Yang Weixin’s Death Chapter 637: Amazing Changes

After some attempts, Yang Jian's plan to use the ghost cabinet to solve the curse of the music box failed.

His previous three alternatives now only have one left, which is to trust Wang Xiaoming and let him find a way to solve the curse. Although the headquarters has agreed to this matter, Yang Jian still feels bad about Wang Xiaoming from the beginning to the end. rest assured.

"If Wang Xiaoming's plan must be tried, then at least the ghost cabinet must find a way to solve the trap in the plan." Yang Jian thought this way.

Predicting dangers in advance with the help of ghost cabinets and then avoiding them reasonably is currently the most feasible method.

I thought about it for a while.

Only then did Yang Jian realize that this seemingly simple question was actually very difficult. He had already scrapped several pieces of paper.

For example: Help me solve the traps in Wang Xiaoming’s plan.

If I write this sentence, the ghost closet has indeed done it, but what if the plan fails? What if he didn't die in the trap but died in the curse of the music box?

Then he wrote: Help me to survive successfully in tomorrow’s plan.

If he had written this sentence, Yang Jian might have survived in the end, but he might only have a consciousness preserved by the curse of the ghost closet, and become a special alien.

"Dealing with the ghost closet is not as simple as you think. You never know how the ghost closet will affect you, so you can't be perfect. No matter what kind of request you make, you should bear the risk." You still have to bear it.”

Yang Jian shook his head slightly, crumpled the note in his hand angrily and threw it away.


His eyes moved slightly and he wrote this sentence directly on the paper: "I want to be alive in one month to conduct the next transaction with you."

This requirement is very tricky.

Yang Jian proposed that the next transaction will be in one month, which means that he must be present today one month from now, which means that he cannot die within a month. If he dies, the ghost closet will not complete his request. This rule of unlimited trading was unilaterally destroyed by Ghost Cabinet.

Therefore, if Ghost Cabinet wants to continue trading, Yang Jian cannot die from the curse of the music box, nor can he die from other supernatural events.

The most important thing is that he did not make any request about supernatural events. Under normal circumstances, this should not be a difficult thing. After all, it is easy for ordinary people to live for a month.

The note was stuffed into the ghost closet but there was no movement.

The old wooden cabinet fell into silence as before, seeming to judge the difficulty of Yang Jian's request, and also seemed to be thinking about whether to agree to it.

Yang Jian was not in a hurry and was still waiting.

The waiting time was not long this time, and soon there was movement in the cupboard door below, opening a slight opening.

Yang Jian immediately opened it and took a look. Inside was the note he had just stuffed in, with two crooked words written on it in black: seven days.

Seven days?

Yang Jian's eyes narrowed. Although the date was shortened, the effect was achieved. Sure enough, there were loopholes in this ghost cabinet that could be exploited. It couldn't solve the curse of the music box, but it could be done by allowing himself to continue trading with it after seven days. Yeah, it sounds like the latter is more difficult, but Ghost Wardrobe's judgment is that the former is more difficult.


Without thinking, Yang Jian wrote a word and responded.

Yang Weixin is dead_has Yang Weixin not been found yet_why is Yang Weixin unwilling to go home

After the piece of paper was stuffed in, the ghost closet was completely silent, as if waiting for the arrival of seven days, this unlimited transaction rule was temporarily extended.

"This is the best outcome. Buy an insurance policy here at Ghost Cabinet to ensure that I can stand in front of Ghost Cabinet alive no matter what happens in seven days." Yang Jian thought to himself.

No matter what trap or plan fails, no matter which side he bets on, it will be unstable. This is the only one that is the most stable.

"That's all I can do for the time being. This should be the best I can do at the moment. It doesn't matter what Wang Xiaoming's plan is tomorrow. What's important is that I can survive these few days."

The curse of the music box is three days, and he will make a deal with the ghost cabinet in seven days. The dates are not the same.

This means that once Wang Xiaoming's plan fails, the curse of the music box and the trading rules of the ghost closet will conflict. This is an invisible contest between ghosts. Yang Jian took advantage of this to enhance his probability of survival.

Of course, if Wang Xiaoming's plan succeeds, then Guigui's help will be useless, and Yang Jian will be in vain.

After making sure there was no problem, Yang Jian walked down the clock tower.

He did not return to Big J City. Although the current ghost painting incident is still being dealt with, this supernatural incident has nothing to do with him for the time being. After all, he resigned from the position of captain before. Although he did not completely withdraw from the headquarters, it was because of unlimited leave. This state has its advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits are now showing.

He can avoid the ghost painting incident, and no one from the headquarters will arrange it for him.

