Haunted House

() In the ancient house, many people were awakened. They stood in the lobby and looked back in the direction outside the ancient house in surprise.

The sound of slaps slapping on the door rang out quickly. It seemed that someone outside had encountered something urgent and wanted to come in. I hope the people inside would open the door quickly.


Someone said something rather creepy.

The door in the ancient house is not closed!

As soon as this sentence came out, Zhou Deng, Yang Jian, and even others began to recall it.


Li Yang was the first to open the door, and Yang Jian was the first to step into the ancient house. It was unclear who was the last person to enter, but everyone knew that the door of the ancient house was not closed deliberately after entering.

This is not careless. The two ghosts knocked on the door and did not close the door.

But everyone has acquiesced to the reality of not closing the door.

After all, this ghost place is so weird. What if the door is closed, but it cannot be opened and is trapped inside and dies?

Although the wall is not high, who knows whether it can be climbed out in the end.

Therefore, the action of not closing the door actually leaves a way for everyone to retreat at any time, which is theoretically correct.

What is the meaning of ghost patting on the door_pictures of ghost patting on the door_two ghosts patting on the door

"So, there was something knocking on the door outside, but it didn't come into this ancient house?" Yang Jian's eyes narrowed: "This is not in line with common sense. If it is a ghost, it will definitely wander in while the door of the ancient house is open. .”

"Unless there is something in the ancient house blocking the approach of some dirty things."

Zhou Deng expressed his speculation: "Maybe it is a very precious supernatural item. If it can be found, it will definitely keep us alive."

He has always suspected that there is a treasure in this ancient house and wants to dig it out.

It seemed that he was not happy with not being able to get the wool.

"Do you need to go and take a look? With so many people, if they work together, they can handle ordinary supernatural events." Fan Xing's eyes moved and he suggested that everyone join forces.

He immediately added: "I don't have any other ideas. I just think that if such an anomaly is not dealt with, it will probably threaten all of us in the end. The ancient house is relatively safe at the moment. The two ghosts knocked on the door , only the lobby." If this dead body is mixed with something else, the situation will be difficult to predict."

What he said was indeed correct.

No one argued back.

Although Yang Jian wanted to kill this guy, he had to admit that this idea was correct.

He will stay here for seven days, and on the first day there is something dirty knocking on the door. If he doesn't figure it out, he will only spend the next few days in fear.

He didn't even know that he was invaded by ghosts and entered the ancient house.

"Go over and take a look. If you don't want to take action, don't come over and cause trouble." After Yang Jian finished speaking, he took the cracked spear and left the lobby directly, bypassing the patio and heading towards the door.

two ghosts patting on the door_pictures of ghost patting on the door_what does it mean when ghost patting on the door

The rest of the people thought for a moment and looked at each other.

The meaning of Yang Jian's words is obvious.

People who want to go there must be prepared to fight against the evil ghosts. If they are not in good condition or have insufficient abilities, don’t go there to watch the show.

Otherwise, if he fails to help, his evil ghost will revive and increase the trouble.

"The two lanterns I put outside must have been taken away." Zhou Deng suddenly thought of it and hurried over, worried that he would lose the two lanterns outside the ancient house.

"Two people are a bit too few. It takes at least six hands to make that urgent knock on the door. Two more people are needed." Fan Xing's eyes moved: "I'm one of them. Is there anyone else who wants to join me?" of?"

At this moment, he took the initiative to take on such a dangerous matter and wanted to regain some of his right to speak.

"Count me in, I really don't believe that accidents will happen if so many top ghost masters join forces." A strange ghost master stood up.

"Okay, then hurry up and follow."

Fan Xing and this person immediately chased after him.

Everyone else has their own ideas and are unwilling to work hard and want to preserve their status.

Yang Jian's steps were fast.

His face was cold and his eyes were solemn, ready to confront the evil ghost at any time.

pictures of ghost patting on the door_what does it mean when ghost patting on the door_two ghosts patting on the door

But he had just arrived in the front yard, and had not yet walked around the screen wall in front of him. He only saw the corner of the door. At this moment, the rapid knocking on the door suddenly stopped.

There was a series of footsteps nearby.

Something is moving away at an unreasonable speed.

"Are you late? No, you left when you heard the noise." Yang Jian was standing in front of the door, staring in the direction where the sound went.

