Haunted House

I woke up in the middle of the night. I'm not the kind of girl with weak nerves who wakes up several times, but this time I woke up half because of a dream and half because of a strange sound. I sat up, squinted my eyes, and determined my position. The pale moonlight filtered in from the window and happened to shine on the bed opposite. Su Wen was dressed in clean white clothes, and her long legs hung down. I hit the edge of the bed very rhythmically, "Suwen" I shouted, but she didn't react at all, with a weird smile on her face. What kind of smile is that? Even though I am used to watching horror movies, I was really shocked! "Suwen" I heard Xinyai calling her, but Suwen didn't seem to hear it and just continued her tapping. The small apartment is surrounded by a strange atmosphere, showing the ferocity in the novel.

No one can fall asleep anymore, a night of bang bang bang makes people's hearts tremble. When it was almost dawn, Suwen finally stopped her tapping and lay on the bed without taking off her clothes. Xin and I were silent, and finally Xin said, "Let's go to work." Work, work, I really have nothing else to do except this. We didn't wake Suwen up. I think she will wake up naturally if she is well rested.

At noon, as we headed back to the apartment after lunch, an ominous atmosphere suddenly enveloped me. My sixth stem told me—-Suwen! I trembled, took Xin's hand and ran. When we got to the downstairs of our apartment, there were a lot of strange people gathered there. "A girl just jumped down from the building," someone said.

Su Wen struggled in the hospital for a day and night and finally passed away forever. "Struggle" is the term used in books. Books always believe that life requires struggle to survive. And we privately believed that it was the doctor and, of course, Suwen's parents who were struggling. I witnessed the entire process of human aging overnight. Suwen's parents could barely speak. During the funeral, Xin pushed me from behind, but what could I say?

"Su Wen said she saw her." "What?" My mind went blank due to lack of sleep, "It's the woman she often said she saw in her dreams." Everyone's death may have one reason or another, and people have determined it. Suwen's death was due to broken love or interpersonal relationships. However, when it comes to the reason, if Suwen hadn't died in front of us, how could I believe it? It was a few days ago. We went to the bookstore and saw an old lady at the door. She was missing several upper teeth, so her smile was very dry. Looking back now, she seemed to be a witch. When we all came out, she came up to us and asked, "Where's that girl?" She said Suwen, but Suwen was the only one who was still paying inside and didn't come out. There was no one to talk to, who would want to talk to such an old lady? "Is she a good person on weekdays?" the old lady asked again. We couldn't help but feel frightened in our hearts, so we had to say "very good" and "okay. Tell her there is a ghost in my bed , and the person in her dream is about to appear. That is her fate." At this time, Su Wen After we came out, we held her hand and left, fearing that the old lady would say something like coming to her to ward off trouble.

Later, Su Wen told us that she dreamed of pushing a woman down from a tall building, as if she was dressed in the style of the Republic of China. "No," Xin's voice was trembling, "It's not like I was reading Wesley's novel. Su Wen didn't recognize her when he dreamed of her, not to mention it's been so many years…" Xin said to me, in fact It was with herself. But Suwen did fall to her death from upstairs, the day after she said the woman in her dream appeared. But I really don’t know why. You want me to believe in past and present lives?

There is a ghost beside the bed_There is a ghost under the bed_There is a ghost in my bed

Xin and I walked blankly on the street. Seeing Xin's scared look, my heart became heavy. However, if everyone is destined to reincarnate in his or her own destiny and experience the consequences of past and future lives, then what is there to escape from? I can't avoid it, and Xin can't avoid it either.

Suddenly, my heart seemed to be attracted by something. It's a gaze that has been followed for a long time. This feeling is actually very subtle. I couldn't help but turn around, and a boy on a bicycle flew past me. He turned around, and our eyes intersected in space. Those are a pair of familiar eyes. I don't know him, but I am familiar with him. In his eyes, I saw the same surprise and surprise. "Let's go" Xin said. "But I can't leave," I replied in my mind. His car didn't stop, but his eyes didn't leave me either . There was a ghost on my bed , and it kept coming. later? Then he disappeared, lost in the crowd. I suddenly remembered that those eyes were the ones I had been dreaming about for several days.

At this time, I saw the old lady walking towards me. Without her having to say anything, I knew that my fate was coming…

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This story tells a mysterious story about fate, prophecy and fate through a girl's perspective. Suwen's tragedy and the old lady's prophecy add an atmosphere of suspense and horror to the story, while the mysterious connection between the girl and the boy on a bicycle leaves more room for imagination. Overall, this is a story full of mystery and psychological tension, suitable for readers who like to explore topics of supernatural phenomena and destiny.

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