Yang Jian was walking in a quiet community. Although the current Guanjiang Community is somewhat popular, the occupancy rate is still low. Although it seems deserted, it is safer this way, because the more people there are, the greater the probability of supernatural events. You don’t Knowing which unlucky person will inadvertently lead to supernatural events.

Of course, living in a mountainous area is somewhat safer. If conditions permit, living in seclusion in a mountainous area is a good choice.

When he was thinking wildly, he had already arrived at the door of his house.

Yang Jian's current home was renovated from the sales department of the original Guanjiang Community. It has five floors and has living rooms, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, offices and other supporting facilities. It was originally acquired from Zhang Wei's father, Zhang Xiangui. What he bought was relatively luxurious to him at the time.

According to Yang Jian's considerations, this place is where he will provide his mother with old age care. The yard is big enough and the building is big enough. In the future, he can rely on this asset to eat and drink without worries.

But now, this asset is inconspicuous, but because he is used to it, he does not plan to change his residence.

Yang Jian came to the door and saw that the green belt next to the yard had changed and a lot of vegetables had been planted. However, due to the bad weather, these vegetables did not grow well. They should have been planted by his mother when she was bored. .

Ringed the doorbell.

No one opened the door.

"Aren't you at home?" Yang Jian opened his ghost eyes and glanced around. There was no one in the house.

"Did Jiang Yan and Zhang Liqin move away? Or did they go to work at Shangtong Building in the city?"

However, Yang Jian took a look at their rooms and saw signs of moving in. It didn't look like they had moved away, which meant they had always lived here.

After all, they are two women who survived after experiencing a supernatural event, and their spirits have been traumatized to a certain extent. To a certain extent, they both lack a sense of security, otherwise they would not be willing to stay here all the time.

Yang Jian also wanted to drive them away.

The place is so big, living here will increase its popularity, and it will also be good to spend time with your mother in your spare time.

Yang Weixin is dead_has Yang Weixin not been found yet_why is Yang Weixin unwilling to go home

Yang Jian entered the house and came to the fifth floor.

Some dangerous things are stored on the fifth floor.

Two ghosts locked in a golden box, a jailed ghost skeleton, a ghost mirror covered with black cloth, and some firearms.

He is most at ease with the imprisoned ghosts. As long as no one moves, the ghosts cannot escape. What he is most afraid of is that someone touches the ghost mirror, so the door is locked, but this level of lock is only for ordinary protection. We are just human beings. If we really want to open it up, we cannot stop it.

After checking it, Yang Jian came to the room where the ghost mirror was placed.

It was pitch black inside the house, with no reflective areas.

He looked at the mirror covered with black cloth and pondered for a moment: "These things are too dangerous. If you put them here, they will inevitably cause some mistakes in the future. It is best to put them in a safe house. Last time Zhang Xiangui put the safe house It shouldn’t be a problem if we expand it and make a small room to place these things.”

Yang Jian felt that he couldn't put these dangerous things here. If something went wrong, wouldn't the whole family be taken over?

Immediately, he began to move these dangerous things.

Because of the current situation, Yang Jian directly used the ghost domain to move everything to the safe house, and then moved it to the small room made of gold.

This safe house is definitely rarely used on weekdays. When it comes to using it, it means that the situation is already critical, and the potential dangers of these things are nothing.

"The last thing left is the ghost closet." Yang Jian walked out of the safe house and looked up at the clock tower.

After thinking about it, it was better to leave the ghost closet alone for the time being.

Although this thing is weird, it is relatively stable. I will find a way to place it after the music box crisis is over.

After dealing with the hidden dangers at home, he did not rush to leave the community, but came to the open space at the end of the community where the building had not been completed.

A modern temple-style building was built in the middle of the open space.

The style of the temple is just a disguise. It is actually an ancient house built during the Republic of China. The reason why it was renovated is because Yang Jian neither dared to destroy the ancient house of the Republic of China nor wanted it to be discovered. The best way Just use other buildings to hide this ancient house.

Yang Jian pondered for a moment and walked over.

A new high wall was built near the ancient house. There is only an antique red painted door, but now the door is locked and no one seems to be inside.

Yang Jian disappeared in front of the door, and he entered directly.

The renovated ancient house from the Republic of China is not as spooky and weird as imagined. On the contrary, it is full of modern atmosphere, clean and tidy, brightly lit, with a retro style, very elegant and clean, and suitable for people who like purity.

"Yang Jian, are you here? Your business trip seems to have taken a long time this time."

A cold, pleasant voice sounded, and a young girl of eighteen or nineteen years old walked out of a room on the second floor. She stood in the corridor, looking calmly at Yang Jian in the living room.

That room was the room where the ghost closet was previously placed.

But after renovation, it became Wang Shanshan's private room.

"Come and take a look and deal with some minor issues." Yang Jian looked at Wang Shanshan.

