Scream On The Eighth Floor: The Revenge Of The Cheongsam Woman Online Reading

You are alone in a room without screaming in the middle of the night, with the door and windows tightly closed. But when you wake up from your sleep, you suddenly see a figure moving in the bedroom. How would you feel? Late that night, Su Yan encountered such a weird and shocking scene!

Before falling asleep, it started to rain again outside the dark window. The drizzle fell on the window, and there was a soft crackling sound, which made Su Yan's heart tremble from time to time. After checking the doors and windows again, Su Yan felt a little relieved. She huddled up in bed and dialed her boyfriend Chen Kai's phone: "Kaizi, are you… asleep?"

Hearing that Su Yan's voice was trembling, Chen Kai on the other end of the phone smiled and said jokingly: "Coward, are you scared? Listen to me, close your eyes and take a deep breath, repeat it twice, and think about happy things. You won't be afraid anymore. Oh, I'm on my way to the station and will be home tomorrow."

The day before yesterday, Chen Kai was appointed by the company to sign the contract in Lincheng. Everything went smoothly and he is now rushing back. Su Yan obeyed and did as she was told, and soon remembered something that made her the happiest and happiest – Chen Kai gave her a gift before going on a business trip: a cheongsam with printed antique satin. This cheongsam is soft in texture and has vivid dark flowers. Wearing it makes Su Yan's figure look slimmer and lighter, but it's not coquettish. Standing in front of the sisters, countless eyeballs were immediately stunned: Beautiful, so beautiful, the "cheongsam beauty" Zhang Ailing is just like this!

Su Yan is tall and slender, and is particularly suitable for wearing cheongsam. Therefore, her love for cheongsam almost reached the point of obsession. Not to mention, with good things in mind, Su Yan was no longer afraid and fell into a dream. I don't know how long it took, but suddenly I heard a short and urgent "pop" sound hitting my eardrum.

Su Yan couldn't help but shuddered and woke up. Listen carefully, not on the door but on the window.

Damn it, it's raining harder and harder. Su Yan mumbled and turned over, opening her sleepy eyes. At an accidental glance, Su Yan's heart suddenly reached her throat – there was a shadowy figure standing in front of the bed!

"Who? You…who are you?" Su Yan trembled, holding the quilt tightly and asked in a trembling voice.

Maybe he was too frightened, and Su Yan wasn't sure if he shouted, but what was certain was that the man didn't answer, nor did he rush towards him. Su Yan thought it was an illusion and saw it wrong, so she rubbed her eyes and took a closer look. At a glance, Su Yan suddenly felt that her hair stood on end, and her mouth opened wide in shock.

At 10 noon the next day, Chen Kai opened the door impatiently. In the past, as long as he heard the sound of the keyhole turning, Su Yan would fly into his arms like a swallow and send a string of passionate kisses without even asking. But today, something was wrong. There was no sound in the room.

Is this little lazy guy still lying in bed dreaming? Chen Kai muttered something and walked quietly to the bedroom, preparing for a "gentle attack." Unexpectedly, as soon as he stepped through the door, a white shadow slammed down on his head!

Oops, someone attacked me!

Chen Kai looked around hastily and saw clearly that the person who attacked him was Su Yan!

Su Yan, dressed in messy clothes and screaming , came towards him with a white porcelain vase in his hand. Because the incident happened suddenly and there was no way to hide, Chen Kai simply gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. But after holding on for half a minute, I didn't hear the dull sound made by the close contact between the vase and my forehead. He opened his eyes blankly and saw Su Yan as beautiful as a peach blossom, laughing non-stop.

"Auntie, if you want to be beaten, do it. Don't use tricks to scare people. I'm a coward!" Chen Kai patted his pounding heart and curled his lips and said, "Humph, I knew you were reluctant to fight…"

"Bang!" Before he finished speaking, the vase hanging on Chen Kai's head suddenly fell down, then fell to the ground and shattered. Chen Kai was suddenly hit so hard that stars appeared in his eyes and he was dizzy, "Su Yan, are you crazy? Are you really beating me?"

