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Ⅳ First meeting

August 17th, tomorrow, is Xiao Yufei’s birthday.

Zichou silently recorded this date in his heart. Very casually, I marked August 17th on the desk calendar.

The two words "Ghost Festival" appeared in front of Zichou.

"Why are you so depressed?" I wondered secretly, and looked at the desk calendar carefully. It was July 15th of the lunar calendar. Yes, that day was the Ghost Festival.

This is it, hey, I should burn paper for my father, I thought to myself.

Zichou slowly leaned back on the comfortable swivel chair.

The shuttle bus to Yinzhaguan runs twice a day. Zichou chose the later train. After hurriedly processing the manuscript during the day, he hurried to the station.

Weather changes are always unexpected. In the evening, the originally sunny sky gave people a surprise, and heavy raindrops fell in a hurry.

There were not many people in the car, most of them were people from Yinzhaguan.

Zi Chou took a seat near the window. The rain has no intention of stopping, and the rain has become much lighter.

Looking at the blurry shadows outside the window, he felt sad for some reason. "It's all caused by the weather." Zi Chou comforted himself, because a date is a wonderful thing and shouldn't affect his mood for anything. .

Most of the other passengers in the car had their heads lowered, and even the baby in the arms of the middle-aged woman sitting next to him was quiet and surprisingly honest. But he stared at Zichou in fear, as if he had seen a ghost. That look doesn't look like it comes from an infant! His mother lowered her head, wondering what she was thinking.

Zichou couldn't help but shudder and wrapped himself tightly in his raincoat.

The bumpy car finally stopped. Zichou felt it was so sudden, no, I should say he didn't feel it, as if it was a sudden death.

"Hey, we've arrived at the station, it's time to get off, you!" The driver's hoarse and deep voice cut Zichou's ears like a rusty knife.


Zichou finally broke free from his chaotic thoughts.

"Huh~~~~~~~" Zichou took a deep breath. So he picked up the umbrella, and when he got up to leave, he found that the passengers in the car had disappeared without a trace, without making any sound, and disappeared like ghosts.

Zichou shuddered, shook his head helplessly, and quickly got out of the car.


As soon as Zichou got out of the car, the door was closed and he left with a roar. Holding the umbrella in his hand, it felt like he was thrown into another world.

"You're here!" A familiar, cold voice came from the front.

"Oh, yes, I just got off the bus." Zichou answered the person's words like a conditioned reflex. He knew who the person was. Who else besides her would come to the station at this night and in this weather?

Zichou struggled to focus his vision, but the rain curtain interfered with his vision. It turned out that not far away, there was a white wall. Xiao Yufei was still wearing her white coat, and she was holding a white umbrella!

No wonder Zichou didn't notice her.

"How long have I been waiting? Really, in such horrible weather, I still ask you to pick me up…"

"It doesn't matter, you are my guest, aren't you?"

"Haha, this is a gift for you, happy birthday!" Zichou couldn't wait to push a small box wrapped in colorful wrapping paper to Yufei.

"Thank you, really." Yu Fei's tone was still cold, gentle, and colorless. Although it was a thank you, it was still the same.

"let's go!"

"Okay, is your home far away?" Zichou asked.

"It's not far," Yufei said, "but we're not going home now."

"What, not going to your house?" Zichou was very surprised. Is there any special program?

"Go to the hospital." It was still a colorless answer.

"Hospital?" Ding Zichou became even more confused. He found that he had no idea what this woman was thinking. Her way of thinking might be very special.

"It's like this. The hospital gave me a short notice today and asked me to work the night shift. I have no choice but to celebrate my birthday in the hospital. Do you agree?"

"You are on duty alone? How can a hospital do this? How can a female doctor be allowed to work night shift?"

"Oh, no house, no car, no diamond ring soulmate ghost . That's it. There are only a few people in the hospital, so we can't wait for them. The security here is very good, and the night shift is because of the emergency. There was an old man named Sun Zhong who worked the night shift… "A strong wind and rain interrupted Zichou's hearing"… He had worked in this hospital for more than ten years, and he was responsible for calling the doctor for patients at night. However, the day before yesterday, he had a heart attack and died. In the duty room of the hospital…"

"Oh…" Zichou agreed in a long voice, feeling uncomfortable all over.