Compared with before, she had not changed much. She was cold, pale, and thin, but her figure was still graceful and she had an indescribable cool temperament.

"Are we going to die?" Wang Shanshan said as she walked downstairs.

Yang Jian said, "Why did you suddenly say that? Can't I come and see you?"

Wang Shanshan pointed to her mind and said, "Recently, a piece of music appeared in my mind. I think it has something to do with you. This music is a bit weird. It shouldn't be a good thing."

Yang Jian was stunned for a moment, and then his heart trembled: "You have one too?"

The curse of the music box actually extended to Wang Shanshan, which he did not expect.

"You said it before, if you die, I will die too. It seems that your business trip is not going well. Do you want to drink Coke?" Wang Shanshan came to the first floor. She took out a bottle of Coke from the refrigerator and handed it to her. Gave it to Yang Jian.

It seems that she has plenty of supplies to live here.


Yang Jian opened the Coke and took a sip: "I encountered some trouble, but I will solve it. Don't worry, you will be fine."

"I'm not worried about myself, but what will happen to it if we die?" Wang Shanshan's eyes showed a little worry, and she looked slightly towards the corner of the living room.

I don't know when, there was a child about five or six years old standing in that corner.

Although this child was wearing clothes, his exposed skin was a deathly blue-black color. His whole body was extremely cold, and his eyes were red and had no pupils. They were exactly the same as ghost eyes, weird and evil. At this moment, he looked like a child. He tilted his head slightly and looked at Yang Jian.

A feeling of being stared at by a ghost couldn't help but surge up from the bottom of my heart, making people feel creepy.

Ghost baby!

Yang Jian's eyes suddenly condensed.

He himself didn’t even know what to call the alien creature left after the Starving Ghost incident. This ghost baby was both a descendant of the Starving Ghost and his ghost slave. It was parasitic in Wang Shanshan’s body, and She has some unclear connection.

"It's only been a while, but this ghost baby has actually grown so big." Yang Jian said; "How do you feed it?"


Wang Shanshan looked at the refrigerator: "For fresh blood and meat, I have tried beef, pork, chicken…but it is more suitable for mutton, but mutton is only a last resort substitute. You should know what it really wants to eat. , now it has stopped growing, at least that’s what I’ve observed these days.”

"This is the second stage of the ghost infant state."

Yang Jian calmly analyzed: "If it continues to grow without killing people, it needs to be fed with ghosts, but it can easily lose control. It is a greedy approach for me to keep it. Until now, I have I don’t know if this decision is right or wrong, and it would be too dangerous for you to continue living with it.”

"You'll die if you're not careful."

Wang Shanshan said: "I am safe for the time being. It is more obedient than expected."

"No matter how obedient you are, you are still a ghost."

Yang Jian said with cold eyes: "I may experience some dangers starting tomorrow. I came here this time to consider its existence. If I really die unexpectedly, you will die with me. What about it? What if? If it still exists in this world, no one can control it, and I will not let the starving ghost incident happen again."

Is Yang Weixin not found yet_Yang Weixin is dead_Why Yang Weixin doesn’t want to go home

"What do you mean?" Wang Shanshan was stunned for a moment, then asked.

"I'm thinking…either you take it away from me so that at least it won't cause any big trouble outside, or you put it in a special box and seal it for a few days. After it's safe, I can call you. "Yang Jian said.

He is going to see Wang Xiaoming tomorrow.

So he wanted to take advantage of today to solve some worries. To put it bluntly, it was to arrange funeral arrangements. The existence of ghost babies was a potential hidden danger, even more dangerous than having a ghost mirror at home. He would definitely have to deal with it.

"You can choose a plan for me. After all, this matter has something to do with you."

Yang Jian gave the choice to Wang Shanshan.

Wang Shanshan thought for a while, then she walked to Yang Jian and raised her head slightly to look at him: "Take it away, it should be able to help you, but don't let it die. Bring it back after a few days when it is fine. , it can solve a lot of troubles here and provide a certain guarantee for the safety of the community."

"Okay, since that's what I said, I'll take it back when I leave Dachang City today." Yang Jian glanced at the ghost baby and his eyes moved.

He knew that this thing was not dangerous for the time being, but after all, it was a terrifying thing left by the Starving Ghosts, and it was inevitable to feel fear in his heart. After all, the last Starving Ghosts incident still had a shadow in his mind.

"By the way, you just said that it solved a lot of troubles. Has something happened in the community recently?"

Suddenly Yang Weixin died . He noticed the information in Wang Shanshan's words and asked immediately.

Wang Shanshan said: "It must have been five days ago at night. It ran out and when it came back, there were a few living fingers in its mouth."

Yang Jian's expression changed slightly, but this short sentence revealed the terrifying ferocity of this ghost baby.

"What caused it to escape?"

