign horoscopes to newborn babies to see their fortunes. At a full-moon banquet, people started asking the "living half-immortal", "Would you like to show everyone here, who among you will have the greatest official position and the highest status in the future?"

The "living half-immortal" glanced around nonchalantly, pointed at a waiter who was just coming over to serve the dishes, and said: "This guy will definitely become rich and famous in the future!" Along with that! Everyone, including the waiter, burst out laughing when they heard this, and some people joked: "Ban Xian'er, you haven't even had a drink yet, so why are you talking about drunkenness!"

At this time, someone heard someone say: "Come on, great fairy, let me know when I am going to die?" Everyone was shocked when they heard this, and when they looked back, it turned out to be a wealthy local man. This person has a lot of money and naturally speaks with great wealth.

"Living Half-Immortal" responded: "I have always calculated life and death, blessings and disasters. But today, when I first met the master, he had such unlucky words, so I made an exception and made a prediction for you." After that, he followed suit. He took out the divination utensils, and when the divination came out, the "Living Half-Immortal" said: "To be honest, I will die in the hands of a man named Wang next summer."

It is said that the rich man originally wanted to make trouble for the "living half-immortal" and make him stand up, but he didn't expect to provoke him to say such a lot of unfavorable words. He suddenly became so angry that his face turned red and his neck thickened, and he stared at the "living half-immortal" "I squeezed out one sentence: "You are so presumptuous!" and walked away.

Although this wealthy man is already over 60 years old, he is in good health and has no major problems. The only problem is that he has a chronic illness called asthma that has not been eradicated. The rich man's family was not short of money anyway, so he searched for famous doctors' secret recipes, and tried a lot of ginseng, deer antlers, whips, etc., but there was still no big improvement.

Until half a year ago, a wandering doctor prescribed a prescription. The prescription was quite effective for the rich man, and he never had asthma. When he came back from the full moon banquet that day, the rich man was also disturbed by the prophecy of "living half-immortal", so he fired all the servants named Wang in the family, and even the guests named Wang who came to visit were turned away.

The rich man secretly wanted to wait until next summer to send this "living half-immortal" to the government to accuse him of fraud and curse.

When summer comes next year, the weather is getting hotter. I don't know why the rich man's asthma relapsed with some force. Due to the suspicion of the "living half-immortal" prophecy, the master was extra cautious this year and hurriedly asked his son to go to the county town with the prescriptions prescribed by Dr. You Fang to prepare them.

When we arrived at the largest drug store in the city, the clerk took the prescription and took a look. Due to the passage of time, several of the handwritings were unclear. The clerk quickly called the shopkeeper to help him take a look. The shopkeeper studied the prescription for a long time and said to the rich man's son: "In such a hot weather now, your prescription contains several strong tonics, which are really not good for the patients. So, I generally agree. I won’t change it for you, just replace a few doses of tonic, what do you think?”

The rich man's son was also a man without a backbone. Thinking that the shopkeeper of such a large pharmacy would not have any problems, he gave his father the medicine according to the recipe that the shopkeeper fine-tuned. When I got home, I quickly ordered my servants to boil some medicine for the old man. After taking this medicine, it was bad. Not only was it ineffective, but the old man's asthma became more serious. By evening, the rich man's face was blue and he was suffocating to death.

Naturally, the rich man's family refused, and sued the drug store to the government to get an explanation. Only during the trial did they find out that the shopkeeper who dared to change the prescription was actually named Wang…

Let’s talk about the young man who was the waiter at the full-moon banquet that day. He was forcibly recruited during the warlord’s melee. Because of his bravery and agility in fighting, he was appointed to the local Qianhu after many military exploits and became famous far and wide.

I have always believed that people's destiny has certain precise laws. Some people who are destined to know the key to cracking it all depend on chance and coincidence. It is important to always have a sense of awe. Ignorance makes people arrogant, and arrogance accelerates destruction. Just like the rich man in the story, he may have had the opportunity to turn disaster into good luck, but in the end he was ignorant of the heights of the world due to his stupidity and arrogance. The master missed it and lost his life.

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