Nothing at all.

Only a few old trees stood there, swaying in the cold wind.

He looked back at the door.

Dirty palm prints were left on it. They were densely packed and almost covered the entire door. There were even palm prints in places that were out of reach.

Moreover, the dirty handprints were different in size and shape. It was obvious that the fingerprints were made by several different pairs of hands.


Zhou Deng also heard the footsteps rushing away across the wall, and was stunned for a moment. He looked around, but found nothing.

"It's too late. The thing that knocked on the door has already left. This is very strange. If it is really a ghost, it will never leave. It will just stay where we are and wait for us to show up." Yang Jian said.

"Indeed, ghosts don't care about this, so the thing knocking on the door is not a ghost? But the door is already like this, so it can't be a human being." Zhou Deng also looked at the dirty fingerprints on the door. meditation.

Pictures of ghosts patting on the door_Pictures of ghosts patting on the door_What does it mean when ghosts pat on the door

Yang Jian added: "However, there is another exception."

Zhou Deng glanced at him.

"If a ghost steals the memory of a living person and imitates the behavior of a living person, then some of the ghost's behaviors will become weird and unpredictable."

"A ghost that looks like a living person?" Zhou Deng frowned.

"This kind of thing does happen. Although ghosts kill people according to certain rules, with the emergence of supernatural events, ghosts will also appear some incomprehensible alien species like ghost controllers. Although those alien ghosts still follow certain rules. He kills people, but the behavior of that kind of alien ghost is beyond comprehension.”

Fan Xing rushed over. He heard the conversation and added: "Some strange ghosts even control their own killing patterns. It is obvious that you meet the requirements of being attacked, but the ghost does not kill you. In the same way, you clearly do not trigger the evil ghost. There is a killing pattern, but the evil ghost can create loopholes for you to trigger the pattern."

"People control ghosts, and ghosts control people. They are getting closer to each other. This is a very scary problem."

"You know a lot," Yang Jian said.

Fan Xing said modestly: "I know a little bit, but you are not as knowledgeable as Captain Yang."

"Everyone, we should close the door first to prevent something like this from happening again." Another strange ghost master reminded him.

Yang Jian was thinking, and so was Zhou Deng.

Should this door be closed or not?

"There are no traces left by the ghost inside the door, which means that during that time, the ghost never stepped into the ancient house. He just stood outside and knocked on the door."

two ghosts patting on the door_pictures of ghost patting on the door_what does it mean when ghost patting on the door

"Closing the door may not be a good choice. Maybe the ghost has sent a wrong signal to remind us to close the door. In fact, the real danger will occur after closing the door. Isn't there a saying, close the door and beat the dog. If the door does not move, there will be It may be to leave us an escape route, which may be effective at a critical moment.”

As Zhou Deng spoke, he looked up at the two lanterns hanging above the door.

He couldn't take his eyes away, and his expression looked slightly wrong.

Because he found that his two red lanterns had been secretly stolen by someone for some reason, leaving behind two white lanterns with writing on them, as if they were used to commemorate the dead.

"My lantern was taken away?"

Yang Jian looked over and observed carefully: "No, the lantern has not moved. It has been hanging here. The lantern has changed. If the lantern is taken away, there will definitely be traces."

"Interesting, the red lantern turned into a white lantern, everything happened unconsciously, and then there was an abnormality of a ghost banging on the door… Zhou Deng, do you still remember the headquarters? The ghost candle."

"Red and White Ghost Candle?" Of course Zhou Deng knew this.

Who in charge doesn't know that the ghost candle at the headquarters is a supernatural prop. The red ghost candle can save lives and resist the attacks of evil spirits, and the white ghost candle can attract ghosts.

"Red and white lanterns, red and white ghost candles? Could it be that this white lantern can attract ghosts?" Zhou Deng thought about it and then made a guess.

"I don't know. Maybe it is, maybe it's not. The information is not equal right now. I can't be sure whether I should close the door or not. I should find a way to destroy the lantern or not destroy the lantern. After all, there is no evidence to prove that we What you do is right." Yang Jian said.

"Experience and habitual thinking can kill people in supernatural events."

Fan Xing on the side said: "In that case, let's stay still for the time being and maintain the status quo."

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