Campus Ghost Fight

In the March season, the early cherry blossoms are already in bloom. After several months of preparation and application, I finally got admitted to the international boarding school of my dreams. Perhaps I have heard and seen many Japanese ghost stories and movies since I was a child, and now I am visiting Japan in person. School, I can't help but feel a kind of carrying around in my heart.

With joy and trepidation, I walked into the classroom of this international school. As I expected, the classroom was filled with people of all races.

"Hello everyone, I am a student from China. Nice to meet you," I greeted them warmly.

However, few people sitting in the classroom would look up at me.

"Strange, am I invisible? Why is no one paying attention to me?" I kept muttering in my heart, and suddenly I caught a glimpse of a familiar figure in the back row of the seat, with long black hair, a pale face, and a pale face. Her expression, when everyone is ignoring me, she is staring straight at you.

"Sadako!?" Such a thought suddenly appeared in my mind.

"Ah!——" I was so frightened that I broke into a cold sweat.

Unexpectedly, my shouting like this alerted the other students in the classroom, and everyone began to greet me one by one.

Later, I gradually learned that 'Sadako' named Muzi was indeed an authentic Japanese girl with a very cold personality. Maybe it was the shadow of my heart at the first meeting. I was so scared that I didn't dare to say anything to her. .

Unlike Muzi, Aji and Aqi are from Thailand and Singapore respectively. In my opinion, their faces always shine with sincere and friendly smiles. Sometimes, I would tell them my thoughts, and I would tell them an inexplicable sense of fear. I felt that there was really a ghost here. Aji and Aqi looked at each other, and neither of them said anything.

One night, Aji and Aqi were chatting in the dormitory. Suddenly I heard some strange noises, a ghost-like whine like a string of flames. I told Aji and Aqi: " Did you hear that?"

"No," Aji said

"You must have watched too many ghost movies," A Qi joked.

"Look, it suddenly rained outside," Aji discovered.

"Yes, everything is fine during the day," I said.

Then I heard this ghostly whine like a string of flames, accompanied by the sound of lightning and thunder, which made me even more scared.

At this time, Aji and Aqi also held their breath…

"Chinesegirl——Chinesegirl——Chinesegirl————" Accompanied by lightning and thunder, a hoarse, terrifying and ethereal echoing ghost scream came, and ghost footsteps also came from the corridor.

It turned out that there really was a ghost, and this ghost was coming for me. I knew that if I hurt Aji and Aqi, that would be the biggest injustice for me as a friend. Then I stood up resolutely and prepared to go out and face the problem alone. right.

"You're crazy!" Aqi grabbed me, held me in his arms, and covered my ears with both hands.

"Leave him alone, it will be fine if you don't hear him," Aqi told me.

Nothing happened all night.

Early the next morning, I looked out the window at the pure blue sky, with a few cherry blossom petals falling, so beautiful – I couldn't help but sigh.

The students started a new day of study as if nothing had happened.

"Is it possible that there are no ghosts at all?" I muttered to myself, or was someone playing a prank on me? Who is that ghost? I looked at Muzi, who was sitting in the back row and scared me from the beginning.

Muzi was listening attentively, and judging from the voice, the ghost should be able to tell that it was a male voice.

One day after school, I was walking alone on the path back to the dormitory. In early spring, the trees had just sprouted their buds, the green land was green, and the scenery was beautiful. Aji and Aqi had something to do today, and they were not around, so I was alone.

Ta-ta-ta–, while walking, I suddenly felt someone behind me. Through the afterglow of the setting sun, I saw a tall figure walking towards me.

"Ken? Why is he following me?" With my superhuman insight, I immediately recognized Ken, a Japanese boy.

"Is he a ghost? Or does he want to pretend to be a ghost and scare me?" I didn't know where the resentment came from. I mustered up the courage, tightened my fists, and hit Ken directly with a bang…

Unexpectedly, Ken was vulnerable to a blow and was knocked to the ground by me. I took a closer look and wondered, is Ken a ghost? It doesn't look like it.

Yingyou and Yingdou are twins. They live in a suburb dozens of miles away from Tokyo. Because they look so similar, I have never been able to figure them out. I often call Yingyou as Yingdou and Yingto as Yingyou. , maybe it is for this reason that it seems to be a normal thing in the eyes of others, but it becomes suspicious in my heart.

One day, Yingyou and Yingdou took turns talking to me, saying that they saw that I had excellent grades, especially in English, and wanted to communicate with me. I was knocked unconscious by their brothers all day long.

After school was finally over, I picked up Aji and Aqi to go back to the dormitory. One of their brothers suddenly called out to me. Aqi simply said "He likes you" and pulled Aji away.

It was the familiar tree-lined path again, surrounded by green and beautiful scenery. I asked the Japanese boy next to me, "Hello, Yingdou."

"No, you are mistaken, I am Yingyou", the boy replied,

I looked at the boy's face. For a while, suddenly, another face covered it. Suddenly, it was replaced by the original face, Yingyou, Yingdou, Yingyou, Yingdou——————

My vision began to blur, and the ghostly whine of the flames came back to my ears, and then a hoarse, terrifying and ethereal echoing ghost scream came "Chinesegirl—Chinesegirl—Chinesegirl———— "

"Ah! Ghost -" I was so frightened that I shouted, covered my ears with my hands, and ran away as if running away. I wanted to leave Yingyou beside me quickly, but Yingyou quickly caught up with me, grabbed my hands, and said : "Please believe me, I'm not a ghost."

"Don't listen, don't listen." I struggled desperately, and the heavy footsteps of a ghost were getting closer and closer. I was so scared that tears flowed out.

"Please believe that I will help you." Eita held me in his arms and covered my ears with both hands…

After a burst of turbulent wind, everything returned to calm. I recovered from Yingyou's arms and looked at the warm smile on his fair face and his innocent and bright eyes. How did he look like a ghost?

Strangely enough, since then, I have never encountered a ghost again. I have become familiar with everything on campus, and my life has become comfortable and smooth. I mingle with classmates from Europe, Asia, Arabia and other parts of the world. Life, It was so fun to study.

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