Ghost Doll Hanako Part 2: The National Treasure Seal

Life in the countryside is boring, without any entertainment. In addition to farming every day, he just does "that" with his wife in bed. The countryside is not as Zhang Guozhong originally imagined. Strange things happen every moment. In the few years after Ma Zhenren's death, except for a buddy who was "miked" by a hedgehog (in rural areas, being possessed by a ghost is called a hitter, and being possessed by an animal cultivating an immortal is called Mi), Zhang Guozhong was able to kill him three times, five times, five times and two times. , basically nothing major happened.

Time flies to 1976. In the days without Ma Zhenren, Zhang Guozhong hung up sandbags and memorized the formulas every day, and never stopped. This was also Ma Zhenren’s last wish. He couldn’t even recite the formulas, so what could he do to carry forward Maoshan Quanzhen?

October 25, 1976 was a special day for Zhang Guozhong. He had just celebrated his 30th birthday two days ago. This morning, Li Erya got up and retched at the door. Zhang Guozhong often watched the biography of Ma Zhenren. The medical books he handed down also accumulated some medical knowledge. According to his pulse detection level, Li Erya was pregnant (the pulse of pregnancy is called "Hua Mai", which is a smooth and ball pulse, which is the easiest pulse to detect. If the body is Because Chinese medicine can't even identify "Hua Pulse", then you can basically become a veterinarian).

While Zhang Guozhong was humming a little tune in the room, Li Sangui rushed to Zhang Guozhong's house with a newspaper from the past few days. At this moment, Zhang Guozhong couldn't believe his eyes:

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee, represented by Hua Guofeng, Ye Jianying, ** and other comrades, took drastic measures to isolate **, Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan, and Wang Hongwen for examination…

Such a headline was printed in the largest bold font on the front page of the newspaper, and underneath it was reproduced the Party Central Committee's "Notice on the Incidents of the Anti-Party Group of Wang Hongwen, Zhang Chunqiao, ***, and Yao Wenyuan."

The Gang of Four, which had dominated the land of China for 10 years and caused chaos in China, fell like this. Zhang Guozhong couldn't believe it. Two days ago, there was a large banner reading "Learn from Comrade ***" posted on the wall of the commune. , and Comrade ***, who was a role model for the people of the country a few days ago, has now become a prisoner.

Li Erya is 5 years younger than Zhang Guozhong. At this time, he is only 26 years old and is only a little over 25 years old. But from the perspective of rural areas, he is already considered an older youth. According to the doctor's opinion, given the medical conditions in rural areas at that time, it is feasible to have children at this age. It is definitely dangerous. In case of dystocia, it is difficult to guarantee the safety of mother and child. Therefore, when Li Erya was 7 months pregnant, Zhang Guozhong sent Li Erya to his home in the city to raise her, preparing to send her directly to the hospital when the due date was reached.

Zhang Guoyi has always admired his brother, especially his brother at this moment. In his mind, he is already an omnipotent martial arts master and a demon-hunting arhat. He can only run 20 kilometers without resting. Zhang Guoyi not only follows One person blew by.

After the Cultural Revolution, Zhang Guoyi suddenly became the secretary and driver of the director of the Municipal Education Bureau. Director Wu of the Municipal Education Bureau had previously stayed in the countryside and was a comrade of Zhang Guozhong's grandfather. Zhang Guoyi had helped him a lot during the Cultural Revolution. Not only did he send people to protect the safety of his family, but he also helped his grandfather collect rehabilitative materials during the process of rehabilitating him. Therefore, after the Cultural Revolution ended and he was reinstated, the first thing Director Wu did was to ask Zhang Guoyi over.

On this day, Zhang Guoyi brought two bottles of wine to Director Wu’s house. After eating, Zhang Guoyi asked the Director if he could help bring his brother back from the countryside. This was simply too simple for a department-level cadre (Tianjin Municipal Government) It is a municipality directly under the Central Government, and the mayor is a ministerial-level cadre, so the director of the Municipal Education Bureau was a department-level cadre at the time), and after the Cultural Revolution, there was a lot of waste. Old technical secondary school graduates like Zhang Guozhong happened to be in urgent need of education. Talent. After calling the comrades in the Personnel Bureau, a transfer notice was sent to Li Village.

