"Prefecture And City" Rural Ghost Story Online Reading

But Xu Zhenhuan suddenly moved from Shanghai to a remote rural area. The gap in life was really huge, and he felt very depressed. The old man said: "He is the most famous doctor in the city. It's just that Qin Shihuang's city is near Xianyang, not in Guizhou at all, and it's just a legend. Is the "city" in the old man's mouth the same place as the city written by Xie Zhaozhe? Or It's just similar, no one knows. … Continue reading"Prefecture And City" Rural Ghost Story Online Reading

Haunted House

After all, this ghost place is so weird. What if the door is closed, but it cannot be opened and is trapped inside and dies? "So, there was something knocking on the door outside, but it didn't come into this ancient house?" Yang Jian's eyes narrowed: "This is not in line with common sense. If it is a ghost, it will definitely wander in while the door of the ancient house is open. "Indeed, ghosts don't care about this, so the thing knocking on the door is not a ghost?" … Continue readingHaunted House

Ghost Lantern

Ghost lanterns In rural areas, every night on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, villagers go to their ancestors' graves to light lanterns, steamed buns and fireworks. The most interesting thing is to light sky lanterns, which are also called ghost lanterns in the common saying. "As he said that, he lit the ghost lantern. Strangely enough, after the ghost lantern ascended to the sky, it flew directly towards Lao Cao's house. The villagers chased it to Lao Cao's house and could no longer find it. … Continue readingGhost Lantern

Folk Ghost Stories

But it’s not a good thing to let a dead body float in the river. It’s too unlucky at the end of the year. However, because it is the end of the year, the town not far away is still decorated with lanterns and festoons. The young master’s background is humble, but his knowledge is first-class. The people who grew up here for generations had either fled their homes and fled, or left their lives here forever. He tried hard for a few days at first, but the plague was so severe that even his wife and children were terrified. Between those intricate streets and weird LED light signs, there is no one who has not witnessed the blood and tears of displaced people, full of hurt, frustration and betrayal everywhere. … Continue readingFolk Ghost Stories