Gao Hanlin Kao County Magistrate

In the old society, if you want to be an official in any place, you must first visit local celebrities and powerful people before taking office. When they arrived at the county government office, a house slave looked at the man, and a house slave beat the drum. The county magistrate saw that Gao Hanlin had sent him under escort, so he didn't dare to be negligent, and tried the prisoner in front of two house slaves. The man suffered forty slaps and still shouted that he was wronged. The county magistrate said, "Could it be that Mr. Gao wronged you? The two house slaves saw that the county magistrate released the man on the spot, and immediately went home and reported Gao Hanlin. Gao Hanlin asked : "What did the dog officer say? … Continue readingGao Hanlin Kao County Magistrate