Chapter 3 Pottery Figurines

It is very unlucky for them to catch a dead person, but if they have already caught him, they must let him out of the water, otherwise the dead person may capsize their boat next time he gets out of the boat.

This was not the first time Wang Quansheng had encountered this situation. Although he was not happy, he had no choice. The rules of his ancestors could not be broken, so he let them inherit.

When he pulled it out of the water, he found that what was hooked on the sledge was not a dead person, but a black pottery man. This black pottery figure looks like something from ancient times. It is a half-crouched woman, life-size, and her hands are making a movement, which should be holding something.

Wang Quansheng was confused when he saw it. It seemed to be a terracotta figurine. In ancient times, once someone drowned and disappeared, his relatives would sink a pottery figure that looked like the missing person into the water to exchange it with the river god, and the body would float up.

This thing was more unlucky than a dead person, and Wang Quansheng cursed it as bad luck. However, when they took a closer look at the pottery figure, they found that something was wrong again. The pottery figure had exquisite lines, vivid movements, and peaceful expressions. It looked very delicate and unlike… Made by poor people themselves.

Several people thought about it, oh, it's the grave man.

These people are very superstitious. They all know that such things are only found in graves. They realize that the rake they just rake may have hit some ancient tomb buried at the bottom of the Yellow River. Download Yellow River Ghost Coffin 3 , and they are very scared. , I didn’t even dare to touch it, I just wanted to throw it back into the water.

However, there was a partner on his boat who stopped them. This man's nickname was Er Mazi. He had made antiques in the past. To judge objectively, this man was more knowledgeable than Wang Quansheng. When he saw this pottery man, his eyes lit up. Just shine, and you will know that your wealth is coming.

Let them carry the pottery figures onto the boat and tell them that this thing is valuable and can be sold to the National Museum. Foreigners also like it. Catching this thing is a blessing from God.

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Wang Quansheng was dubious after hearing this, saying that fishing for dead people's things would lead to retribution, but several young people believed in Er Mazi, so they went down with a few more rakes, and finally hooked up several large bronze vessels that looked like night owls, with inscriptions on them. Full of bird seal inscriptions.

The bird statue is maybe half a meter high, and the bronze on it is stained with rust and severely corroded. When Ermazi scratches the appearance of the bird statue, the bronze rust on it falls off in pieces.

These small bronzes were fished out in this way. Wang Quansheng had basically never seen them. He didn't know that these scraps of copper and iron were valuable at the time, but Er Mazi told them that some of these things were worth more than gold. They can take as much as they can.

A few people were afraid and did not dare to fish more, except for the two pockmarks. They raked impatiently, as if they wanted to catch everything they could from below. In the water, their rakes obviously got hooked several times. I found something very heavy. Once it hooks onto this thing, the rake will not be able to lift up and it will not be able to move no matter what.

Er Mazi said that he might have hooked the coffin, but he refused to give up. Finally, the rake was straightened, and a piece of bronze was hooked up. Wang Quansheng did not dare to mess around, saying that the person eating the coffin was inherited from his ancestors, and it would be unlucky to break it. The ancestors will blame.

So they washed the things they caught and covered them with cloths. A few people didn't dare to go ashore during the day. They waited until night, then moved the things back to the village overnight and fled back to their homes.

Er Mazi had seen the world and knew that what he had done would lead to imprisonment, so he threatened a few people that he would be shot if enough. He repeatedly warned them, and the few people swore that no one would tell anyone about it. Then the four people divided the things into four parts and found a place to hide them. Wang Quansheng buried these things under his stove.

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They waited for a few days, but no one seemed to notice this. Er Mazi felt relieved and left the town with a small bronze piece. He told them that he would go to Taiyuan Mansion to ask his uncle for help and find some patrons. These things were sold for money.

He has been away for more than six and a half months, and he just called back a few days ago to say that he had found a customer and asked them to find someone to bring a few items for delivery.

In fact, a few of them were counting on this money. They hadn't seen Er Mazi for more than half a year at that time, so they thought this thing couldn't be sold, so they ran to see if they could get the money, and maybe even put in the travel expenses. It happened that they were busy farming at that time. , no one wanted to go, Wang Quansheng was the most loyal, so I pushed the matter to him.

When Wang Quansheng came home and told his wife that he wanted to go out, his wife refused. As a result, the two of them had a big quarrel. In a rage, he took his things and took the train to Taiyuan.

Before coming, Er Mazi asked him to go to Nangong to find him. He asked around and found Er Mazi's uncle's stall, but there was no open door. It was his first time entering the city and he had no place to rest, so he had to stop at the gate of Nangong. Waiting, he stayed under the tree at night. He waited for seven or eight days. He had almost used up the money when he came. He didn't know what happened to Er Mazi, but he didn't show up.

He had a quarrel with his wife. If he went back like this, he must not be able to hold his head up at home. After thinking about it over and over, he thought to himself, isn't this a place that sells antiques? Sell ​​these things and let the woman see that she is not such a coward.

However, he was born unable to speak, and he didn't know how to do business. How could he speak like this? I thought this was really the case, so I asked several times, but I was always given a blank look, and nothing happened. After wandering around for two days, I ran out of money and lost all my energy. I thought to myself that I could just scold my wife when I got home. I had to live this life, so I was ready to finish my noodles and go back to my hometown. I didn’t expect to run into us. .

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Wang Quansheng drank some wine and uttered the truth after drinking . Although his articulation was not very clear, I still listened closely and felt chills all over my body.

