Chapter 608: Blocking The Road

Disappeared? "

Yang Jian, who was leaning on the wall with one hand, slowly put down the rusty hatchet in his hand, with a look of disbelief on his face.

He saw the source of the bloody handprints just now. It was not an illusion… The people killed by the ghosts seemed to have become part of the curse of the bloody handprints, covering the entire aisle, and these things would attack him.

Yang Jian immediately fought back. He clearly remembered that he hit one of the ghosts in the arm.


All the ghosts in the corridor disappeared, and the bloody handprints on the wall disappeared as if they had never appeared.

The ghost retreated at this moment and showed no sign of appearing again.

"Is this the function of this supernatural thing?" Yang Jian looked down, feeling more surprised than when he first got the coffin nails.

The coffin nail on the starving ghost's forehead can only nail the ghost and completely make it incapacitated.

But the hatchet in his hand can repel ghosts head-on, or even directly dismember them. The method of use is very simple and requires contact with a medium.

Complete footprints and complete palm prints seem to be fine. As for whether there are other media that can trigger it, Yang Jian still doesn't know the supreme avenue of the Hell-Blooded Demon God . He has only used it once now.


Yang Jian seemed to realize something again and immediately put the rusty and strange hatchet into the box where the shroud had been placed before closing it.

What kind of orb can the Hell-blood Demon God's weapon hit?_The Hell-blood Demon God mv_The Supreme Way of the Hell-blood Demon God

"If this kind of supernatural thing is used, will it have some kind of terrible curse like a music box? Or will it require a huge price?"

He was not dazzled by the power of this supernatural object. Yang Jian began to check his own condition to determine whether he had been cursed by the hatchet.

After a quick examination, Yang Jian felt that his body was normal.

It was neither rotting like the tall corpse at its feet, nor was it subject to a strange curse. The body was the same as before.

"Does it cost nothing like nails in a coffin?" Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly, feeling a little unconvinced.

If there was no price, then this weird hatchet would be really scary.

"No, that's not right. Although there is no abnormality in my body, this arm is different from before." Yang Jian looked at the arm connected to the ghost hand.

The arm turned black, like a dead corpse. This arm was fused with part of the flesh and blood of the ghost during the ghost incident. It also possessed some characteristics of the ghost, and had the quota to suppress three ghosts.

But now.

Nearly half of the arm has turned white, and part of the black trace has disappeared, as if it has lost its quota to suppress a ghost.

"Using this weird hatchet is not without cost, but the cost is offset by my quota to suppress a ghost…" Yang Jian felt strong uneasiness in his heart.

Because the price is a bit high for him.

What orbs can be hit by weapons_The Supreme Way of the Hell-Blooded Demon God

The quota for suppressing three ghosts is the key to keeping the ghosts in his body balanced. Now that he has lost one quota, it means that he can only suppress two ghosts.

If the ghost is in a dead state, it can be suppressed without quota.

But what about ghost eyes and ghost hands?

Because he was afraid that the ghosts could not control the two ghosts, Yang Jian had been using two quotas to maintain the balance and ensure that the two ghosts would not revive.

It is precisely because of this that Yang Jian is always in good condition. If he doesn't mess up, he probably won't recover for more than ten years.

His expression changed, and Yang Jian quickly accepted this cruel reality.

"Do I need to pay the price of a ghost to use this hatchet? Although I defeated the ghost, the damage is mutual. The bloody handprint suffered a terrible attack just now, and I will suffer a terrible curse. But The curse has been completely offset by some of my ghostly attributes.”

Yang Jian immediately recalled the scene of lighting the ghost candle when he was attacked.

At that time, the whole ghost candle burned out almost instantly in the blink of an eye.

The situation then and now are so similar.

The curse was counteracted by a ghost-suppressing quota.

The attack is neutralized by a red ghost candle.

What orbs can be hit by the weapons of the Hell-blood Demon God_The Supreme Way of the Hell-Blooded Demon God_mv_The Supreme Way of the Hell-blood Demon God

This is the price.