"I'm not crazy, you are crazy! Who are you? What do you want to do in my house? Get out of here, don't touch me!" Suddenly, Su Yanhua's face changed with fright, she screamed hysterically, picked up pillows and quilts, and threw them towards her head and face. Chen Kai.

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"Su Yan! I'm Chen Kai, your future husband. Don't hit me!" Chen Kai covered his forehead with a big bump and returned to the living room with his teeth bared. What's even more terrifying is that Su Yan grabbed the fruit knife in the fruit plate and rushed at it, "Get out, get out! If you don't get out, I'll kill you!"

"No, no, put down the knife!" Chen Kai hurriedly opened the door and tried to escape, but he bumped into a man.

This man's name is Zhou Shun, and he is Chen Kai's best friend. Staggering after being hit, Zhou Shun stopped his feet and asked hesitantly: "Kaizi, did you hit a ghost?"

"The ghost is behind you!" Chen Kai shouted in panic. At this moment, the disheveled Su Yan had already chased him forward and stabbed the door panel with a knife. If Chen Kai hadn't escaped quickly, he would have been completely devastated!

Su Yan went crazy. All day long he was either muttering to himself with a dull look on his face, or he was extremely excited and throwing whatever he saw. After several days of turmoil, Chen Kai was almost collapsed. That evening, Su Yan was fussing over things again. There was no way out, so Chen Kai had no choice but to tie Su Yan to bed, slam the door, go downstairs, and go to the bar. Finding a quiet corner, Chen Kai rang Zhou Shun's cell phone: "Shunzi, I'm upset, can you come and have a drink with me?"

After a while, Zhou Shun arrived. Chen Kai raised his glass and said with a wry smile: "Shunzi, I'm so sorry. Su Yan dropped the gift I bought for you. Alas!"

A few days ago, Chen Kai returned from a business trip and bought a gift for Zhou Shun and called him to pick it up. Before Ke Ren could enter, he bumped into Su Yan and went crazy.

"Gifts are not important. Kaizi, can you tell me why Su Yan became like this?" Zhou Shun asked. Chen Kai scolded his mother fiercely and replied: "No one knows! Oh, I remembered, her family seems to have a genetic history of mental illness."

"Hereditary history of mental illness?" Zhou Shun thought for a moment and then asked: "Now that the matter has come to this, what are you going to do?" Chen Kai drank hard and squeezed out two words between his teeth: "Break up!"

"Break up? You have to think clearly, she is your girlfriend!" Zhou Shun was surprised when he heard this. Chen Kai asked with red eyes: "Don't talk nonsense, are you my best friend?"

Zhou Shun replied without hesitation: "Do you even need to ask? What do you mean?" Chen Kai took out the keys and a bank card from his pocket, patted them on the table, and said, "There is 50,000 yuan in it. Please give it to me." Send her back to the country or to a mental hospital!"

"Chen Kai, isn't it too unkind of you to do this? You should send her to the hospital!" Zhou Shun interrupted Chen Kai urgently.

"Even if she's cured, do you think I'll still be with her? She's a lunatic. She stabbed me with a knife and almost killed me!" Chen Kai finished speaking one word before raising his head and drinking another full glass of wine. , and then walked out of the bar drunk.

Watching Chen Kai disappear into the night, Zhou Shun picked up the key and went to Su Yan's residence. Opening the door and walking into the bedroom, he saw Su Yan tied to the bed chattering and laughing. On the bedside table, there are scattered medical records and diagnoses.

"Su Yan, who are you talking to?" Zhou Shun asked. Su Yan giggled to herself, not even looking at him, "Cheongsam girl, stop crying, come on, let's dance?"

"Cheongsam?" Zhou Shun frowned and suddenly lost control of his emotions. He opened the wardrobe and pulled out a cheongsam.

It’s that cheongsam printed with antique satin! Zhou Shun threw the cheongsam to the ground hard, stepped on it, and laughed manically: "Sun Yanling, I tell you time and time again that Chen Kai is a complete hypocrite and liar. He doesn't love you at all, but you just don't Listen, I won’t believe it until I die! Haha, you have been following him for so many days, you should have seen and heard it, right?”

