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Jiang He's "The Immortal Evil God"_Jiang He's "The Immortal Evil God"_Jiang He's "The Immortal Evil God"


During the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, there was a hunter named Jiang Fox in Lin'an City. His real name was Jiang Fukang. He only caught foxes when hunting in the mountains, so he got this nickname.

Jiang Hu made a living by catching foxes and selling fox furs. His family was fairly well off. When he was twenty years old, he married Sun Qiuyan, the daughter of Sun Blacksmith in the city.

When they first got married, Jiang Hu trusted his wife very much and entrusted her with all the money at home for safekeeping. However, a year later, Jiang Hu discovered that his wife often secretly hid money, and the money she hid was spent unknown where. Jiang Hu gradually began to suspect that his wife had second thoughts.

One day, Jiang Hu discovered that his wife was behaving strangely, as if she was hiding money again. He decided not to go hunting in the mountains, but followed his wife in the dark to see which man she was having an affair with.

Sun Qiuyan came to a meat shop in the city and bought a large piece of meat. Jiang Fox thought that he was being too careless this time, and that his wife was buying meat to go home to cook. However, as he continued to follow, Jiang Fox discovered that his wife was not going home at all. She went around in circles and came to the place where he usually passed by when hunting. on a hill.

Jiang Hu followed his wife up the mountain, and her wife walked into a hidden cave very skillfully. Jiang Fox looked in from the entrance of the cave. It was dark inside and he couldn't see anything. He was hesitating whether to go in, but his wife came out quickly.

Although the wife came out, the piece of meat was missing. Looking at his wife's slowly disappearing back, Jiang Fox knew that his wife must have gone home, so he decided to go to the cave to have a look.

The cave was very dark and narrow. Jiang Hu walked along the stone wall for a long time, but he still couldn't see any light or hear any man's voice. He began to feel a little scared, so he slowly backed out.

Although the adulterer was not seen, it was a fact that the wife bought and gave away meat . In Jiang He's "The Immortal Evil God" , that mysterious man must exist. When Jiang Hu returned home and saw Qiuyan, he always felt that she was no longer the one he was in love with at the beginning. wife.

During dinner, Jiang Fox deliberately asked his wife: "Madam, I go hunting in the mountains all day long, and sometimes it takes me two or three days to get down from the mountain. Don't you feel bored at home alone? Do you want to find someone to chat with you?"

Sun Qiuyan replied casually while eating: "Well, aren't all women the same? How will this man live if he doesn't go out to make money? Even if you don't come home for two or three days, I feel a little bored, but after all, I can still go out and buy something. Shopping for groceries, chatting with neighbors, or if things don’t work out well, I can do embroidery and spinning, which will always pass the time. On your side, when you are alone in the mountains, have you ever encountered any monsters, or have you ever been scared?"

Jiang Hu looked at his wife's calm reply and couldn't see any trace of her guilty conscience. He actually admired his wife for not changing her expression even after doing something wrong.

Jiang Hupi replied with a smile: "Monster? Afraid? Haha, a man is not afraid of anything but being a bastard. If anyone dares to let me be a bastard, I will kill him one by one and skin him like a fox." Meat."

There was something in Jiang Hu's words, but Sun Qiuyan didn't seem to realize that he was talking about herself. She laughed out loud: "Haha, sir, what did you say? I dare you to be a bastard. You don't have four legs, do you?" ?”

After listening to his wife's words, Jiang Huhu couldn't see through her. The words were so obvious. Was she pretending not to understand? Jiang Hu thought to himself, it's best not to let me see you with the adulterer, otherwise I will really kill each of you.

Because he knew that the cave was the place where his wife and her adulterer met, Jiang Hu paid special attention when passing by there, always stopping for a while to see if any men were coming or going.

For seven or eight days, Jiang Hu did not notice anyone entering the cave, but the family's money was still low. Jiang Hu thought that maybe the two of them had changed places, so he decided to follow his wife again.