"If my remaining two quotas for suppressing ghosts are used up, what price will I pay if I forcefully use this hatchet? Will I die instantly?" Yang Jian's eyes were changing, and he wanted to know the result. , but dare not try.

But you can’t find a solution to a problem without trying.

It's impossible to rely on guesswork.

"Forget it, just take it step by step, I have more important things to do now."

Yang Jian withdrew his gaze from most of his blackened arms.

This counteracting curse is permanent, and it does not mean that the ghost arm will recover after a while.

Yang Jian vaguely felt that this should be the flaw that Wang Xiaoming mentioned. It does not have the characteristics of a real ghost. Due to damage and continuous use, this suppressive ability will gradually weaken and eventually fail…

Because his ghost shadow was also stabbed just now, and it is now recovering.

The ghost is a real ghost, but this fused arm with one characteristic of the ghost cannot represent the real ghost, so it is not a real ghost.

Just like ghost slaves, they can be killed.

After thinking for a moment, Yang Jian temporarily put his thoughts back.

What kind of orb can the Hell-blood Demon God's weapon hit?_The Hell-blood Demon God mv_The Supreme Way of the Hell-blood Demon God

No matter what, he has obtained the hatchet, and now he should go back to Ping An Building to continue fighting Fang Shiming. He will not be able to rest assured until this guy dies.

Yang Jian raised his head and looked at this extremely strange place.

"It's too dangerous here. This corridor should not be allowed to appear. If there is still a door open, the ghost may walk along this corridor to the Caesar Hotel. I need to seal this place completely, but the general method There is no way to block this passage, we need to use special means."

He thought about blocking this place with gold, but he didn't have enough time and he didn't have so much money.

Finally, Yang Jian focused on the tall, rotting body at his feet.

The corpse wrapped in the shroud was like a door panel, almost blocking the entire passage.

"Use this corpse to block the door, and because of the shroud, the ghost realm can also be isolated. The effect is not necessarily worse than a Huang family door." Yang Jian thinks this method is very feasible.

The shroud cannot be corroded, and there is a ghost inside the corpse. These two things blocking the entrance of this passage should be able to block the entry and exit of other ghosts.


Yang Jian moved the body to the exit and stood it up.

He looked at the remaining gaps around the body, and then directly used the ghost to remove some cement nearby. Like mud, the hard cement was torn apart and spliced ​​together to fit the body. A wall without gaps is formed.

In this way, Yang Jian embedded the corpse into the cement wall. The workmanship was quite fine. Even if he stretched out his feet and kicked it, there was no trace of shaking. It was very strong.

"It can only be this way."

Yang Jian secretly thought that he tried to use the ghost domain to pass through the cement wall, but the ghost domain could not cover it.

It worked.

As for whether there will be problems in the future, Yang Jian can't control that much. He is almost dead now. Being able to do this is considered very responsible . The Supreme Avenue of the Hell-Blooded Demon God . If it were other people, it would be estimated that now He just patted his ass and left, not caring about the dangers in this corridor.

"Let's go."

Yang Jian took a few steps back. Without hesitation, the ghost domain spread directly, covering the entire Caesar Hotel in an instant, and then headed all the way to the north of the city.

He disappeared in an instant.

Although it was very close to Dachang City, Yang Jian only looked slightly in the direction of Dachang City. Instead of going back, he turned back the same way and rushed to Ping'an Building again.

Fang Shiming had indeed escaped, and he was not in Ping An Building.

But Yang Jian didn't care. When he went to Ping An Building, he needed to find Fang Shiming's palm, hand and footprints to trigger the hatchet's murder pattern.

This time he will kill him even if he uses up a quota for suppressing ghosts.

The danger brought by the curse of the music box is greater than the risk of the ghost resurrecting. If the ghost revives, Yang Jian has some emergency methods in mind to ensure his life, but now the curse can't be taken care of, so where can he take care of it? The powerful ghost revives.

"Don't let me down, try to kill Fang Shiming with one knife."

Yang Jian thought in his heart.

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