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Listening to Zhou Shun's wild laughter, Su Yan turned his head, his eyes unfocused, "Sun Yanling? Where is Sun Yanling?"

Sun Yanling is Zhou Shun's girlfriend, an introverted and taciturn woman. A month ago, Sun Yanling left Zhou Shun quietly. Zhou Shun didn't want to eat or drink, and searched all over the world, but found nothing. Unexpectedly, Zhou Shun took Su Yan's words and shouted viciously: "Sun Yanling is dead, I killed her! I love her, love her with all my heart. However, she always pretends to be Chen Kai in her heart! I can't stand it. , can only kill her!"

As Zhou Shun gritted his teeth and shouted, a terrible truth surfaced: Sun Yanling had always loved Chen Kai deeply, but she had never expressed it. She knew that Chen Kai liked women wearing cheongsam. Finally one day, she plucked up the courage to use all her savings to buy that cheongsam and planned to wear it to Chen Kai to express her love to Chen Kai. But that day, hiding on the street corner, she saw Su Yan and Chen Kai hugging each other. Half a year later, she reluctantly agreed to Zhou Shun's pursuit. Not long ago, Sun Yanling actually called out Chen Kai's name when they were making out! For a man, this is tantamount to a great shame and humiliation. Zhou Shun went crazy and strangled Sun Yanling's neck until she suffocated. After hiding the body, Zhou Shun made another perverted move – ironed Sun Yanling's favorite cheongsam and gave it to Chen Kai. He wanted Sun Yanling to die in silence and witness Chen Kai and Su Yan being intimate and happy every day…

After listening, Su Yan sighed and said quietly: "Sun Yanling is so pitiful…"

"She's pitiful? Humph, you're a pitiful person too!" Zhou Shun took out his phone and pressed the play button. Soon, the conversation between the two in the bar came out. "Listen carefully to what Chen Kai did to you! As soon as you fell ill, he abandoned you!"

As soon as the words came out, there was a loud "dong" sound, and Chen Kai strode into the room: "Zhou Shun, you are so despicable!"

This is a game, set by Su Yan and Chen Kai.

That night, Su Yan woke up in a daze, and what caught his eyes was not a person, but a cheongsam, the cheongsam given to him by Chen Kai. The cheongsam moved silently as if it were being worn on a person, and finally stopped in front of the wall.

A large photo of Chen Kai is mounted on the wall. To Su Yan's inexplicable horror, Qipao stared at Chen Kai silently and started to cry with sobs!

God, the cheongsam is crying! Su Yan saw it clearly and heard it clearly. When it got daylight and the cheongsam "went" back to the closet, Su Yan cautiously called Chen Kai and asked about the origin of the cheongsam. Chen Kai felt something strange and wanted to find out. So, when Zhou Shun came to the door, Su Yan went crazy.

"Zhou Shun, you murderer, you can record, and so can I!" Chen Kai pointed to the computer placed in the corner, the indicator light of the video head flickering on and off. Zhou Shun couldn't help but trembled, and then his eyes showed murderous intent, and he turned around and pounced on Su Yan, who was tied to the bed.

"Kaizi, call the police!" Seeing something bad, Su Yan dodged sideways, broke away from the rope and rolled to the other side of the bed.

Damn it, it was a lie that Su Yan was kidnapped! Zhou Shun was so angry that he grabbed the lamp and rushed towards Chen Kai. Chen Kai retreated to dodge, but accidentally tripped on the rope pretending to be binding Su Yan.

"Sun Yanling, Su Yan, and you, you are all lying to me. No one loves me. Let's all die!" Zhou Shun laughed ferociously and smashed it down crazily.

For a moment, Su Yan was so frightened that she even forgot to call for help. Just as Chen Kai's head was about to explode, the printed cheongsam that was trampled by Zhou Shun and was covered with shoe prints suddenly flew up. As Su Yan watched in shock, the cheongsam flew behind Zhou Shun, hugged him and ran out of the window.

The moment it hit, a blood-curdling scream tore through the dark night sky.

Su Yan lives on the eighth floor. For a cheongsam, it can flow freely; but for Zhou Shun, it is a fatal height…

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