Ghostly Gothic Haunted House

Seventh Uncle’s ancestral house, in general, still retains the original furnishings. Although people have moved away, there are basically no large pieces of furniture. Entering the room, Zhang Guozhong found that from the furniture arrangement, this seemed to be a servant’s room. From the quality and style of the furniture, it was much worse than the “study” that had just been excluded two days ago.

“Damn, it’s weird…” Zhang Guozhong turned on the light and muttered, just now he clearly saw a figure, this room is at most 20 square meters, and the furnishings are relatively simple. The traces of people coming, the windows are also closed, it’s not like someone jumped over the windows, but looking at the compass in his hand, the pointer is still jumping and jumping.

Pulling out “Ask Tian”, Zhang Guozhong cautiously opened the door of the closet, but there was nothing there, then walked in step by step, and looked under the bed, it was empty.

Picking up the compass, Zhang Guozhong walked around the room for a long time. It was strange to say that when he left the room, the compass stopped jumping. When he entered the room, the compass started to jump again. “That’s it…” Zhang Guozhong muttered… “Senior brother, come here, I found it… The second turn from the east end of the first floor…” This is the walkie-talkie given by A Guang, Zhang Guozhong is really not very good at using it, shouting After countless times, until the old Liutou trotted in front of him, he didn’t hear a reply. It turned out that the old Liutou also kept shouting “I know”, but he didn’t press the “call” button when he shouted, which is good, the walkie-talkie It’s unidirectional…

After searching for a whole night, the two found a jade column about half an inch long from under a floor in the house, and there was a jade column as thick as a ballpoint pen refill, which was placed extremely concealed. “It is so densely engraved that it is difficult to see what is engraved without a microscope. Around the stone pillar, there is a small circle of white powder that looks like a human face.

“This…” Old Liutou carefully crushed the white powder and put it in front of his nose to smell it, “Skull Formation…” Old Liutou sucked his teeth, “Fucking modern society, there are still people using this kind of formation. It’s so fucking cruel… I’m afraid that the ghost gate formation won’t scare people to death, so I set up this formation as a substitute… What a national enemy and family hate this is…”

“Skull Formation” is also called “Fire Formation Formation”. It is an evil and extremely heaven-defying formation in subjugation techniques. Wrongful spirits and evil spirits can only make trouble near their own corpses. If you are ill, you will either collide with your ghost, and you will be fine if you are far away from the body. The principle of the “corpse formation” is to let a person die first (most of them are burned or water-smoked, that is, they are thrown into the container first. In a container full of cold water, then heat the container to boil people alive), and then use the bones of the deceased to reshape a “fake body” for it, and make its soul attached to it. In short, it is artificially created for evil spirits. A fake corpse tomb, so around the “corpse formation”, you will often hear people talking, crying, etc., and even seeing human figures. If you stay around the “corpse formation” for too long, there may be a collision. guest. This kind of formation method is a taboo technique of “blasphemy and ghosts” even in the descending technique. The person who sets up the formation will lose the yang life, and the fall is more than the direct descending on the living person.

“Senior brother… Do you think this Liao family will have a traitor?” Zhang Guozhong said, “In this house, the floor has begun to be opened, how can Uncle Seven know about such a big movement?”

“I don’t know…” Old Liutou pondered, “but I have to tell him about it. It’s his Liao family’s own business to have a traitor… Anyway, now that the ghost gate formation has been broken, the next step is to wait for that little bastard to come to the door by himself. now…”

The next day, Zhang Guozhong and Lao Liutou came to Seventh Uncle’s house. They almost fainted as soon as they entered the hall. They saw that Seventh Uncle was chatting with a person who was very excited. This person was none other than Qin Ge.

“Qin…Qin…Master Qin…?” Old Liutou rubbed his eyes, afraid that he had identified the wrong person. The wealthy people in Hong Kong are really intertwined.

“Master Zhang, I knew you would come to me…” Qin Ge was smoking his pipe, “It’s more troublesome than I expected, so I can only find you, your brother said you were in Hong Kong, so I found this place all the way. …”

“I didn’t expect that you guys actually knew Ago!” Seventh Uncle frowned, “I’ve seen it for a long time, the two of you are by no means idle!”

“I don’t know! I definitely don’t know!” Old Liutou walked to the sofa with a serious face and took a seat, turning his face away deliberately.

“Master Zhang, these days I have been investigating the Qing Dynasty tomb robbers through some clues given by Mr. Sun, and now I need your help when I encounter some problems.” Qin Ge ignored Old Liutou.

“That’s right, Mr. Qin, we also have some guesses…” Zhang Guozhong looked at the Seventh Uncle Ghost Gotick next to him, looking a little unnatural, “That seal…”

“Master Zhang, you don’t have to hide it, I have already told Uncle Seven…” Qin Ge said.

“Yes, Mr. Zhang, Ago has already told me about your search for He Shibi. Now we are a family, and I can help you as much as possible!” Uncle Qi said excitedly, “As long as you can help I’ll settle the surname Zhao!”

Zhang Guozhong can’t laugh or cry, what’s wrong with this? After going around for a long time, why did it become He’s jade again?

“It’s like this… After I returned to Hong Kong, I talked to Mr. Sun on the phone. With his help, I found the information about the poison jade that was auctioned at that time from the UK, and found the grandson of the missionary who sold the poison jade at that time. “…” Qin Ge was in no hurry, “He showed me his grandfather’s diary back then, and it said in the diary that the jade was bought by a Taoist priest named Zhao Mingchuan. Zhao Mingchuan just pronounced it, but the surname Zhao can be sure, the place of the transaction is It was in a Taoist temple called Luohongguan in Guangdong.”