It’s really hard to explain what’s going on in the Yellow River. There’s everything in the mud. I thought to myself I might be able to catch a flying saucer next time.

But people who live by the Yellow River have basically heard this kind of thing from the old man, so this story may also be made up by him. Although Wang Quansheng seems to be a simple and honest man, I can see that there is something deep in his bones. Although he is shrewd and honest, it is just because he has little knowledge and is not really stupid.

I listened temporarily, but I didn’t believe it entirely, so I said to him: “Then you have already caught all these things?”

Wang Quansheng nodded and burped from wine and asked me: "I have them all here, but I still have them at home. Boss, have you seen and heard about these things? Can you give me these things?" How much?"

I thought in my heart that people like Er Mazi would never give them a lot of money, and they would never imagine that this thing could be worth tens of thousands, but I can't be too greedy, so I pretended to look at it again and said to him : "It's a pity that this thing of yours was buried in the mud and looked damaged by you. It could have been sold for a higher price. So let's not talk about the price. I will suffer a little loss and give you a little more." How about I give you a thousand yuan for a piece of business next time?"

Wang Quansheng sat down on the ground with a "bang" and couldn't stand up after a while. I quickly pulled him up and said, "What's wrong with you?"

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"Oh, my mother, this thing is really valuable. Six items, but it's only six thousand yuan? How much sand do I have to pay to earn so much." Wang Quansheng said tremblingly.

I chuckled and went out to ask the young master to help me prepare the money. I said, "No, no, I will give you five thousand yuan for these five things. I don't want your bronze piece. It's junk."

Wang Quansheng also nodded and said, "Yes, I was drunk."

While the young master was preparing money, I continued to ask him, what is this bronze piece?

Wang Quansheng said that it was peeled off from the big thing underwater. Er Mazi asked him to bring a piece up so that some experts could take a look. Then he asked me if I wanted it. If so, just give it to me.

I was very interested in this thing, and I thought it would be better to obey orders than to be respectful, so I took it. At this time, the young master brought the money, and I counted it to him one by one. After he took it, he counted it several times before putting it in his pocket. , he and I did the same, carefully checking these small bronze pieces several times to make sure they were not fakes, and put them in our pockets.

Wang Quansheng was in a good mood and his tongue became more fluent, so he asked him to pay the bill for this meal, and asked the young master to serve wine. When I saw how much this guy could drink, I served another bottle of white wine and a bottle of Fenjiu. At this time, he already regarded me as a confidant. He kept pouring wine for me. He also said that if he didn't want to go to their village to play, he would buy whatever was left at home.

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I was already thinking about this idea in my heart, but I guessed that he still had a lot of goods in hand. If he really took it for a thousand yuan a piece, I wouldn't be able to take in much with this little money, so I temporarily stabilized him. I wanted to sell what I had in hand first, and then eat his inventory, so I said I would wait until I had the opportunity. The price I gave you for these things is considered high. The main reason is to reserve them for the next sale. After I bought them, I didn’t have much money left on me, and I couldn’t make much money by selling them, so you have to give them to your family first. Keep it, and when I get the funds back, I will go to your house to buy it. Don’t tell your brothers about this. The price I will give them must be lower than yours. I have to give it to you. Introduction fee, right or wrong?

Wang Quansheng nodded and promised, patted his chest and promised to keep the things for me. He also left me a phone number in their town, saying that if you call this number and ask for Wang Quansheng, you can find him. When the time comes, he will also treat me to a drink.

After eating for a while and chatting about other things, Wang Quansheng said that he has been doing this since he was a child. Counting this year, he has been doing it for almost thirty years. In the past thirty years, he has seen a lot of new things. He has fished out a lot of things from the Yellow River. To put it harshly, he has fished out more than a hundred corpses alone. Let’s not talk about the iron camels and horses we also caught during this period.

Occasionally, he can hook something alive. Last year, he hooked a red turtle as big as a basin in the Yellow River. There were ancient Chinese characters carved on its back. Later, his wife said that the red hair on the turtle was the symbol of the Dragon King. His relatives released him, and coincidentally, their harvest that year was exceptionally good, and every time they went out on a boat, they returned home with a full load. His wife said it was the Dragon King who was assisting him.

They didn't dare to go to the place where the bronze was fished out. After that, the flood season of the Yellow River was coming. The water diversion dam upstream was releasing water. The place was too deep and the water flow was much faster than before. Otherwise, You can go back and see what good stuff there is. Regarding the ancient tombs in the Yellow River, he had heard from his grandfather that there were ancient tombs at the bottom of the Yellow River, but this was the first time he encountered it in person, and he didn't believe it before. Generally speaking, the amount of yellow sand deposited by the Yellow River every year is astronomical. The things underneath should be buried very deep under the mud. How could it be picked up by his rake? He wondered.

Wang Quansheng quickly drained two more bottles of wine. It was already dark by now. He paid the money and stood up to say goodbye. He wanted to go back overnight. At this time, I already wanted him to leave quickly, otherwise I would drink him to death even if he was not drunk. Although he had a big tongue, he didn't feel particularly confused. Knowing that this guy was a drunkard, he made him wary. Send him out.

When we returned to the hotel, the young master winked at me and asked me how my performance was. I was in a good mood, but I drank too much, so I asked him to make two cups of tea and told him the process.

After hearing this, the young master was surprised: "How can there be such a thing in the Yellow River? Did people sink it there? Or was it cultivated by immortals?"

I smiled and said: "Many weird things have been dug up in the Yellow River since ancient times. There are a lot of records in many history books. This is not special…"

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