Early that morning, Jiang Huxu pretended to go out early. After waiting for half an hour, his wife Sun Qiuyan also went out carrying a big baggage. This time she did not go to the market, but came directly to the cave.

Jiang Hu was immediately very angry. He didn't expect that after waiting for so long, the two of them still had a private meeting in this cave.

Sun Qiuyan entered the cave, and Jiang Fox followed closely. After his wife walked for a while, there was no sound. Jiang Hu was afraid that they would hear her and stopped quickly. Soon, Jiang Hu saw a faint fire inside, and he thought it was the two people lighting a torch.

Jiang Hu leaned his ear closely to listen to what was going on inside. No man spoke, and he could only vaguely hear his wife say: "You can use this money, don't wrong yourself…"

After hearing this, Jiang Hu was even more furious. His wife used her hard-earned money to support another man. This was simply a shame and humiliation. He couldn't bear it anymore and looked at the dagger he had prepared in his hand. He walked to his wife's side in a few hurried steps.

"You bitch, you stole someone behind my back and used my money for your enjoyment. I'll kill you…"

As he spoke, Jiang Fox stabbed his wife in the chest with the dagger. The wife was so shocked that she fell down before she could say a word. Seeing his wife fall, Jiang Hu quickly looked for the adulterer, but he searched all over the cave and found no trace of the third person.

The fire on the ground was almost extinguished. Jiang Hu wanted to add more firewood to keep the fire going and continue searching. However, when he was squatting on the ground looking for firewood, he suddenly found a lot of paper money on the ground. His wife's bag also contained paper money.

"Ah, what's going on? Why is she burning paper money here? She just said that the money should be used. Is it this money? Who is this burning for? I, did I kill her by mistake?"

Jiang Huhu was wondering when a red light suddenly appeared out of thin air, and then a male ghost with a purple face appeared in front of him.

Jiang Hu was so frightened that he held his head and asked loudly: "Ah, Gui Jiang and "The Immortal Evil God" , you, where are you from?"

The ghost replied in a gloomy voice: "You are such a careless beast, you actually killed such a good wife. Do you know that your wife often steals money to protect you?"

When Jiang Hu heard this, he became less scared. He put down his hands and looked at the ghost, and then asked: "What do you mean by this? Why did my wife say she was protecting me when she stole money?"

The ghost replied unhurriedly: "I was also a hunter in the mountains when I was alive, but unfortunately I was killed by a tiger. My ghost has always stayed here. A year ago, your wife went up to the mountain to see you. She accidentally entered this cave, and I appeared. For her, I pretended that I wanted your life as a substitute, and she begged me to let you go. I told her that she needed to send me some paper money and food every month, so that I would not only not embarrass you, but also ensure that you hunt smoothly. You My wife simply believed me, and that’s why she often stole money.”

After hearing what the ghost said, Jiang Fox felt very regretful. He held his wife's body in silence for a while, then pulled out the dagger from his wife's chest and wanted to commit suicide, but was stopped by the ghost.

"Idiot, you didn't even ask me if I could save your wife!"

Upon hearing this, Jiang Huxu immediately became energetic: "You, you can save her, please save her…"

The ghost said: "Your wife is kind to me, I will definitely save her, but I am just a ghost. After I save her, her appearance will age faster. You won't dislike her then, right?"

Jiang Fox immediately replied: "No, I will definitely love her as my own life. Please save her."

The ghost nodded. He muttered a few words to Sun Qiuyan's body, and then he slowly disappeared. Jiang Hu felt that his wife was moving in his arms, and he quickly carried his wife out of the cave.

Sun Qiuyan was resurrected. Although the couple began to live together again, she often thought of her husband killing her with a knife because of suspicion, which made her no longer treat her husband with all sincerity.

Jiang Hu found that his wife was indeed aging quickly and her smile was diminishing, but he could only spend more time and experience to accompany and take care of his wife. After all, all this was caused by his suspicion, and he had to bear the consequences!

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