The two people walked in tandem. The street lights on the road couldn't keep up their energy at all under the impact of the rain, and they flickered on and off. For some reason, Zichou had a lot to say in his heart, but when he saw Yu Fei and heard her words, he couldn't say anything.

The hospital was small, a two-story building, but it was a new building. "This building was newly built last year." Yufei introduced.

After entering the small building, I saw a long and narrow corridor with only a few dim lights, which was very incongruous with such a new building and felt very awkward.

"The place where I am on duty is on the first floor, which is the emergency room." Yu Fei said: "The yard behind is the old building of the hospital, and it is now a morgue!" Zichou felt a little uncomfortable. When they passed the duty room, Zichou saw an old glass on the table in the duty room. The walls of the cup were covered with rust. He vaguely saw that there was still half a cup of tea! "Maybe this is where the watchman lives?" Zichou thought in his mind.

At this time, Yufei stopped. "We're here, here it is." "Is this the duty room here?" Zichou's heartbeat was a little fast, "Is this the room of Lao Wang who died yesterday?" "Oh, no, it's next door." Yu Fei Pointing to another house number "Emergency Room", "Oh, what, are you scared?" Yu Fei looked at Zichou, "No, no, I just asked casually, let's go in." In fact, when she thought of going in, Spending the night next door to a recently deceased person made Zichou feel uncomfortable. No one will feel comfortable.

After opening the emergency room door, Yufei turned on the light. The walls were white, the incandescent lights, and Yu Fei's pale face made everything look so dazzling. Perhaps because he had just come out of the darkness, his eyes still couldn't adapt, so Zichou closed his eyes.

"What's wrong with you?" Yufei asked as she put away her umbrella.

"Oh, it's okay. My eyes can't adapt to it. It's okay." This time, Zichou saw clearly what the emergency room looked like. Like most emergency rooms he had seen, there was nothing new, but Zichou noticed a box of cakes and two bottles of wine on the table!

"Sit down and have a rest!" Yu Fei took Zichou's umbrella.

Zichou sat down and looked at Yu Fei. A few strands of rain-wet hair spread across her forehead, making Yu Fei look even more charming.

Yufei sat down at the table. "No one has celebrated my birthday for a long time. I have no house, no car, no diamond ring, soulmate ghost . Really, sometimes I feel very lonely." Yu Fei looked at Zi Chou and said leisurely, "I will accompany you every year from now on." of". "Thank you!" Zichou seemed drunk before he drank anything. Yufei and Zichou chatted and drank slowly.

There were only two empty wine bottles left on the table.

Ⅰ Town

It was a dark night that even a blind person would find terrifying. People went to bed early. Perhaps only sleep can make people forget their fear.

This small place is called Yinzhaguan. It is a small place that cannot be found on the map. It is located in Sichuan Province and is under the jurisdiction of Fengdu City. It has a small population and is sparsely located in small counties.

There is nothing special here, just like thousands of small counties in China. I heard from the old people that in the early days, there were many families here, but then gradually there were fewer and fewer. The reason was some strange events!

The only small garden in Yinzhaguan is not big. The most famous one is an ancient well left over from the Ming Dynasty. In fact, this small garden was built because of this ancient well.

Every morning, an old man will clean this place. The old man was alone. His wife had left him long ago. The old man's only son also suffered from an unknown strange disease. His body was covered with the marks of big money, and he finally died. Qian Banxian, the self-proclaimed psychic in the town, looked at it and said: "Hey, Old Wang, your son owed too many debts to others in his previous life, and the creditors have been chasing the debts until this life! The big money is the debt he repaid. !" Old Man Wang, who had lost his only relative, just shook his head numbly.

