After Being Greeted By A "beautiful Neighbor", They Died Suddenly One After Another At Night!

Korean ghost movies have always been on par with ghost movies from Japan, Thailand and other places, and the overly realistic stories are terrifying. In fact, many Korean ghost movies are adapted from real ghost stories, including the well-known Kunjiam Mental Hospital, the bizarre suicide incident at Oksu Station, etc. Even the Koreans themselves have to believe the weird rumors and urban legends, but Korea has a lot of science Unexplained strange stories and ghost stories.

What I’m going to talk about today is the strange story about the “cannibal apartment”. In the early 1990s, many bizarre deaths occurred in the apartment in Pohang. They all died of cardiac paralysis. According to the family members of the deceased, they were all in the apartment before their death. I met a beautiful girl…

There were “atypical accidental deaths” before the apartment was built

M Apartment, located in Yongheung-dong, Pohang, South Korea, was built in the early 1990s. It attracted many residents because of its proximity to the school district and convenient transportation. However, it is said that more than ten people died during the construction of this apartment. Although it is not strange to say that there were casualties at the construction site, legend has it that none of them died accidentally, and it can even be said to be very strange.

The deceased at the construction site included construction workers and children playing nearby. The cause of death was cardiac paralysis. According to family members, they all saw a girl before they died. She would ask each other: "Where do you live? Nice to meet you." ." Everyone she talked to stopped breathing after 2 or 3 days. But such things did not attract too many people 's attention, and the project continued as usual . A year later, a total of 27 apartment communities were completed. People did not know that such a thing had ever happened. Soon after the apartments were sold, Full.

The mysterious girl number 1301

Three months later, something strange happened in Building 112. First, there was the newlywed couple who lived in No. 1401. They were a two-income family. One morning, the two of them went for a morning run in the back hill as usual. While running, the husband stopped at a place. The wife thought that he might have a stone in his shoe. I continued to run forward for a short distance, and when I found that my husband had not caught up, I looked back and saw my husband talking to himself where he was just now, smiling and nodding into the air. The wife felt strange, so she ran to ask her husband what he was doing. The husband replied: "That girl is the resident of No. 1301. She was just saying hello. Nice to meet me." The wife got angry. She was obviously talking to herself and making up stories. , it was still early in the morning and they still hadn’t woken up, so they had a small quarrel and went to work separately. My wife was a little apologetic about what happened in the morning. After getting off work, she bought dinner and rushed home, only to find her husband's eyes wide open and dead.

There's a ghost under the bed_There's a ghost beside the bed_There's a ghost in my bed

The person who was fine in the morning died like this. My wife was heartbroken and felt strange. She remembered the girl in room 1301 that she mentioned in the morning, so she ran to that house to look for someone. She found that there was no sign of anyone living in the house, so she asked Others discovered that room 1301 was the only empty room in the entire building. So, who did her dead husband see?

One after another, panic enveloped the apartment

A week after the tragedy in Room 1401, the middle-aged couple living in Room 808 watched TV as usual. After their beloved comedy show ended, they lay down in bed. The husband suddenly said to his wife: "I saw the man who lived in Room 1301 today." The woman at No. 808 actually knows that I live in No. 808! Are you secretly following me, haha." When the wife heard this, her face instantly turned pale. Of course she had heard about what happened at No. 1401, and she also knew that no one lived in No. 1301. Her husband didn't know it and thought his wife was jealous, so he comforted her and fell asleep soon after. The wife was too frightened to sleep. She repeatedly put her ear against her husband's chest to confirm, but she fell asleep without knowing it. She didn't know how long she had been asleep. She woke up with a start and reflexively listened to her husband's heartbeat, but she only felt his cold body. , the wife raised her head and saw her husband's eyes staring into the sky, with no heartbeat anymore.

Soon the strange things spread throughout the apartment, and the old couple living in No. 705 also became worried. They specifically told the renting students who lived with them and who were sympathetic to their grandparents and grandchildren to go home early and not to talk to strange women. He took it as a matter of course and comforted the old couple that those were all rumors. A few days later, the student ran home in horror and said that he had seen the girl in No. 1301. He asked the old couple in fear: "Am I going to die?" The old couple were also frightened, but they still comforted the student and slept with them. Down. The next morning, the old woman woke up and looked at the student in confusion, only to see him lying on the bed with his eyes wide open, not breathing.

Weird rumors spread thousands of miles away, and everyone was afraid of this apartment. The original residents rushed out and house prices plummeted. There is a ghost in my bed . The original purchase price was 120 million won, but it was reduced to 60 million. The Korean won still cannot be sold. Residents also submitted a petition to the court, but it was rejected due to lack of evidence. Residents who did not give up continued to protest against W Construction Company. The builder, overwhelmed by the disturbance, closed 112 buildings in 1995 and paid compensation.

M Apartment in Pohang has also become an urban legend, but in recent years, this matter has been discussed again on Korean websites. Some netizens discovered that there are no 112 buildings in the community at all. Some people think that the builder deliberately renovated and changed the building number to mix in the community. Some people in the building group believe that this incident is a strange rumor deliberately spread by someone in order to lower the housing prices here. There are also residents living in the same community who have come forward to give their own opinions. What is the truth of the matter? Maybe one day the answer will be revealed.

Evaluation: The story of Apartment M is a fascinating case of Korean urban legends. It not only reveals people's fear of the unknown and supernatural phenomena, but also reflects society's collective memory and imagination of such events. In this story, elements of death, mysterious girls, and heart paralysis work together to create a narrative full of suspense and horror that makes people shudder. Despite the controversy over the existence of Building 112, the story's influence and reach are testament to its place in people's hearts. Whether it is used as a conversation piece after dinner or as a case to explore supernatural phenomena, the story of Apartment M provides us with a window to understand and explore fears, beliefs and legends in modern society. In addition, this story also reminds us that when faced with such legends, we should maintain rational and critical thinking, should not trust unverified information, and at the same time show sympathy and understanding for those who may be harmed by fear. .

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