At the farewell party, Captain Li and his three sons had red eyes, "Loyalty of the country, don't forget the villagers, come back every now and then to take a look…"

"Well, well…" Zhang Guozhong also had a sour nose and couldn't say a word. After all, these are fellow villagers who have lived together for ten years. They usually think it's okay to talk and drink. Now that they are really separated, they really can't bear to part with them. But to be honest, Zhang Guozhong's enthusiasm when he first came to the countryside is gone. After all, he is still a young man, and his longing and desire for the colorful world outside have been burning in Zhang Guozhong's heart for many years.

The case of Lao Liutou was overturned due to Zhang Guoyi's actions. After leaving the prison, Zhang Guozhong was waiting outside the prison. He took Lao Liutou to a table at Dengyinglou Restaurant on a bicycle, which cost Zhang Guozhong twelve yuan. Although There is no emotion at all, but this old Liu Tou is his senior brother after all, and it can be regarded as a kind of remembrance of Ma Zhenren.

After being transferred back to the city, Zhang Guozhong worked as a teacher in a technical secondary school, teaching Chinese. To be honest, Zhang Guozhong's research on ancient Chinese over the years has greatly helped his cultural attainments. Although he has not taught in ten years, he still This secondary school Chinese language is still not a problem for Zhang Guozhong. The days passed day by day, and Li Erya was approaching her due date.

"It's a boy…" the nurse took off her mask and told the family waiting anxiously outside the door. Zhang Guozhong was so happy that he knelt on the ground, "Master…, I'm a father!" Although the nurse had delivered many pregnant women and had seen all kinds of happy behaviors, she had never seen anything like this, "Oh, My brother is like this. His master had a car accident two years ago. He has no children, so he just wants to hug his apprentice’s child…" Zhang Guoyi immediately made up a lie…

But the happiest thing about this was Zhang Guozhong's parents. Originally, Li Erya, a rural girl, was just like the two elders, but when the child was born, he was still a boy, and Li Erya's status in the family immediately improved. Although the concept of gender equality was the focus of social education at that time, the idea of ​​​​preferring boys over girls still had a place in the thoughts of Zhang Guozhong's family, especially his grandfather.

According to the year of birth, the child lacked soil in the five elements. According to the teacher's instructions, the child should bring soil from the city. After thinking about it for a long time, Zhang Guozhong named the child "Zhang Yicheng".

The school allocated a house to Zhang Guozhong, and a family of three lived quite well in this building. At least they had running water, sewers, electric lights and television, which were unthinkable in rural areas. According to the standards at the time, the house Zhang Guozhong was assigned should be called "single kitchen" (the early housing standards in Tianjin were as follows: the most basic building should be a single-family house, which had only its own bedroom, and multiple neighbors shared the same kitchen and toilet. , above the kitchen is the independent kitchen, which means that one's own home has an independent kitchen, but the toilet must be shared with neighbors. In the mid-to-late 1980s, there were independent and partial households. The so-called independent means that one has an independent toilet and kitchen. A one-bedroom apartment, the so-called single-family house, was the highest-end housing at that time. It was a two-bedroom apartment with an independent bathroom and kitchen. In the mid-1980s, this was at least the treatment of department-level cadres. Until now, the terms single-family and single-family homes are still used. It is still synonymous with one-bedroom and two-bedroom houses among Tianjin people). Zhang Yicheng enrolled in the nearby nursery school affiliated with the school, and Li Erya was also arranged to work in the school-run factory, producing travel chess sets with magnets.

Time flies, and the spring breeze of reform and opening up soon bathed the land of China. In the 1980s, Hong Kong businessmen, European and American foreign businessmen sprung up in major cities in China, ranging from automobile and home appliance manufacturing to financial and real estate investment. , the shadow of foreign businessmen is everywhere in the country, and Tianjin is no exception, especially some Hong Kong businessmen, either driving through the city in cars, or casually ordering a cup of coffee that costs more than 20 yuan at the Friendship Hotel (Youyi Hotel is The earliest foreign-related hotel in Tianjin opened in 1974. Later foreign-related hotels also included the Lishunde Hotel and the Hyatt Hotel and Crystal Palace Hotel, but they were opened much later, in 1985, 1986, and 1987 respectively. Among them, the Lishunde Hotel was opened in the 19th century. It has been around since the 1980s, and it is said that the room where Dr. Sun Yat-sen lived is still preserved, but its foreign-related business came later). No matter what foreign businessmen do, it has become a role model for some Chinese who have just become rich.