In fact, Mr. Wang is a good person, and he was an advanced producer when he was young! Later, his wife died again. Who knew that all the misfortunes fell on him and all his relatives left him. The old man moved his family to live next to the small garden, cleaning it every day, as if it was an old and loyal friend of his and his only friend.

Days passed little by little, and the old man lived here for more than ten years, doing the same thing day after day. People can always see the short figure holding a big broom.

Until one day, it was a gloomy autumn day, and the old man was waving the old broom staggeringly as usual.

A gust of cold wind made Old Man Wang shiver, and a piece of dark yellow paper money flew to Old Wang's feet. Old Wang looked at it doubtfully, and the piece of paper money flew left and right, flipping, and the old man's eyes It gradually became blurry, and it saw that there seemed to be words on one side of the paper money, red words, bloody red! But Lao Wang couldn't see clearly what was written on it.

Curiosity made the old man want to see what was written on it, so he bent down to pick it up, but the paper money flew up with the wind and landed not far away. The old man walked over quickly, but it flew away again. The old man was a little anxious. So, he kept chasing. After a while, the old man began to gasp for breath. Yes, age is not forgiving. He can no longer withstand the torment at this age.

The old man put down the broom and sat down. The piece of paper money seemed to know that the old man was tired, and it sat obediently not far from the old man.

Inadvertently, the old man seemed to see two identical pieces of paper money! The old man rubbed his eyes, yes, there were two! The old man was a little surprised and shook his head helplessly.

Sweat dripped down. The old man took out a handkerchief to wipe his sweat, and a small piece of something fell at the old man's feet, and the old man felt it. Yes, the old man guessed it right, it was paper money. However, what surprised the old man the most was not that one, but the ones around him. Yes, there are countless of them!

The old man's eyes widened, and he felt his aging heart beating wildly. Yes, he saw it, saw the paper money flying all over the sky, the dark yellow paper money with red letters written on one side!

The old man's breathing became rapid. Maybe he had a premonition that these paper money foreshadowed something that would happen, was it death. In fact, the old man is not afraid. Like most old people of his age, he is not afraid of death. Leaving the world is not a relief. However, the old man has never experienced such a scene.

After a short while, the old man gradually calmed down. He wants to find where the paper money comes from! So the old man began to look around. When he walked not far from the ancient well, he froze there like a character framed in a montage in a movie!

Because he saw the source of the paper money, which was the ancient well, which had been dry for who knows how many years. Paper money spurted out from there! However, the old man saw another person not far from the well, and his eyes became moist.

He saw his son.

"Dad…I have already paid back the money…I even paid back the money you owed people in your previous life…Dad…" was the miserable voice of his son.

When people found the old man not far from the ancient well, he had already passed away. He was lying on the ground among the fallen leaves, his hand covering his heart, with a strange expression on his face, a kind of joy after relief. Later, people at the hospital said that the old man died of a heart attack. But I don’t know what the old man saw during his last look…

There are also many people who know that a century-old tree in the town has a human face growing on the trunk. It is a man's face, with a painful expression, and blood is flowing from the eyes, blood! People say that tree is evil. Later, the psychic Qian Banxian saw it and said that Taisuo's resentment had gathered in that place, so much so that it came out from the old tree. There is wind all year round in Yinzhaguan. Local people can feel the biting cold wind, but outsiders can't. They all say they feel uncomfortable here, it's cold! cold!

There are many weird things like this. There are almost no people who know the horrific process. There are only some rumors from living people, because only the dead know the content, but the dead cannot speak.

Ⅱ Strange Doctor

In the far west of the county seat, there is a three-story building. But as residents left one by one, only five families remained.

A very special family lives on the first floor. In fact, there is only one person in this household, a single girl, Xiao Yufei. She is a doctor. She comes from a big city, but after graduating from university, she came here voluntarily and worked as a doctor in the only small hospital in the town. Now in his early thirties.