Zhang Guozhong couldn’t help but secretly admire Qin Ge’s ability to handle affairs. In just one month, Qin Ge actually found the clues in Guangdong…

“Later I went to Guangdong, and I heard that the real person Yu Baichuan from Luohongguan fled to Hong Kong during the Cultural Revolution.” Qin Ge continued, “Afterwards, I quickly found the real person Yu Baichuan through some friends. There is Zhao Mingchuan, who should be his great-uncle in terms of seniority, but after this People’s Republic began to travel around the world.”

“Then what?” Zhang Guozhong asked.

“No more…” Qin Ge shrugged, “I originally came to find you and Mr. Liu for another matter, but seeing Uncle Seven today seems to have a new clue!” Qin Ge smiled strangely. laugh.

“Zhao Kuncheng!?” Zhang Guozhong whispered.

“As expected of Zhangjiao!” Qin Ge smiled slightly, “I have known this person for a long time. If it wasn’t for Zhangjiao, you told me that the great scholar who punished the nine clans in the Ming Dynasty was also surnamed Zhao, and I would never doubt him!”

“Come on! Hurry up and talk about other things… No! Don’t say anything about it…” Old Liu Tou waved his hand, “Seventh Master, how can you know this person? It’s not a business!” Old Liu Tou Yi The consternation of the fake face fake mode…

Qin Ge simply moved to the ancestral house of the Liao family with Zhang Guozhong, while the old Liutou stayed with the seventh uncle, responsible for the safety of the seventh uncle. According to the analysis of the three people, the Liao family used the construction team to break the “Ghost Gate”. It was impossible for Zhao Kuncheng not to notice such a big movement, and now he can only wait for him to take the next step. But in the blink of an eye, a month has passed, and everything is normal at the Seventh Uncle’s place and the Liao family’s ancestral house, and there is no movement.

That night, Zhang Guozhong was drinking with Qin Ge when suddenly Ah Kuang ran into the room out of breath, “No… not good… Mr. Liu, he… he…”

“How is he!?” Zhang Guozhong became anxious when he heard this.

“He’s unconscious…”

Back at Liao’s house, I saw old Liutou lying on the bed as if he was sleeping, and several doctors were scrambling around and at a loss, “We have checked, this gentleman is not life-threatening, but he will be sent to the hospital for further examination!” The head is sweaty.

Qin Ge grabbed the wrist of Lao Liu’s head and took the pulse number one. It’s weird, he’s not sick…

“I’ve slept all day…” Uncle Seven didn’t know what to do, “At first I thought I was tired, but then I couldn’t wake up… I didn’t dare to make an assertion to send Mr. Liu to the hospital… Let Aguang call you back first. …”

Zhang Guozhong gently opened Liu’s head’s eyelids, and saw a white circle on the pupil, and the circle seemed to have a vaguely covered face. If you didn’t look carefully, you might think it was a reflection of light.

“I’m down…” Zhang Guozhong gritted his teeth, “Quick, Brother Aguang, help me prepare something…”

Most of the things were ready-made. After a while, yellow paper, copper coins , cinnabar and a piece of dead jade were placed on the table . ” A small hole was pricked on each side, and then he used cinnabar to draw a mess on the yellow paper for a while, and then tore the yellow paper into small pieces and stuck them on the opening of the Qimai.

Afterwards, Zhang Guozhong grabbed another handful of copper coins, placed them around Lao Liutou’s body, and then placed a shrunken human figure on the ground with the copper coins.

“Damn it, the ancestors bless you…” Zhang Guozhong said, carefully placing a small piece of dead jade in Lao Liutou’s mouth, and then using Wentian to draw it on the floor.

Qin Ge watched for a long time, but he couldn’t see what Zhang Guozhong was painting, but when Zhang Guozhong finished painting the last stroke, the copper coins on the ground suddenly stood up, and the scraps of paper with seven veins on Old Liutou’s body began to smoke.

“Come on…!!” Zhang Guozhong yelled, terrifying the people present, and he clenched the dagger in both hands and inserted it into the middle of the copper coin figure on the ground with a bang, only to see the copper coin that stood up collapsed again. , At this time, Lao Liutou suddenly sat up, and spit out a mouthful of yellow water, together with the dead jade.

“I’ll kill your surname Qin…” Old Liutou was still in a semi-conscious state, sitting on the bed and opening his eyes, Qin Ge was standing beside him. This Qin Ge is also depressed, he has been hit by spells, why can’t he forget to compete with himself?

The people around him stared and opened their mouths without exception, especially Uncle Seven, who was undoubtedly surprised and delighted at this time. The gentlemen who were invited in the past were all playing around like a big show. This kind of supernatural ability This is the first time I have seen the phenomenon, and it seems that I have met a real capable person.

“What’s wrong with me?” Old Liutou asked, looking at the pool of yellow water and dead jade he vomited on the bed.

“Zhongduo has fallen…” Zhang Guozhong wiped a sweat.

“Stay down?” Old Liu shouted angrily, “Damn your little bastard, dare to use me for surgery!?”

“What is a stay-at-home?” Qin Ge asked.

“It’s not a powerful subjugation technique, it just puts people to sleep, but they can’t wake them up. Today, even if I don’t do anything, my brother can wake up after three days and three nights of sleep. The ancients used this thing to delay time when they were fighting…” One mention Delaying time, Zhang Guozhong himself was stunned for a moment, almost tacitly meeting Qin Ge’s eyes, “It’s a tug of war!” Qin Ge said.

“Senior brother, it’s up to you!” Zhang Guozhong couldn’t take his breath, he picked up the guy and pulled Qin Ge straight to the Liao family’s ancestral house.

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