Everyone knows that Zhang Guoyi is not a fuel-efficient lamp. On this day, Zhang Guozhong was preparing lesson plans at home. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Li Erya opened the door and saw Zhang Guoyi entering the house with a small man who was at most 1.6 meters tall.

"This is Mr. Wang Zihao." Zhang Guoyi introduced, "We are preparing to invest in a feed factory in Tianjin."

"Hello, hello!" Zhang Guozhong had never seen a foreign businessman before. He immediately put down the lesson plan Ghost Doll Hanako Part 2 and greeted him with both hands.

"This…is the Mr. Zhang you were talking about, right?…" The little man looked at Zhang Guoyi.

"Yes, this is my brother," Zhang Guoyi greeted him with a smile, "Only he can handle your affairs in Tianjin…" It seems that Zhang Guoyi may have been boasting about something to this Hong Kong businessman comrade.

"Mr. Zhang, if you can help me, money is not an issue. Please, I hope you can be compassionate!"

When the Hong Kong businessman said this, Zhang Guozhong was also stunned. He had done nothing, so why did someone ask him for mercy? It seemed like he had killed so many people.

"My name is Wang Zihao, I am a Hong Kong banker…"

"Mr. Wang, what do you mean by this?" Zhang Guozhong also had a question mark on his head. "Hao", "Biao", and "Long" are all names commonly used by people in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In Zhang Guozhong's opinion, names mixed with these words have no achievements and are simply vulgar to the core. The Wang Zihao in front of me was no exception, "Mr. Wang, please speak slowly if you have something to say, don't be anxious."

At this time, Li Erya had already brought a bowl of water, and Wang Zihao sat on the stool.

"Mr. Zhang, I have something, and you must help me…" As he said that, Wang Zihao took out a dozen Hong Kong dollars from his wallet and put it on the table. "Mr. Zhang, this is a small thing. I heard that you are very interested in it." With this department, if you help me get angry (this time), I will definitely thank you very much!" As he said that, Wang Zihao made a bowing gesture, bowed his head deeply, and his words were filled with tears.

"What's wrong with this man?" Zhang Guozhong asked Zhang Guoyi secretly.

"It seems that something evil happened to me. I was introduced to me by someone. I don't want this money to go to other people's fields, so I brought it to you…"

"Mr. Zhang, look at this…" Wang Zihao took out a piece of jade from his bag and handed it to Zhang Guozhong.

This is a piece of peerless jade, with a luster that cannot be copied. Based on Zhang Guozhong's knowledge, he has never seen such a jade that is pleasing to the eye. "Mr. Wang, is there anything wrong with this jade…?"

Glancing at Zhang Guozhong, Wang Zihao showed a hint of helplessness, "Mr. Zhang, do you really think there is nothing wrong with this thing?"

"My grandpa bought this from an Englishman. When he bought it into the house, it started to attract evil spirits! The house is haunted every day. This thing is too evil. Now I want to sell it, but I can't…"

Zhang Guozhong almost cried. He came to me even if his things couldn't be sold. This Maoshan Technique is not the second part of the advertising company's Ghost Doll Hanako . If your things can't be sold, I can't help you sell them.

"Mr. Zhang, you misunderstood. It's not that you can't sell it…" Wang Zihao took a sip of water, "but that you can get it back after selling it…" Wang Zihao sighed again, "Every time I come back, the buyer's house will wash the money (dead person) )! At first I thought it was a coincidence, but now I see it is definitely not a coincidence!" Wang Zihao lost control of his emotions. "I sold it to a friend from Malay before I started washing it, but within half a year, my friend from Malay sent it back, saying that it was unlucky and that someone had been washed at home (someone died). Later, a Taiwanese friend, I bought it, the whole family cleaned it up, and the thing came back to me. Later I donated it to the museum, and the banker gave it back, saying it was evil. Later, I found the banker to bury it in the wild. , as a result, it forgot (itself) and returned to the safe where it was originally stored, and the whole family was so scared that it was half washed! Now, I can’t throw this thing away, and I’m worried that people in my house will also be washed!”

Holding this piece of jade, Zhang Guozhong looked at it carefully. In any case, it was just an ordinary piece of jade. There was nothing weird about it. Could it be…

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