Her face is very white, the kind of pale color that only the dead have, without a trace of blood, but it cannot be denied that she has a convincing temperament that ordinary women do not have. Although the years pass by inadvertently, but It didn't leave any mark on her face at all, but instead gave her the beauty of a mature woman. Everyone who has shaken her hand knows that it is a pair of cold hands that chills people's hearts! But to be honest, she is indeed beautiful, with a kind of ecstatic beauty. But she is very withdrawn and very eccentric. She always wears a white coat, no matter what time of day. What's even more strange is that she rarely leaves here after coming here, as if she suddenly appeared from underneath! Doesn’t she have a home? Where are her parents? People are always secretly speculating. Xiao Yufei almost never talks to her neighbors, and rarely smiles, because no one has seen her smile, and maybe she doesn't smile when she is dreaming.

Whenever she is mentioned, people will shake their heads helplessly, with a bit of fear. She killed the most people in that small hospital! Maybe her medical skills are poor, but she is a talented student in a famous medical school!

The strange thing is that no matter how serious a patient is in her hands, they will get better for a while after her treatment. The original disease completely disappears. The patient is like a normal person, but soon he will surely die. People don't dare to let her get medical treatment now.

Therefore, whenever Xiao Yufei is on duty, the hospital is extremely quiet!

Ⅲ Zi Chou

"Zichou, when will you finish that "Spiritual Void"? We will just say that your novel is outstanding, so you have to hurry up!" The fat editor Ma was urging Ding Zichou again.

"Well, okay, um, come on, come on, I'll finish it in a week!" Zichou dealt with it.

Ding Zichou was a poor scholar who had no talent and was admitted to the city from the countryside. His father passed away early, and it was his mother who worked hard to raise a son and a daughter. Zi Chou was able to live up to his expectations and was admitted to the city. Now alone, my mother and sister live peacefully in the countryside. Because I didn’t have many connections and I wasn’t very flexible, I couldn’t find a satisfactory job after graduating from college. He studied Chinese in college because he liked writing since he was a child. So I found a job in a small magazine and became an editor! That's where he works now.

This small magazine is struggling half-deadly, and the situation is getting worse. In fact, this place is only supported by Zichou. Fortunately, Zichou is not a picky person. He doesn't want to leave here. Their theme is: horror stories.

Zichou has quite a few friends, one of them is Xiao Yufei!

Meeting Xiao Yufei seems to be God's will, because they have the same hobby: collecting coins.

Xiao Yufei's only hobby is this. She collects all kinds of coins, even ghost coins, as if she has her own world among those colorful coins!

Yufei met Zichou at a collectibles market in Fengdu, and it was the only place she was willing to patronize when she went out. Zichou's hobby was not his own, but his father's. The biggest hobby of Zichou's old father was this. The old man's biggest wish before his death was that his collection would not be lost, so the filial Zi Chou began to cultivate his feelings for these things.

The two hit it off immediately and became very interested in collecting when they talked about it. Everyone felt that it was too late to meet each other. To be honest, another factor is also because of Xiao Yufei's beauty and temperament. When Zichou saw Yu Fei for the first time, he told himself that she is the one you want to wait for.

Unknowingly, they have known each other for three years, and Zi Chou felt that except when talking about collections, Xiao Gui would be very interested, and the rest of the time she would say very little. Regarding her life experience, Zichou knew very little, almost nothing. Zi Chou asked her out several times, but without success. All he knew about her was that she came from that mysterious small county, which was as mysterious as her people.

Surprisingly, that day, he received a call from Yu Fei.

"Zi Chou" Actually, Yu Fei's voice was as cold as hers, but it gave off a more pure and pure feeling.

"You know, tomorrow is my birthday, can you… come?"

In fact, Zichou wanted to visit Yu Fei's house for a long time. One reason was to know more about Yu Fei, and the other reason was to learn more about that supposedly mysterious little place, so that he could also increase his own creations. inspiration. There just haven't been any good opportunities.

"Really… I've known him for so long and I didn't know… That… I… will definitely go…" He was so excited that the talkative young man stuttered a bit.

"Okay, I'll pick you up at the station tomorrow…that's it!"

Her words were always so concise and to the point.

Zichou thought silently, with a faint smile on his face.

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