Gao Hanlin Kao County Magistrate

In the old society, if you want to be an official in any place, you must first visit local celebrities and powerful people before taking office. Otherwise, you don't want to be a leader.

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In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a county magistrate who came to Teng County to take office. He was only eighteen years old. After receiving the imperial decree, he came to take office without visiting anyone. For this reason, many celebrities and wealthy gentry in Teng County were very angry.

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On this day, just after it rained, Gao Hanlin stood at the door for a while after eating. Coincidentally, a man came slowly from the south at this time, and saw a very watery official under his feet. He was afraid of getting his shoes wet, so he stood on the edge of the water and took off his two shoes. Gao Hanlin saw it, and shouted at the door: "Come here." Two slaves ran out of the house. Gao Hanlin pointed with his fingers and said, "You two quickly tie up the man in front and send him to the dog officer." Once the thread was bundled, it was escorted to the county government office.

What_Official Ghost Lin Gou Chen Future Object_Official Ghost Lin Gou Chen Future Object_Parent Yao Lin Gou Chen Represents_Official Ghost Lin Gou Chen

When they arrived at the county government office, a house slave looked at the man, and a house slave beat the drum. When the county magistrate heard the sound of the drum, he immediately ascended to the hall. Two house slaves escorted the man to the county hall and handed over the card. The county magistrate saw that Gao Hanlin had sent him under escort, so he didn't dare to be negligent, and tried the prisoner in front of two house slaves. The county magistrate slapped the gavel and said, "Hey! What crime are you committing to be so bold as to make trouble for the people? Hurry up and bring me the truth, lest your flesh and blood suffer." When the man heard this, he fell to his knees with a "plop" in fright, and said Hu: "My lord, the villain has been wronged. I really don't know what crime I have committed." When the county magistrate heard that the prisoner would not be recruited, he slapped the gavel. Throwing down a bamboo stick, he ordered the guards on the left and right to beat the forty boards again. The man suffered forty boards and still shouted that he was wronged. The county magistrate said, "Could it be that Mr. Gao wronged you?". The man said: "I beg you to be merciful! The villain passed by the door of Mr. Gao and saw a splash of water. I was afraid that I would get my shoes wet, so I took off my shoes by the water's edge and walked forward with them under my armpits. I was walking , was caught by two tolerance officials and escorted to the lobby. Every word the villain said was true officials and ghosts , and there was no half lie." The county magistrate heard this, slapped the gavel and said: "Bold Madman, you still dare to quibble, you cherish your wife's needlework, and you lost your parents' remains, according to the etiquette, you should hit forty boards again, do you understand?" The man nodded repeatedly in agreement. Then the magistrate released the man on the spot and went home.

Seeing that the magistrate released the man on the spot, the two house slaves immediately went home and reported to Gao Hanlin. Gao Hanlin asked: "What did the dog officer say?" The two guards said: "He said he cherishes his wife's needlework, and if he lost his parents' remains, according to etiquette, he should hit forty boards again."

Gao Hanlin listened and nodded. Said: "It's a technical class, not a drill class. Let him do it well for a few years!" It is said that Gao Hanlin has helped him do a lot of things in the future.

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