Wang Shanshan shook her head and said, "I don't know. I just gave it an order to be on the safe side and drive away any ghost controllers who are not allowed to enter the community."

"So that night, a strange ghost master tried to enter the community? Then the ghost baby found out, ran out, attacked the ghost master, and bit off a few of his fingers?" Yang Jian made a reasonable guess.


"Does Zhang Han know?"

Wang Shanshan said; "This matter was mentioned before, and he said he would investigate it, but there has been no news in the past few days."

Yang Jian looked at the ghost baby in the corner and pondered.

A ghost controller is someone who controls at least one ghost. When facing a ghost baby, he had several fingers bitten off and was driven away. What does this mean?

This shows that the most ordinary ghost controller is no match for this ghost baby.

This has not yet allowed the ghost baby to eat other ghosts, otherwise the danger of this thing would be unimaginable.

"Where is Zhang Han now?" Yang Jian asked.

Let’s put the matter of the ghost baby aside for now. Since we decided to take him away, we can take time to deal with it later. However, a strange ghost controller appeared in Dachang City and tried to enter the Guanjiang Community. That should be vigilant.

If there are some famous and powerful ghost controllers, they will definitely come to him through legitimate channels. This kind of sneaky approach is very hostile.

Is Yang Weixin not found yet_Yang Weixin is dead_Why Yang Weixin doesn’t want to go home


Or is it a malicious temptation?

No matter what, Yang Jian believed that this matter must be investigated, otherwise it would be difficult for him to leave with peace of mind.

"In Shangtong Building, it is working time now. After you left, he took over the job of your person in charge." Wang Shanshan said.

Yang Jian nodded and said, "This is what I asked him to do. Then I have to go to Shangtong Building. In fact, you don't have to stay here all the time. It's good to go out and spend more time with your family."

"I have to stare at it, and I'm used to being alone. You can surf the Internet, play games, and read books here, and various delicacies will be delivered to you, so it's not boring. Sometimes watching Zhang Wei's live broadcast is quite interesting. Yes." Wang Shanshan said.

Yang Jian said: "I'm sorry, I turned you into this."

"You don't need to feel guilty. It was you who saved me, otherwise I would have died a long time ago. I have said this many times and you are not allowed to say it again in the future."

Wang Shanshan's cold eyes flickered slightly, looking very serious.

The two of them are no longer the students sitting in school preparing for exams. Although it has only been about half a year, they have grown a lot, both Yang Jian and Wang Shanshan.

"I don't have much time. I still have some things to deal with. It's time to go." Yang Jian said suddenly.

Wang Shanshan nodded, but suddenly remembered something: "By the way, I have been in contact with Miao Xiaoshan recently. I heard from her that you went out to meet her this time. How was it? Is she okay?"

"It's not good. I almost died."

Yang Jian said: "A supernatural incident occurred in her school. If it had happened half the night, she probably wouldn't have survived. If I hadn't arrived in time, when the incident worsened, it would have been even more dangerous than it was in No. 7 Middle School."

"It's fine, but I want to know what's going on between you and her? Your mother is urging you to find a girlfriend. I said that you and Miao Xiaoshan have a very good relationship, so I will ask one more question on behalf of my aunt." Wang Shanshan said.

"Of course, if you find it troublesome, I can help you for a while. Later, I will tell my aunt that I am dating you, so that my parents can rest assured. After all, they are also worried about me now."

"Okay, just do this and let the adults worry less. Miao Xiaoshan and I will have no consequences. She is just an ordinary person and should live an ordinary life. Getting involved in this circle will only harm him. You don't want us to Are all these high school classmates dead?" Yang Jian said without refusing.

He and Wang Shanshan are both the same. They are gradually losing their feelings. The only thing left may be some worries. To a certain extent, they understand each other's existence better.

"Since you agree, it's settled."

Wang Shanshan said calmly: "Whether you are pretending to be a girlfriend or even pretending to get married, I can help you. I can't do anything just to give birth to a child. My current physical condition no longer allows it, but I don't mind giving it a try with you."


Yang Jian said; "I know what you are thinking, it is just to let us have a decent way to die so as not to leave regrets, but in fact you don't have to do this… Forget it, let's not talk about this, I'm leaving Well, I’ll come and meet you again after I finish solving the curse, so don’t be so pessimistic.”

"Do you think there is hope for us people in the future?"

When Yang Jian was about to walk out the door, Wang Shanshan's questioning voice came from behind, almost talking to herself.

She wanted an answer, or she felt pain about her current situation and wanted to seek the truth.

"I don't know, but I'm looking for it. At least I can't give up, right?" Yang Jian stopped and turned around.

Wang Shanshan didn't say anything, just looked at him calmly.

Yang Jian quickly left the ancient house without staying any longer.

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